Full Summary: Mikan and Natsume's fathers wanted them to be engaged. But they haven't even met each other! So Natsume drinks a potion given to him by a wizard. This potion would make Natsume invisible in 24 hours to be able to stop the engagement. But great wizards fail to recall labeling their newly-made potions. So the potion Natsume drank made him a black cat. The only antidote to this is that he must be kissed by the one he loves the most. But what if the girl he will fall in love with was allergic to cats?

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"Yes, Seiji, I want your daughter, Mikan, and my son, Natsume to be engaged!" said a man with light purple hair. His dazzling black eyes looked mystifying. He was wearing a cape that reached to the polished marble floor and garments made by the greatest weavers of all the land of Aliecila.

"Great idea, Ryozo! But why the sudden decision?" asked Seiji. He was wearing a golden crown studded with diamonds and emeralds. He had golden brown hair and a thin frame. He was wearing a velvety cape and attire exclusively made for royalty.

"Well, the two of them are growing up so fast! And they would make a lovely couple!" answered Ryozo with a cheerful expression plastered into his face.

Seiji stood up and threw his fist up into the air. "Hohohoho! You are correct! But they haven't even met yet!"

Ryozo's shoulders drooped. "You see, whenever my trusted staff presents girls for Natsume, he would say that they are all annoying. Natsume prefers to be alone or to be with his best friend, Ruka Nogi. But sometimes, he would spend time reading books under the shade of a large cherry blossom tree. I don't want him to live with his life like that."

Seiji felt sympathy for his friend's son's behavior.

"Come to think of it, I don't see him smile anymore. So maybe, if we engage Mikan and Natsume, he might change his perspective in life!" said Ryozo excitedly.

"My little girl Mikan is a really cheerful. Perhaps her happy disposition could influence Natsume," said Seiji.

"You're right. So when will be the night of the engagement?" inquired Ryozo.

"Let's say…The day after tomorrow?" answered Seiji.

"The day after tomorrow, indeed."


"WHAT?!" exclaimed a girl with long brown hair tied into neat pigtails. Her name was Mikan Sakura, the princess of the Alice Kingdom. She had the alice of nullification.

But her nullifying alice could not protect her from the bad news her father just brought.

"You're going to meet with Natsume Hyuuga, the prince of the Ecila Kingdom," said King Seiji happily.

Mikan's eyes widened as she looked at her father in surprise. She didn't want to be engaged to someone whom she haven't even seen or met yet! And she was only 17 years old!"

"Hmm, it's not really an engagement. Just some…What's that word again? A little get-together for Natsume and you," said King Seiji.

"But I heard that…that..that Natsume is a pervert!!! I don't want to be involved in something serious as an engagement with a pervert!!! I'm too young to die!" yelled Mikan panicky.

"What are you talking about?! Natsume is a nice boy!" said King Seiji in defense for his friend's son.

Mikan looked at her father with puppy-dog eyes.

"Noooo! Not the puppy-dog eyes!!!"

'It's working…Mwahaha…' thought Mikan. But then, her father suddenly changed his pitying expression into an oh-come-on-you-tried-that-a-hundred-times-already look.

"You've tried that technique with me for a hundred times, Mikan! It's not going to work this time. This will be a very nice thing to happen to Natsume. He doesn't have any friends like you do. He doesn't laugh or even smile one bit! But maybe, you could change that! You're a happy girl! You could change his point of view towards life," said King Seiji.

That struck Mikan's mind back into sense. She always cheered people who were sad, angry or mourning. She couldn't stand it when she sees people who were hurt and won't do anything about it.

"Well, if it's not really an engagement…And if this would help Natsume…Sure. I'll attend this little 'get-together'," said Mikan in defeat.

"Thanks Mikan. I just hope that Natsume doesn't find out you like wearing polka-dotted panties. That would really be a turn-off," said King Seiji as he went out of Mikan's room.

"WHAT?!" shouted Mikan in shock.


Meanwhile, in the Ecila Castle, a young boy with raven-colored hair sat on the green luscious grass. He was looking at the sky. Clouds and birds decorated the blue sky. He was somehow transfixed of the beauty and mystery it holds. When he was only 5 years old, he remembered something like this that his mother used to paint.

Sometimes, he would just sit there, wondering if he could fly someday into the great blue sky to escape from this cruel world he's living in.

He pondered on thoughts of why he was a magnet of problems and hardships. He hated his life, he hated everything!

"Natsume? May I have a word with you?" asked a voice behind the tree.

Natsume stood up and said, "What is it?"

King Ryozo walked around the tree and sat down on the grass, beside Natsume's stash of books and comics. Then, he gestured for his son to sit down.

"What is it, Dad?" asked Natsume, sitting down.

"There will be an engagement…..Um….A little get-together the day after tomorrow," said King Ryozo calmly.

"So? Am I invited? Well, for sure, I'm not going to some stupid affair," replied Natsume, putting his hands behind his head. He lied down on the grass.

"Natsume? But this is for you! You are going to meet with the princess of the Alice Kingdom, Mikan Sakura," said King Ryozo, "She's a very nice child. Maybe she could help you forget about…about…everything…"

"I don't want to talk about my mom. Please. And I don't want to meet anyone or to be engaged with some annoying little girl…" said Natsume stubbornly.

"Sorry…But Natsume, please just listen to me for once. I'm doing this for you! So you could smile and laugh just like you used to before when you were younger. Your mom would have said the same thing," urged King Ryozo. Mentioning his wife, a tear fell down his cheek.

Natsume looked at his father and said, "Okay. I'm going to this little affair because of my mom and for you. Not to go lovey-dovey with this Mikan girl. That would be disgusting."

King Ryozo chuckled and put his hand up in the air. His alice is making illusions.

He closed his eyes and concentrated on making an illusion of Mikan.

Suddenly, a brunette was standing by the edge of the lake. She was waving at Natsume. And she was also smiling at him.

"Do you want to see what she looks like? She's standing by the lake," said King Ryozo.

Natsume sat up and snorted. He looked to his left and saw a girl with pigtails. She was wearing a sleeveless pink gown with diamonds studded all over it. Ruffles decorated the bottom of the gown and she was wearing a gleaming gold tiara.

"Hi Natsume!" said the girl blissfully.

"Hn…What an annoying voice! I hate her already!" said the raven-haired boy, quickly diverting his attention into a book.

King Ryozo made the Mikan illusion vanish and smiled. He could've sworn he saw a little blush crept up Natsume's cheeks earlier.


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