by Pip

Summary: Series of vignettes revolving around Daniel and Vala with kisses as the theme.

A/N: This is different from my normal stuff, and I've never really put anything D/V-oriented up before. I decided to give it a try. There's no spoilers for this first one...and it's pretty PG, unless you read something more into it. Any that follow, if spoiler/rating warnings are need, I'll put them up. Other than that, enjoy!

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In her lifetime, Vala had experienced so many types of kisses. As a flirtatious teen, at the hands of the Goa'uld who possessed her, as bargaining tools in whatever scam she was pulling from one moment to the next - kisses were a part of her daily life. Nothing extravagant about them.

She had been so curious in her younger years. Vala learned that those cute village boys were just as interested in her as she was in them. Kisses got her what she wanted. The boys liked kissing her, and the other girls hated her for it. It wasn't her fault she was pretty aand had all the charm. Plus, if she was honest with herself, the kisses were usually enjoyable.

The curiosity vanished the moment her body was no longer her own. Quetesh was a sex goddess. Where Vala had been curious and just breaking the surface in those teenage years, Quetesh was seasoned and delved into deeper waters. Kisses were just the tip of the iceberg for the tramp goddess of the galaxy. Vala unwilling learned the art of the loveless, heartless kiss - amongst other things. The pain of others was a common amusement among the Goa'uld. Kisses became painful and hellish. Unable to control the things happening to her body, or how it affected the many lovers of Quetesh, Vala came to despise kisses and everything that accompanied them.

As much as she despised them, Vala had learned early on how kisses could buy her way to almost anything. After Quetesh, kisses became nothing more than tools of the trade. Long gone was the curiosity of her teenage years, the ridiculous fantasies of true love and affection. Everything was worth something, and soon her something was worth a hell of a lot.

Kisses were a good tool of distraction. She could kiss a man for moments, and come out a few steps ahead. Trinkets and heirlooms were forgotten when Vala put her lips to good use. When the words couldn't get her out of a sticky spot, the mouth found other means to help her escape.

But that kind of business could only go so far. Her high quality kisses soon became more of a hindrance then a help. Word got around, and men became less open to her suggestions. And where kisses from others couldn't be bought, Vala learned to take them. Stealing was a part of the trade, and kissing was no exception. Soon most kisses she had, she had to steal to allow deals to go through. It was a complicated, frustrating way of getting by, and usually others got hurt by it. But there wasn't much she could do about it. Once upon a time kisses had been cute ways of getting HER way. They had been fun and a bit exhilarating. Later, kisses were nothing more than something else she could steal from people.

Until she stole a kiss from a very attractive man defending his planet's very primitive ship.

It had been like many kisses that had preceded it - minus the punching and hitting, of course. She had meant it to be nothing more than another stolen kiss in a long memory of things stolen from good looking men. Nothing more...

Except instead of leaving him wanting more, Vala found herself wanting more... of him.

He brought something back into kissing Vala had thought she had lost years ago.


It was the curiosity left by that one stranger's kiss that led Vala down a whole new path. A path walked by a very attractive man defending his not so primitive planet...

Once upon a time, Vala stole kisses from men to make her feel important, if only for a moment. Now Vala only takes kisses from one man. Daniel Jackson gives her kisses that make her feel important...forever.


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