Chapter 2 : Crushed

Dr.Drakken's Lab

" Shego!!! " shouted Dr.Drakken. Storming out his room, he sat on his thinking couch and grumbled. Shego on the other hand, quickly entered the room then leaning onto a pole with her arms crossed. " What now, Doc? " Shego asked, looking bored at the sight of a droopy and angry Dr.Drakken.

" SHEGO! I need you to go and get back that blueprint of mine. Find it! I dont care how long it takes but I know that blueprint is in somebody's hand now. I can feel it! " ordered Dr.Drakken. Immediately, Shego sighed and snapped her fingers. A group of synthodrones in amount of 50 gathered and they despatch with Shego as their leader to locate the missing blueprint. Dr.Drakken continues to sulk in his thinking chair.

Middleton Mall

"Now I can relax at ease..." said Kim, taking a slurp from her slushie at the mall. She looked up at Ron, " Uh, Ron? Aren't you having anything? " she asked.

"No, the Ron-man can go without a drink. Thanks for caring. " said a 'Cool' Ron. Maybe the word 'cool' aint right cause Ron is dehydrated and is purely tempted to have a sip from Kim's slushie. NO! If this keeps up, I wont have any money left until next month! thought Ron. Just when he was about to talk to Kim, the mall alarm set off. Kim and Ron got up and headed for the direction where trouble is.

"Oh...No..." groaned Kim. Both Kim and Ron arrived at the scene of the crime but it was Shego and the other synthodrones that were causing troubles. Shego stood in front of the line and gave a very direct order, " Go and find that blueprint! It was located by this darn thing so it may or may-not be here! "

Kim confronted them, " What's your sitch Shego? " Kim asked. Shego turned, smiling at Kim and then darting at her with her signature punch. " You might have the blueprints! " said Shego, continue to fight with Kim. Kim, without hesitation fought back with all her strength but with the synthodrones cheating as they all synchronize with one another to fight with Kim. Slowly, Kim's outfit was torn and thus revealed her super suit she was wearing. " No more Miss Nice Lady..." said Kim. She powered up and launched an invisible attack at all the synthodrones. One by one each synthodrone end its life with a splat. All who stood in Kim's way is being pulverized one by one.

" When you gotta do it, you have to do it yourself. " sighed Shego, and darted at Kim again with a kick. Kim turned and blocked the attack with her left arm and return with a punch to Shego's right face. " Ouch! " cried Shego, spitting out blood she increase her powers and fought even more furious than before. Ron, was fighting with the other synthodrones with his...well, chopsticks. " Ah ha! Take that! Oh HO! Feel the power of the chopsticks! HIYAA! " said Ron. He poked each synthodrone in the head with his chopsticks and each one sizzle bon fizzle.

Kim and Shego continue to fight with one another but suprisingly Shego can withstand the power of the suit this time. " Hmm, you got and upgrade? " Kim asked, landing a kick at Shego's stomach. Shego flinched and regain her posture, " No, I just did some extra vigorous training while I was doing my time. " she replied. But with another punch, Shego spat out more blood. " Darn it! This is SO not going anywhere for me!" she said, putting one hand in her pocket she took out two blades. " Forgive me Kimmie, I have to be rough with you now. " she said, now her eyes were usually green but it has changes to red. Kim doesn't like this one bit but continues to fight.

" YEARGH!!!" cried Shego. She dissapeared from Kim's vision and appeared from behind Kim. Before the suit's armor could activate the shield, Shego slashed Kim's back. " Argh!" cried Kim, in agony and pain she continues to fight with all her might while the suit repairs itself. Shego, licking the blood from the blade that she use to slash Kim, said " My, my Kim Possible...Is that all you got?"

Kim, got up from her last injury landed a kick at Shego's face but Shego grabbed her by the hand. "Now, this is the true me..." giggled Shego. She raise her blade high and brought it down in a flash, Kim, too late for her to move her other leg to kick Shego's head closed her eyes and waited for the pain. But, no pain came and she opened her eyes.


