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Itachi's POV:

Everyone has wondered whether Deidara was a girl or a boy. I think the only people who knew the gender of. . well. . .him. . .her? Are his/her family and Sasori. You see, these damned cloaks are so high up and bothersome that you can't tell whether a person is a male or female. That is, unless they speak to you. What's worse, you can't tell whether Deidara has breasts or a cock. Besides, Deidara never speaks anyone, and usually. . when he/her does speak to me, it's muffled and quiet. I think, the only person to hear Deidara's voice would be Sasori. Lucky bastard.

Normal POV:

"Sasori. . ."

"What Itachi?"

Itachi moved over to stand next to the puppeteer, his face close to Sasori's. "What gender is Deidara?" he asked staring into his eyes.

Sasori blinked calmly and let out a low chuckle. "What do you think, Itachi?"

"I don't know! That's why I'm asking!"

"Well. . . "

"I will say this to you and only you, but. . please?"

Sasori let out a laugh wile trying to breathe so a few gagging sounds could be heard. "Fine! Fine! Dei-" he stopped and let out a nervous laugh, looking past Itachi. "Hey Deidara," he looked over to Itachi, his eyes practically daring him to ask.

Itachi moved his eyes to lock his gaze with Deidara's grey one. "Deidara?" Deidara looked at him questioningly.


"I know this is weird, me asking this-"

'Oh shit. Don't ask. Don't ask!'

"Can you take off your cloak?" Itachi asked emotionlessly. Deidara's eyes widened as Itachi stared patiently at the shocked Akatsuki member across from him. Deidara looked over to Sasori who was covering his mouth, trying anyway. Deidara sighed and unbuttoned the cloak, letting it drop. Sasori watched with intrest as Deidara stood infront of Itachi in a mesh shirt, black sandals and black pants.

"Happy, yeah?"

Itachi's eyes widened as he looked Deidara up and down. "You're a-"

"A boy. . .un?"

"Yeah!" Itachi raised a brow and moved forward, touching Deidara's chest lightly. "You're a boy?"

Deidara sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. "Surprised, un?"

Itachi shrugged slightly, noticing how Sasori had left these two alone. "Why don't you talk to people. . .?"

"I don't know. I'll talk to Sasori un, it's no big deal. I can talk to Kisame and Tobi. . and Zetsu, un. . .just not. . .you,"

Itachi crossed his arms across his chest, frowning at Deidara. "Why?"

"I don't kn-"

"No. You know why. Tell me. Please? I've been in this group for. . . 3 years. And you've been here for 2. I've known you since you were 16. . .and you haven't said a word to me. . .why?"

A small blush appeared on Deidara's face as he ran a hand through his bangs. "I never know what to say. .un"

"Hi, or hello is just fine,"

Deidara shrugged, his blush growing. "Maybe it's because. . ." he trailed off slowly, his eye adverting to the side.

"Because?" Itachi moved forward, a bit closer to Deidara, noting how short he was. 5'6? Itachi was 5'8" and he had to look down slightly. "Because?"

"B-because I like you! Un," Deidara hissed, clenching his fists and looking up at Itachi slowly. "Happy now? Un. . ."

Itachi smirked, gripping Deidara's shoulders and pressing him into the wall. "You like me?"

Deidara kept his gaze on Itachi for a moment before he adverted it again, nodding slowly. "Yeah,"

"Well, wasn't this a huge shocker," Itachi muttered chuckling.

The blonde glared sharply at Itachi, his eye met with his. "Stop laughing! Un!" he hissed, trying to move his body from Itachi's grasp. It was obviously useless, Itachi had a strong grip and hold on Deidara's shoulders.

"Fine. Fine. Sorry," he smirked at Deidara, keeping his eyes locked for several moments before he moved quickly and pressed his lips against Deidara's. Deidara's eye widened as Itachi's tongue ran across his lips smoothly, obviously looking for an entranc. Deidara felt the tongue move back and forth, softly, not stopping until he felt the urge to breathe. Deidara opened his mouth to take in a breath and as soon as that happened, Itachi's tongue was in his mouth, teasing him. . tasting him. . sweetly. Itachi soon moved away, taking in a breath, smiling down at Deidara.

