Her grey eyes opened as she inhaled deeply. The smell of the heat trickling out from the vent above the bed, as well as the signature scent of the warm body next to hers, filled the air around her. But there was also something else - a very distinct smell. Vala inhaled again, then shifted as a feeling shot through her. She smiled.

Reaching out, she shook Daniel's shoulder gently. "Daniel."

The soft features of his face contorted into a slight frown as he moaned.

"Daniel!" Vala whispered excitedly again, sitting up. The arm that had been draped across her back dropped to the bed and made him moan again in protest.

One blue eye opened slowly, squinting up into her smiling face. "What?"

Vala grinned, and tugged on his arm. "Come on."

"Vala..." Daniel whined, trying to pull his arm back. "What are you doing?"

She just tugged harder. "Getting up and so are you."

Daniel shook his head into his pillow. "No."

"Come on, Daniel!" Vala pleaded, planting her feet and pulling on his arm with all her strength.

"Vala!" He protested as he was dragged towards the edge. "It's the middle of the night, and it's cold, and I'm tired..." Daniel turned his head to glare at her.

Vala released his arm, and placed a hand on her hip. "Up!" She pointed to the floor at her feet for emphasis.

He squinted menacingly her direction, then rolled his eyes as she flashed him that cute innocent grin he'd found he couldn't say no to. "Fine!" He sighed irritably, throwing back the little of the comforter still holding in the precious warmth.

As Daniel slowly extricated himself from the bed, Vala quickly pulled on a pair of his sweatpants. She bounced in excitement as he came to stand before her. He swayed sleepily in place, one arm dangling to the side as he scrubbed his other hand over his face. Then blue eyes fixed on her another glare.

"It's cold." He pouted.

Vala grinned some more. "I know." She announced with joy.

"It's dark." Daniel complained.

She patted his chest. "Come on, put some clothes on." Vala turned on her heels and practically skipped to the doorway.

Daniel scowled to her back. "You stole my pants."

"Stop complaining and just get dressed." Vala said as she turned to look back at him, placing her hand against the doorframe. When all he did was just stand there and glare at her, she stomped her foot. "Hurry up!"

Growling, Daniel stalked exhaustedly to the dresser and pulled out another pair of sweatpants. Slipping them on with a bit of attitude, he slowly moved towards her and the doorway, snatching up a shirt from the floor and pulling it on. He barely had the shirt settled before Vala was pulling him quickly out the door and down the hall. He groaned.

"What are we doing?" He asked with exasperation.

Vala just looked back at him and just continued to smile. He stumbled on behind her until she came to an abrupt stop near the front door. Daniel gently collided into her back. "Crap, why do you do that?"

Still not saying anything, Vala simply pushed his boots towards him with her foot before slipping on her own. "Put these on."

"Do NOT tell me we're going outside!" Daniel whined even as he complied with her request. He was too tired to really have to deal with a whiny Vala. Once again, before he barely had a chance to settle into his boots, Vala had opened the front door and was pulling him out into the freezing cold air. "Son of a bitch, Vala!"

She ignored the rebuke. Instead, Vala wrapped his scarf, which she had snatched from the coat rack, around his neck. His frown softened a little as he watched her put her own on. "Come on." She whispered, tugging him down the steps and out into the yard.

Daniel wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her back against his chest. Part of it was out of support for his tiredness, part was to stay warm, and for the most part he did it because he could. "Why are we out here, Vala?"

"Just wait for it." Vala murmured in response, her arms resting atop his. She laid her head back on his shoulder.

He dropped his lips to her shoulder, letting them rest there. "For what?" He closed his eyes, wishing so desperately for his bed. Vala never answered his question.

Several minutes passed, and Daniel felt his restlessness skyrocketing.

"I'm tired." He mumbled.

She remained silent.

Daniel pouted and lifted his head up. "It's cold."

"Just a little bit longer." Vala finally said.

"Little longer for what?" He asked impatiently. When she didn't answer his question again, Daniel groaned. "Baby, it's freezing out here. I'm tired, I'm cranky because I'm tired," He added. "I'm cold." He knew he sounded petulant, but he didn't care.

Vala turned her head to give her a patient look. "Isn't being able to hold me in your arms safely enough to make you happy?"

