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Hey Everyone! I'm NightmareBeforeChristmasFreak and this is my first Looney tune fic. IVE BEEN WANTING TO WRITE IT FOR A WHOLE YEAR! I LOVE MARVIN THE MARTIAN! Sorry… Now I hope the plot doesn't seem too weird. If it is sorry. I hope you all like it anyway, and if it's not so great please tell me! ENJOY!

Marvin Meet Lilly



"GET UP!" A loud woman's voice yelled. Lilly's eyes shot open at the horrid voice. "GET UP YOU LAZY LITTLE CHILDREN OR I'LL COME GET YOU MYSELF!" She yelled again. Lilly slowly sat up in her bed. She rubbed her eyes fiercely trying to force herself to wake up. She stood up revealing her tall self. Her shoulder length black hair pushed behind her shoulders. Her blue eyes tired and weary.

She walked over to one of the many worn out old broken beds where many of the children slept.

"Come on guys it's time to wake up." She said as she gently began to shake one of the many girls.

"It's too early." The little girl said as she turned away.

"Come on guys we have to get up. The dragon is already up." Suddenly the whole room was filled with little giggles.

"I HEAR LAUGHING!" The women screeched.

"Come on guys." Lilly said as she began to help the children up.

"Lilly you are so lucky you get to leave here in 3 days." A little girl no more then 9 with blonde hair said.

"Yeah only 3 more days until I turn 18…then she'll have to throw me out." She said.

"But we'll miss you."

"Yeah." The rest of the children said as they began to gather around Lilly.

"I'll miss you guys too, but you know what my mom always said? She said…"


"She said we better get downstairs before we get our butts kicked. Come on!" So she and the rest of the children ran down the creaky old steps.

"Well it's about time!" A woman said harshly to the group of orphans. She was tall and was bone skinny. She had tangled red hair, and a thin long face.

"When I call you down I expect all of you to be down her immediately! Is that clear?"

"Yes Madame Brochy." They replied.

"Yes Cruella." Lilly said under her breath. The children began to giggle only to have Madame Brochy stare at them harshly. They immediately stopped.

"Now all of you little brats go eat your breakfast." The group began to run away. "Except for you…Lilly." The women finished. Lilly stopped and turned around facing the woman.

"I want to see you in my office…now." She said as she turned around and walked into a room. Lilly just shrugged her shoulders and followed her into the room. Madame Brochy sat down at what looked to be a comfortable seat at a rather large desk.

"Lilly…ever since you came here when you were 14 you've been nothing but a trouble maker! Always stirring up trouble with the other orphans, making smart alack jokes! You must think your quite funny."

"Eh…just a little bit." She said with a smile.

"Yes…well soon you will no longer be a thorn in my side. In 3 days you'll have to leave this house! But just because your leaving soon doesn't mean that I will allow you to continue your…your…"

"Childish behavior, rude antics, stubborn headedness. Go ahead you've used them all." She said with a small smile.

"Indeed." She replied gritting her teeth. "Well I'll have you know that I won't stand for your…craziness for the last 3 days of your stay. Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal." She replied.

"Good. Now get out of my office."

"Sure thing…Cruella." She whispered. Lilly ran back up the creaky old steps, and back into the dirty old room. She took out a box from under her bed finding her clean clothes in it. She slid on her jeans, her blue top, and put her black hair in a ponytail.

"Can't forget the most important thing though." She told herself. She went to the bottom of the box. She found another small box at the bottom that was wrapped very carefully. She opened it to find a heart shaped necklace. She opened it to find a picture of a family…her family. Her tall black haired father stood next to her averaged height mother and her thick brown curls. And of coarse there she was. She looked to be no more then 8 when that picture had been taken. She remembered the day her mother and father had given her the precious locket. It was on her 12th birthday…

"What is it, what is it?" She asked excitedly.

"Well I guess you'll just have to open it and find out." Her father said. She tore at the package and gasped at the wonderful gift. She held up the necklace as it glittered in the light.

"Open it up." Her mother said. She gently opened the locket.

"Hey it's us!" She exclaimed.

"That's right." Said her mother as she took the necklace from her and placed it around her neck.

"Lilly were giving this to you to show you that even when you think we are gone were really not."

"I'm sorry mom but I don't understand."

"Well what I mean is even if a person leaves you they never really leave you. Their always here in your heart." Her mother said as she pointed to the necklace.

"Thanks mom." She said as she threw her arms around her mother. "I love it. And thanks you too dad."

"Your welcome sweetheart." He said.

"I'm going to wear this every day…"

"GET DOWN HERE LILLY! YOU HAVE CHORES TO DO!" Her memories shattered as she heard the woman screech her name.

"I'M COMING, I'M COMING!" She yelled back hoping it would annoy the woman. She looked inside the necklace one last time.

"Don't worry mom. I'm getting out of this place soon, and when I do I'm going to get so far away from it that I'll have to forget it." She then gently closed the necklace. She slipped it around her neck but hid it beneath her shirt so that the Madame wouldn't see it. She pushed the box back under her bed, and again ran down the stairs. Her eyes met the sight of children sweeping the floor, and washing the dishes. Suddenly a broom came flying at her.