"What. . . .?" Deidara felt Itachi's grip on his shoulders soon fall and he jumped forward, grabbing Itachi into a soft kiss, his arms moving to Itachi's neck, pulling himself up a bit more.

Itachi smirked, kissing him back and soon pulling away. "I guess. . you could say I might feel the same way," he muttered, wrapping his arms around Deidara's waist, pulling Deidara closer to his body.

"Really?! Un?" he asked, his eyes lighting up instantly.

"Yeah," Itachi grinned down at him, keeping his gaze on the blonde.

"Does this mean. . .that we. . . .well, are . . .?"

"Together?" Itachi finished, raising a brow. Deidara slowly nodded, his face going pink once again. "You're cute when you blush," Itachi muttered, his hands running to Deidara's back, pulling him towards him again, feeling the boy's heart-rate quicken. "You're nervous. I can feel it,"

The blonde's face went pink as Itachi spoke to him. "I-uh-yeah. Thank you. . .un," he muttered noticing how close. . comfortable. . .Itachi was getting. "I-I'm not! Un!" Deidara hissed, moving to push Itachi away from him, Itachi kept his grip on Deidara, glaring down at him.

"Are too," he whispered, kissing Deidara's forehead. He could feel how. . well, how cold Deidara was. He wasn't warm, no cold. Cold flesh. Deidara's cheeks went bright red as Itachi continued to speak to him. "Aw, don't be embarrassed," Itachi said slowly. "As much as I enjoy your pink cheeks, I don't want you to be embarrassed,"

Itachi's hands moved around Deidara's body, touching every muscle, every bone. . every. . . part. "Itachi. . " he moaned quietly. Itachi smirked ever so slightly, and kept his hands on the hem of Deidara's pants, slowly slipping them in. "Ita-" he was stopped by Itachi who had him in another kiss, pressing his lips softly against Deidara's.

"Deidara. . ." Itachi let out a soft moan as he moved his hands to run down Deidara's inner thigh. Deidara pressed closer, his chest pressed against Itachi's as he gripped Itachi's shirt tightly.

"Stop," he took in a breath as he pulled away. "Stop it. Un. . ." Itachi quickly shook his head, moving his mouth to the nape of Deidara's neck, breathing into it heavily. "Please Itachi. . un," he groaned, pushing roughly, one last time on Itachi's chest, causing Itachi to fall to the ground with a thump. "I don't want to be used. . un,"

"I won't use you," Itachi hissed, standing up and grabbing Deidara's hair and pulling it out of it's ponytail, letting the blonde hair fall to the middle of his back. "I like it down. . ." he muttered pulling him into a hug. "I'm not using you," Itachi whispered softly into Deidara's ear, feeling him shudder within his grasp. "Don't fight it. Please?" he tightened his grip around Deidara, a soft grin on his face. "Please?" Deidara nodded, slowly, grabbing Itachi's hands, caressing them lightly.

"Fine, un. I'll give you a chance, un,"

"Yay! Deidara. . . " Itachi kissed his earlobe. "I'm not using you, I never will,"

"Ok. Un," Deidara chuckled and moved out of Itachi's grasp, turning to see Sasori behind him, his arms crossed.

"Deidara! I need you!"

"Hm? Why? Un?"

"I'm in a card game with Kisame and Zetsu an you're my usual partner! Come on!!"

Deidara smiled softly and pulled his cloak back on. Before he buttoned it all the way up he moved to Itachi and pressed his lips gently against his chin, slowly pulling away. "See you later. . .un," he muttered, walking away as he buttoned it all the way up.

Sasori eyed Itachi, walking toward him. "Don't hurt him. Ok?" Itachi raised a brow at Sasori and nodded slowly, watching Sasori follow Deidara out to Kisame and Zetsu.




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