This is something I have spent a good portion of the last day writing, just for Rose. I don't usually have this much dedication, but… well, I dunno, the idea attacked, and I couldn't resist. Anyhow, I was going to have it a one-shot, but… it turned out to be a little over nine thousand words, and trust me, Rose does /not/ have the attention span to deal with it, so, I'll be separating it into chapters. Short chapters, sure, but chapters nonetheless.

This was written for her character Rose's birthday. Don't like OCs? Too bad, I do.

Disclaimer: Rose, Kari, Recka, Sheila and Sane all belong to Princess.

WARNING: There is a /lot/ of OOCness in here. And Rose? You should probably stray away from eating or drinking or having anything in your immediate vicinity when you read this, for yours and everyone else's sake. xD Love you, and here you are. And, as for Recka's speech? I don't have any kids her age, so I went with the 'cute' approach. Deal.

Pairings: RoyEd, RoseEd, if you look at it and care to think of that way RoyEdRose.


She groaned, shifting under the blankets and tugging the pillow closer to her head. She was sure it was quite early in the morning, and she wasn't in the mood to deal with… giggling?

"Dammit, shush!" The oldest voice intervened, however, his own, rather strangely high pitched giggles filled the room, two others joining the sound of the eldest, earning a definite frown from her. To be honest, she was exhausted, and was /not/ in the mood to deal with them. Hell, she didn't even know /who/ 'them' was.

"You're laughing too, bastard!" A younger voice hissed, an 'oof' sound coming from the older whose giggling only paused briefly.

She groaned again, rolling over and burying her face further into the pillow. "If that's Roy and Ed, tell them they can go away."

"Wose!" There was a rather excited squeal beside her ear, forcing the girl to wince and her two companions' laughter to be come muffled, though it still did not hide much of anything, really. "Up! Woy an' Ed haff pwans!" The sound of a small body jumping up and down, heavy breathing that was all too familiar entering her ear, the bed, which she had assumed the girl used to help bounce herself moving, only adding to the fact that they would not allow her the sleep she so greatly desired.

Blue eyes opened, a fierce glare on the three who had entered her room, not at the house that she had stayed with Roy in for the last three years, but the one Sheila and Sane had offered to her, ever since the falling out with her Uncle. To be honest, she wasn't all that keen on seeing the stupid man, his lover, and whoever the kid was, though she remembered vaguely that Sheila and Sane mentioned her. It wasn't really any of her business. "What do you want?! It's – " Her words stopped, looking over at the clock briefly before nearly lashing out with her fist to hit the dark-haired male, the closest one that she felt comfortable hitting. " – Four in the morning!"

Dark eyes danced lightly, flicking on the lights of the room and tossing a box at her. "Rise and shine, Sunshine."

The golden-haired youth beside him placed a hand on is hip, reaching into his own pocket and pulling something of his own out, while the young child followed suit with yet a third box.

"What's… this?"

"Open 'em!" The young girl replied, glancing back at the other two who suddenly broke out into fits of laughter once more. "Birfday!"

"Today is a day to celebrate. Open them, Rose. We want you to wear them." The tallest of the three said carefully. His voice was low, actually a bit kind, compared to what she had heard lately, and to be honest, she loved that sound more than anything. He was a gentle man; this was a side she wanted to see more often, but… ever since Edward…


Roy chuckled again. "Birthday, Rose. Now shut up and open them, it was hell finding the right things for you. I never was good at shopping, you know. Recka here helped us." His hand fell onto the head of the young child, a very small but fond smile lifting his lips as he gazed upon her, a look he had once granted to her, and one she missed dearly.

"Yeah, so hurry it up!" Edward broke in, repressing a yawn. For the three of them to be up so early, they had to be very dedicated. It was scary, actually.

She snorted. "Fine, and then you can go."

"Nuh!" Recka protested, but Ed silenced her with a scolding tap on her shoulder, nodding when he got her attention to watch and be silent for the moment. They had plans for today, and Rose was not going to ruin them. Roy and Recka worked their asses off, and Ed put the final touches on everything to make it perfect. Nothing was going to ruin it.

Instead of arguing further with the two of them, she set about to work on the ribbons, a beautiful blue that made her almost grin at the fact that Roy had managed to remember that. It was a beautiful wrapping job, to be sure. Inside, as she pulled the wrapping paper and tissue paper off and discarded it onto the floor, she discovered a rather tasteful (despite her great hate for dresses) ice blue dress, that swept to her knees, it seemed, was sleeveless, and yet, not incredibly tight or uncomfortable, flowing and relying on a system of fabric that 'webbed' together around the neck to support it. Not something she would usually wear, but young Recka's eyes lit up as she pulled it out, and though she still harbored a great anger at her Uncle and his lover, she couldn't bring herself to be hateful towards the child. "It's beautiful…" She murmured, leaning over to hug the girl that held her arms wide open, just begging for a hug.

"Da shoos!" She said, jumping again after Rose pulled away, pointing back into the box Roy had given her. Ice blue shoes, more appropriately called sandals rested inside, a slight rise in the heel. They were definitely alchemically made; she hadn't seen anything like them inside a store before. "Woy dwew da pikiture an' Ed made 'em!"

Rose repressed a small laugh at the enthusiastic girl, shaking her head and lifting the box that Recka had handed to her, being stopped by the youthful child. "Nuh! Ed! Open Ed's!" She ordered, an authority she had seen in her Uncle oftentimes.

"All right, all right!" She grinned, going back to work and unwrapping the box Edward had given to her. Inside sat a pocket watch, silver in color and similar to the one the state issued, but with a rather strange symbol on it. It really just looked like a group of lines that had been thrown together, but she hadn't bothered to ask. They probably had Recka design that one, and they seemed pleased that she had not asked about it. Lastly, she picked up the longest, yet thinnest box of them all, finding a locket within that one, also silver with a floral design on the front. "What's this…?" She asked, her voice a mere whisper.

Roy's trademark smirk appeared, leaning forward as Ed tried to copy, only managing to come up with his own version. The Mustang smirk was not something that could be copied. His voice had dropped to a whisper, almost inaudible. "Why don't you open it and see?"

She glanced away, Ed giving an all-knowing shrug, and Recka nodding eagerly. Sighing to herself, believing she could get rid of them faster, she obliged, opening it to reveal the two sides. There was one of who, at first, she thought was her, only to catch darker eyes and a presence of a bit of age, meaning it was her mother. The second place was empty, she assumed left to place something of her own choosing in. Her eyes made a turn, resisting the tears in her eyes. She had no photos of her mother, really, just her memory. Roy never mentioned that he had any, and she had never thought to ask.

"It's the last one I had, shortly before I left. I thought you might like to have it. That other spot? It's for a family photo. Now get dressed, we're leaving."