"NOBODY! TOUCHES MY GIRLFRIEND THAT WAY!" shouted Ron, both of his hands gripped Shego like a python hanging on to its prey. Rufus, took out Ron's buckle from Dr.Director and with one hand he slotted in the card while Rufus held it onto to his stomach. "TRANSFORM!" Ron cried, pulling the trigger he shone brightly and the belt activates upon Ron's command. Kim stood up and saw Ron transforming into what she fought the other day at Global Justice HQ. "Armor 01?" she asked.

After transforming, Ron is now equipped with the suit. Blue and silver it was indeed, " Shego, you fought many times with Kim Possible but now, I am you're new opponent. " declared Ron in a deep voice. Ron took out his special blade, design for the suit and pulled out a fan of cards from blade at the end ( the holder part ). He drew 3 cards from it and slashes it to his blade like Armor 01 did. A voice was heard, "Kick...Thunder...Mach...Lighting Sonic..."

Ron pierces the mall's ground with his blade as three pictures from the card he slashes with appeared behind Ron and combined with the armor. As the three cards united with the armor, Ron felt a powerful thunder around his armor and the armor acted on its own and launch the attack. Shego, held both of her blades and defended herself with it but in vain the blades didn't even cause the attack to flinch hence the kick broke the blades and it threw Shego way to the other side of the mall. WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! WHAM! and Shego finally stopped attacking. She lay there motionless and she power down her powers.

"What's gotten into Shego?" Ron asked, he walked towards Kim and offer her a helping hand. "What's her issue? She's not like this when we fought." Kim said while getting up, turning to Ron she gave Ron a hug."Wait, why are you wearing another super suit?" Kim asked. Ron turned away, he couldn't tell Kim that he doesn't trust her suit anymore but before he could answer her, Shego woke up and she grew more furious than before. "Super suit...Must return it to Dr.Drakken..." Shego mumbled, Ron and Kim took a closer at Shego and realizing that something is amiss."Kim, lets do this." said Ron cooly. Kim nodded and the two ran at Shego, working together as they fought Shego whose hands are now red instead of the usual green.

" ARGH!" cried Shego, slashing Ron's suit with one arm and swinging for a back kick Kim. Kim block the kick and return it with a punch at Shego's head.


Kim and Ron recognised that childish voice from anywere and when they turn to their back, it was Senor Senior Jr. " Why are the three of you fighting? " he asked. He looked at Shego, his eyes were watery. " Shego? What's gotten into you? This is not how you taught me when my papa hired you to be my tutor! " cried Senor Senior Jr. He held out his left hand, walking towards Shego and stood in front of Shego. " Please, Shego...come back with me..." Senor said.

Shego, suddenly had a very severe head pain and she let out a loud cry. People around the mall soon grabbed the oppurtunity to escape. In a daze, her eyes return to green and her hands return to the usual green everyone is use to. Shego then collaspe to the floor and passed out. Senor Senior Jr. carried Shego and walk away from the Middleton Mall. Ron, de-transforming from his armor saw everything and was touch...well, almost.

Senor Senior senior Island

The helicopter landed at the landing ground, not far from the Senor Senior mansion. Senor Senior Senior was playing golf at the park. He notice that his son had arrived from the chopper and went to greet him. But he was shocked as he saw his son bringing out a woman. He hurriedly to Junior and questions him about Shego. " What is this my son? " Senior asked.

Junior placed Shego on their couch and clapped his hands. Soon maids and servants came into the room and began to treat Shego. " Papa, she was the one you hire as my tutor before. She is having a very serious problem. " Junior replied. Senior sighed, " My son, why do you care about her problems? Soon her problems will be ours too! " Senior answered.

Junior ignored his father and sat next to Shego in the living room. "Very well my son, we will have the medical staff prepared to check Shego's condition." Senior said, leaving the living room. Junior, showing no signs of relief, smiled secretly behind his father's back and uttered a very nice word..."Thank you."

