Author's Note: I originally had no intention of posting the first chapter so soon (and with alerts being down, I'm not sure if anyone will know it exists). But the demand was so overwhelming, here is the beginning of the Family Sequel.

As always, this story contains the following themes: violence to women, drug use, death, and supernatural occurences.

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A father has a natural protection of his family. He wants to nurture and care for them, giving his family the very best. He wants them to be safe and feel at home; experiencing the love no other father can match.

So it when it came to Nevaeh, Dave was unnaturally much more concerned about her. And if it wasn't Dave putting her dates through rigorous mind and physical exercises, it was Taker, Rock, London, and Nitro joining in the mind games. Any boy Nevaeh expressed interest in was immediately hunted.

And it was no secret why Nevaeh was sought-after. She had long auburn hair, radiating between chocolate and a chestnut color. She had Trish's eyes, an intense hazel, and Dave's skin color, a light brown that appeared if her skin was naturally tanned. She was very athletic with her muscular legs and toned body. In addition, she was well endowed, blooming into a D cup well before her 18th birthday.

Plus, she was into tattoos and piercings, sporting two lip and one navel. She had a punk rock style with a sweet girl demeanor. She was everything every man could want. Now only they could get past Dave.

Nevaeh was his angel. She was more than just his love child—she represented everything pure he knew about the natural life. Father and daughter bonded quickly and they always had one night where it was just the two of them. As Nevaeh grew up, Dave joked with the other vampires that his little girl was growing up too soon. And it wasn't until the day after she turned 18, he realized how right he was.

Nevaeh was cuddled next to London in his bed. He still slept in the casket but when Nevaeh spent the night with him, they often slept in the bed together. His arms were wrapped around her body. He yawned slightly as he kissed her forehead. He sensed the other Family members surrounding them. "Good morning, Dave." London nodded as his eyes were still closed.

Suddenly, his eyes flew open as did Nevaeh's. They both quickly covered their naked bodies with the sheets as Dave and Trish stared down at them. "Is there a reason why you both are naked?" Dave asked.

London and Nevaeh grimaced. "We can explain. Really, we can."

Dave wanted to think Nevaeh came into London's room in the middle of the night because she was cold and their clothes fell off. He wanted to think London's room was so hot, both him and Nevaeh began to shed their clothing throughout the night, not realizing they were naked.

But Dave knew that both reasons were bullshit.

He stared down at his naked 18-year-old daughter and his protégé. "You, get out now." He directed towards Nevaeh. He then spoke to London. "You, stay put."

Nevaeh quickly gathered the bedsheets and hurried herself out of London's room. She turned back slightly, a look of worry spread on her face as she knew what London was in for. Before she could mouth any words to her love interest, she was met with a closed door.

Dave and the other male Family members stared down at London, watching his every move. London scrambled to the corner of the bed, hastily covering himself with all the bedsheets. "Dave, Dave….I-I-I can explain, man."

"Explain." Dave replied calmly.

"Okay, it's not what it looks like, man." London explained. "Yeah, we were naked, but it's not what it looks like."

Dave continued to bore holes through London's body without saying a word. London picked up on Dave's attitude and it was not looking good for the young vampire. "Dave? Dave, man? It's not what it looks like."

Dave then crouched down and picked up a condom wrapper. He stared at the condom wrapper and then glanced at London, who became increasingly sweaty in the freezing cold room. "Dave, man? Okay, I can really explain that. It's not what it looks like."

Before London could finish his explanation, Dave's fangs appeared and his eyes turned gray. He made a hissing noise, as if he was getting ready for attack. He lunged towards London, who jumped on the ceiling. "Trish!" He shrieked.