The final part.
"I think she just denied the greatness of the lake, Femme le Butterscotch!" Roy said with a look of surprise and mock offence upon his face.

Ed wiggled, sitting upon a sort of boat he had made with left over firewood behind the cabin. While he wouldn't have minded climbing in the water, Roy was busy with Recka, helping to teach her to swim, despite how anxious he seemed to be. Ed never bothered to ask why, but he was fairing well. His automail didn't allow him to swim much, and Roy and Recka refused to stay closer inland, so he couldn't just stay on the shore. "She did, Flaming Pony! We must punish the non-believer!"

"Stun!" Recka shouted with a childlike liveliness.

"I think you mean 'shun'." Roy corrected, guiding the girl back to the shore and climbing out, Ed not far behind.

"You guys, I don't have a bathing suit." Rose protested, backing away.

"We have Ed, an automatic dryer. Plenty of hot air." Roy replied.

"Shut up, Mustang." Ed murmured.

"Besides. I think you need to get cooled down, hot head." He lunged, grabbing hold of her arm and almost effortlessly lifted her from the ground. "We should sacrifice her to Princess Kitty, don't you think?"

Ed smirked, crossing his arms. "I agree."

"Guys, put me down!" She shrieked, wiggling yet muffling her laughter with a failed effect.

"No! Princess Rosebud owes her allegiance to her tribe and must be tossed in the /cold/ lake of… uh…"

"Fie!" Came Recka's cheery voice.

"Yes, fire! Watery fire!"

"No! Taisa, don't! If it's cold, don't!"

"It's refreshing!"


"Aw." Roy set her on her feet, almost looking disappointed. "How can I say no to that voice?"

She glanced down, finding herself about mid-thigh deep in water, sighing to herself. "You got this dress all wet now."

"I can!" Ed lurched forward, before Roy could say another word and knocked Rose off her feet, both disappearing beneath the small waves.

Recka, standing on the shore, broke into a set of giggles to rival even those that Ed and Roy had that morning.

Rose surfaced shortly after Ed, glaring at the two of them as her hair, too heavy for the clip, fell out of place, ice blue dress darker now. The water was actually comfortable, she realized, glancing to the horizon as the sun began to set. "You guys are assholes!"

Roy and Ed remained amused, and soon, her will to fight them died, bursting into laughter. It wasn't an evil one, or one of frustration, which, the tense air between the two relaxed when they discovered it was one of delight. It was nice to see her smile and laugh. She splashed water at the two of them, the mischievous glint in her eye that they knew all too well. The elder Mustang retrieved Recka and they continued to play for quite some time, at least until they began shivering, and it was decided they go in.

"I don't think this day could get any better." The rosy headed girl sighed in satisfaction.

"We do have one last thing for you, Rosebud." Ed stated, pulling out the basket that had gone untouched since the trip to the cemetery. Inside was a cake, chocolate frosting with strawberries that looked pretty fresh on top, her name in red. "Pony, Recka and I put it together. It's your birthday cake."

She glanced between them all before jumping at Roy, arms slipping around him. She told herself she couldn't forgive him, but she found herself enjoying his company now more than ever. However, he pushed on her shoulders, shaking his head. "Recka and Ed helped out as well. If it hadn't been for Recka, none of this would have been possible. I think you should thank them."


The other frowned, glancing at the small girl. "What?"

"Can Wecka haff sum jooce?"

Ed chortled, grabbing the girl a small box of juice, handing it to her. "There. Now let's have some cake!"

The four of them settled into the bed of the two room cabin, only one bed inside, made for a couple, at the most, to live in for any period of time. Roy had taken to Recka, yawning to himself. "Good night, my Princesses." He muttered, allowing Rose to cuddle with Ed, despite his better judgment to steal both away. Ed was behind him (Roy was on his side), and Rose on the other side of Ed.

"Night Taisa." Rose wished, looking up. It was quite obvious he hadn't heard, but that was quite all right. Recka mumbled a goodnight, leaving just her and Ed away, and the blonde was fading fast. She gave a doting smile to the three of them, leaning over to place kisses on both Recka and Roy's cheeks while a quick one fell on Ed's lips. "Good night, my princes…"

"Why did you let them come? I could have killed them and been done with it."

The female smirked. "Don't you think… they deserve another chance?"

"But… that's not like you!"

"No, it may not be, but I think… that Muffinpants has become worthy of another chance. Recka is happy, is she not? Of all the people I thought would pick her up, they were the least likely pair, but she's growing so well. I can't deny the facts."

The male gave a small whine, wiggling on his seat, a rock that really didn't belong there. "I guess you're right…"

"Besides, if he did anything outside of making her happy, we would have killed him for it. She hasn't laughed like that… well, I don't remember."

"Yeah. Come on, I'm hungry. Following them all day has really gotten to me."

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