"Get to work." Brochy said sternly. Lilly began to help some of the other children sweep the floor. As Lilly swept the floor she began to hum "Think of Me," from "Phantom of The Opera," which was one of her favorite Broadway musicals.

She suddenly stopped as she saw the small group of children standing next to her.

"Is there something you need?"

"Why do you always hum?" Asked a little girl.

"Because…I like music." She said trying to give her a simple answer

"Well why don't you just sing?" She asked. Lilly looked down at the floor for a moment, and continued to sweep.

"Guess I just don't feel like it." She replied sadly. The children only stared at her for a moment. Finally she looked up towards them.

"Daisy we should SERIOUSLY get back to work… before the dragon sees us slacking." She said with a smile trying to lighten the moment. The children ran off giggling as Lilly continued to sweep and hum. Afterwards she helped with dishes, and then she dusted. Finally it was 12 o'clock and all the orphans knew what that meant…

"ADOPTION TIME!" They all shouted excitedly.

"All right all you little vermin shut up!" Madame said. The whole room quieted down for a single moment, and then the loudness and jumpiness started up again.

"Uh…I hate my life." She said. Suddenly the doorbell rang. All the children started to scramble to their "positions" some went over to the T.V., some went to play blocks, and some went to look as though they had been playing patty-cake for hours. Meanwhile the Madame ran over to the door.

"Alright Brochy here goes another day of having to deal with these… moronic people." She said to herself. But the minute she opened the door she put the hugest fakest smile ever which revealed her yellow teeth that had a piece of spinach caught in them.

"Hello, and welcome to "Madame Brochy's Orphanage."" She tried to say as sweetly as possible.

"Well hello." The couple said.

"How may I help you two…lovely people today?" She asked.

"Well…were here to adopt…" The man said.

"A girl to be precise," The young women finished.

"Ah yes…well we have plenty of little girl…angels here." She said trying to hold a smile together. "Follow me and I'll show you the stock…I mean children! I'll show you the children." The three began to walk the halls looking at all the children.

"Ah here are some children!" The Madame said as she knelt next to the two girls who were playing. "Aren't they just precious." The Madame said as she pinched their cheeks. The two girls just looked at each other.

"Mr., and Mrs.…?"


"Ah yes. Mr. and Mrs. … Fern, this is…uh this is…

"Julie, and Ashley." A voice said from behind. Every one turned to see Lilly dusting a shelf. The couple just shrugged their shoulders, and continued with their business. Lilly watched as the couple talked to the two girls. After about 20 minutes she watched as the couple took Ashley into Madame Brochy's room while Julie put her ear to the door and tried to listen. After a couple of minutes Lilly watched as Julie ran down the hallway crying her eyes out. She heaved a heavy sigh and followed her. She found her sitting alone in one of the playing rooms still crying.

"Hey Julie." Lilly said sweetly. Julie looked up at her for a moment but quickly lowered her head again.

"What's wrong?" Lilly asked. Julie cried for a few more moments before answering.

"I-I he-heard them t-t-t-talking," she choked between sobs. "They're g-going to adopt Ashley!"

"Well not to seem optimistic…but I thought that was a good thing." She said.

"They're taking away my best friend! It's not fair!" She yelled. "She's going to go with her new family, and leave me!" She stuffed herself in the corner and continued to cry. Lilly let her cry for a moment. Finally she took Julie into her arms as she continued to cry.

"Hey it's okay Julie. Ssh, Ssh. Calm down." Slowly Julie began to calm down.

"Listen Julie I know your upset that Ashley is leaving…but you know she's not really leaving." Julie only looked at Lilly with a confused face.

"Well you see…" Lilly continued seeing as how Julie didn't seem to understand. "My mom told me that even when somebody you really care about leaves you, they never really leave. They always stay here…in your heart." Lilly said as she pointed to Julie's heart.

"That's kinda cheesy isn't it?" Julie asked.

"Well maybe just a ittsy bitsy bit." She said as she started to tickle Julie. She started to giggle uncontrollably.

"Now there's the smile I like to see!" She said. Julie gave her another smile.

"So do you feel better?"

"Yeah… thanks Lilly." She said as she threw her arms around her. "You're the best."

"No problem. Now come on let's go say bye to Ashley."

"Okay." She said. Lilly took her small hand in hers and they walked to the front door. Everyone was standing there saying goodbye to Ashley.

"Bye Ashley." Julie said as she hugged her friend.

"Bye Julie. I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too." They said as they hugged one last time.

"GOODBYE EVERYONE!" She yelled as she and the couple walked off. Everyone waved goodbye as she drove away in the car. After a couple minutes everyone went back inside the house except for Lilly.

"Lilly aren't you coming in?" Julie asked. Lilly quickly looked down at her.

"Oh yeah. I'll come inside in a second." She said. Julie walked in as Lilly looked at the empty road. She watched as the rain suddenly started to come down.

"At least you got out." She said as she touched her heart necklace, finally she walked inside so as not to get wet.

Okay I know it's really weird first chapter! I promise Marvin and the other Duck Dodger characters will be in the next chapter! I just wanted to introduce Lilly first! R & R!