Daniel squeezed her tighter, and rested his lips in her hair. "I'd rather hold you safely in my arms from the warmth of our bed, where we could safely sleep in each other's embrace. That'd make me very happy..." He sighed and turned her around in his arms. "Why can't we go do that instead of standing out here freezing our asses off?"

"You can be such a Grinch." She stated affectionately, rubbing a hand against his cheek

He rolled his eyes. "Okay, enough." He released her and moved to head back inside. "I'm too damn tired to deal with your silly little games..."

Vala watched him, and a grin spread across her lips. "Daniel..."

"Gotta wake me up from a good sleep." Daniel rambled on, slowly stalking back to the house. "I was warm. I was having a nice dream with you and some chocolate syrup..."


He just trudged on grumpily. "Then you have to come along and wake me up, and drag me out into the damn cold for some stupid, unknown reason..."

Vala scurried after him, pulling back on his arm just before he ascended the porch steps. "Daniel!"

"What?!" He turned on her, pulling his arm from her grasp so he could cross them over his chest in annoyance. "What, Vala?"

Her grey eyes drifted skyward for a moment, then came back down to look into his blue. She smiled in an almost shy fashion. "It's snowing."

Daniel slowly turned his attention to the sky. He finally noticed the white flakes drifting earth-ward, just moments before their coolness began to touch his cheeks. His arms began to uncross as the snowfall became steadier.

"It's the first snow of the season." Vala breathed, and Daniel brought his attention back to her at the joy he heard in her voice. The same emotion lit up her reddened cheeks. She was practically glowing. "The first snow..." She looked skyward again, her voice carrying the excitement she felt at the announcement.

Watching her watching the snow fall in the pale moonlight, seeing the smile she wore, Daniel felt all his agitation melting away despite the chill. In the few years she'd been on earth, Vala had come to love the snow. And even though Daniel couldn't say that much about himself, he found he'd come to love it in a way simply because she loved it so much.As the snowflakes sprinkled around her, coolly kissing her face, and dusting her dark her, he brought his hand up. Turning her face towards him gently, he leaned in and kissed her lovingly.

Vala's untied boots clomped on the ground as she moved in closer to Daniel. The kiss wasn't too lengthy, but it still sent her heart into overload with the combination of the snow.

"What was that for?" She whispered as he pulled away, opening her eyes to look up into his affectionate gaze.

Daniel smiled gently, stroked the back of his fingers over her chilled cheek. "First kiss in the first snow of the season." He murmured.

Vala smiled and leaned up to kiss him again quickly. "Definitely not three sizes too small..." He grinned at the statement.

"Come on." Daniel jerked his head back to the house. "Let's head back inside."

"But I want to see the ground blanketed in white." Vala sighed in anticipation.

Daniel took her hand in his and brought the back of it to his lips. "That's gonna take a few hours, hunny."

"Then we can wait and watch."

He laughed heartily, then bent down and snatched her up on his arms. She squeaked in surprise, arms wrapping around his neck as he turned and carried her up the steps. Stopping at the door, Daniel looked at her pouting expression. He smiled as he opened the door and carried her inside.

"Daniel..." Now it was her turn to whine in protest. She went to say more, but stopped as he turned to take her into the living room rather then down the hall, stepping out of his boots as he went. Vala let her own boots slip off her feet. She frowned in curiosity as he flicked the light on. "Daniel?"

Lowering her into the recliner, Daniel pushed the chair to face the window, edging it closer. She looked at him in question and he leaned in to kiss her softly. He unwrapped her scarf, and then his own, and let them drop to the floor carelessly.

"Give me a minute." Daniel moved to the window and twisted the blinds open, and pulled them apart.

Vala watched him leave the room, and then return a few minutes later, her favorite fleece blanket draped over his arm. He flicked the light off as he came back into the room. Daniel indicated for her to get up, and as she did, he sank into the chair. With a swift motion of his finger, he told her to sit back down. Vala obliged and settled against him, her head resting comfortably against his neck. Then Daniel draped the blanket over them.

"Now we can wait and watch." He whispered into her ear, following it with a kiss to her temple. "And share our first snuggle during the first snow of the season."

She grinned, letting out a content sigh. Her fingers stroked random circles over his shirt-clad chest, near his heart. "Is it possible for it to grow more than three sizes?"

Daniel laughed. "Okay, no more Christmas movie marathons with Teal'c."

"Scrooch." Vala mumbled good-naturedly, snuggling deeper into his embrace and his warmth.

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