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A/N: My Valentine's Day edition of this Will/Ronny romance theme challenge. Enjoy!


(Takes place a few years into the future, after Operation Overdrive ends)

Ronny was seeing red this Valentine's Day, but all she was feeling was blue.

Certainly, it wasn't due her lack of enthusiasm about the annual celebration of romance. Ronny, who was known as a habitual holiday home decorator, had once again strung cupid cut-outs from her ceiling and lined her walls her shiny, cellophane hearts. There were candy hearts on every tabletop and pairs of bears whose magnetically attracted noses made them look like they were kissing. Ronny had even thrown cherry-colored covers of her furniture, making her home look more Valentine's Day ready than the inside of a Hallmark store.

The holiday this year was supposed to have been extra special for her this year, because she finally had found her one, true Valentine. Will Anton, her former Operation Overdrive teammate, was without a doubt the love of her life. After years of flirting around their feelings for another, they had finally gotten together five months ago. Ronny had been just beside herself looking forward to celebrating their first Valentine's Day together as a couple.

Yet all her excitement had proved to be for naught when Will had been called away an emergency artifacts recovery mission in Hawaii by the government just a few days before February 14. Ronny had so been looking forward to exchanging tons of gifts and cheesy cards with Will while they fed each chocolates and danced around her living room to sappy love songs. Now, it looked like the only cuddling she was going to be able to do this Valentine's Day was with her magnetically making-out teddy bears.

At that moment, Ronny's reverie was interrupted by a knock at her door.

"Who is it?" she called as she made her way toward the front of her home.

"Delivery for Ms. Veronica Robison," she heard an unfamiliar voice respond.

Trying get over the mutual shock of hearing her whole first name used as well as that couldn't recall having placed a pizza delivery order, Ronny zipped up a yellow hoodie over her white tank top. Lastly before answering the door, she brushed the candy crumbs off her black, cargo pants. Then reaching for her wallet, Ronny turned the knob and braced for the overwhelming aromas of fresh dough topped with tomato and melted cheese.

Yet Ronny practically dropped her purse on the floor when she realized the delivery wasn't for food, but for flowers. There were not one, she counted, but two… three… four guys holding large, glass vases filled with long-stem red roses. An astonished smile broke out across Ronny's face as she blinked her eyes, still unable to believe the sight.

"We have five dozen roses for Ms. Veronica…" began one of the deliveryman.

"You can set them down in there," interrupted Ronny, pointing to her dining room table that was covered with a red-and-pink checkered cloth.

Once the deliverymen had left, Ronny slowly circled her dining room table as she tried to take in the sight of her eating space completely covered by the statuesque flowers. It was then she noticed an enveloped attached to one of the glass vases. Opening the card, Ronny caught her breathe as she read the note:

Five dozen roses -- one for each month we've been together, the best months of my life. I'm so sorry I can't be there to tell you this in person. I love you so much, Baby.

Happy Valentine's Day,


A sad, smile crossed Ronny's face as she fingered one of the petals. She missed Will so much. She loved his gift, but what she really wanted for Valentine's Day was…

A key turning her in front door caused Ronny to catch her breath. There was only one other person who had access to her house. She raced toward the door, and threw it open. Her hands flew to her mouth and tears of joy filled her eyes when she saw who was on her front steps.

"Happy Valentine's Day, Baby."

Ronny grinned from ear-to-ear. She had gotten the Valentine's Day gift she'd been wishing for all along after all.