Possible's residence

"Wade, please tell me you can upgrade my super suit." Kim pleaded. She sat on the couch in the living room while Ron is watching wrestling on her plasma TV screen. Wade, typing on his computer with lightning speed examined the super suit with expectations. " Did you know that this suit actually lost to one of Dr.Drakken's blueprint armor!?" Kim asked. Finally, Wade stopped and look up at Kim on his screen. " Kim, ease up! I got it all under control." said Wade. He showed Kim a picture from his computer screen. " After analyzing what is your suit's weaknesses, I am able to correct the flaw. The video of you fighting at GJ HQ with Dr.D's armor showed me how to fix the problem." replied Wade. " Thank goodness." said Kim.

"Yeah! Go Pain King!" cheered Ron. Kim let out a sigh, "When can you get the suit ready?" she asked. Wade replied, " Perhaps this afternoon."

"Okay, let me know if there's anything up. Please and thank you!" Kim replied, turning off the Kimmunicator.

Dr.Drakken's lab

"Dr.Drakken! What's going on with you!?" cried one of the synthodrones. Dr.Drakken, no, another advance synthodrone to form of Dr.Drakken and started destroying all the other synthodrones. " NO! HAVE MERCY!!!!" cried one synthodrone as Dr.Drakken took out a stake and pierce every single one of the synthodrone in the chest. "DR.DRAKKEN DIED A LONG TIME AGO!!! YEE HAAHAHAHAHA!!!" cried the advance synthodrone.


Synthodrone NO.572 manage to send an SOS message to Kim Possible's website but he was then shut down after being pierced by the stake. Dr.Drakken, laughed villainly as he exited his lab.

Possible's residence

Beep! Beep! Be-beep!

Kim, glance at the clock and realize that it was 3 in the afternoon before answering her Kimmunicator. " What's the sitch Wade?" asked Kim.

"Kim! We received a distress call from an unknown person but guess where he is." Wade replied.


"Dr.Drakken's lab. It could be a synthodrone but I can't tell because the signal dissapeared as soon as it arrives." answered Wade. Kim rubbed her chin and thought long and hard. " All right, we'll be there. If its a trap, then they will still lose anyway. " said Kim, she grabbed Ron's shoulder and signal him to go. " Let's go Ron, time's a-wastin! " said Kim. In return Ron smiled and pat his pocket where his GJ buckle is kept. While Kim ran up to get change, Ron took out the card Dr.Director gave him and took a closer look at it.

Dr.Drakken's lab

The mutated Dr.Drakken sat in his destroyed lab with lots of icky goo around the area. When he smiles, his teeth poked out like crocodiles. "Come on, Kim Possible...I await your prescence..." it said.


"Wow, what ever happen to Dr.D's lab?" Ron asked. Stepping into the room he crouched down so as to secure the perimeter for Kim. As he gave Kim the thumbs up, Kim, in her brand new super suit, entered the room.

"Whats there to hide? Miss Kim Possible!?"

Kim and Ron both gasped as they do not believe at what they are seeing. " What did you do to the REAL Dr.Drakken!? " Kim ordered. Ron butt in, "Yeah! Where is HE!?" he demanded. The creature, or synthodrone or Dr.Drakken, grinned. " Ooh, he is the middle of nowhere." it said. Raising up his large fist, he slammed it down to the ground where Kim and Ron were suppose to be. "Rufus! Buckle!" Ron ordered. Rufus, place the buckle as he usually does and Ron inserted a card. Landing to the concrete floor he pulled the trigger. "TRANSFORM!" he commanded.

Light shone from Ron's buckle as he begins transforming to his armour. Kim, on the other hand, fought with the new Dr.Drakken with her power up suit.


"Kim! Let me have him!" Ron shouted when Kim was still fighting with Dr.Drakken. Kim gave Ron an opening at the synthodrone's face so Ron took that oppurtunity. He dashes with lightning speed and punch Dr.Drakken in the face, hard. The synthodrone's neck twisted and soon he collaspe. "Well, aint that easy." said Ron, but then the synthodrone stood up and re-twisted his head back. " Not so soon, whose name always escapes me. " Dr.Drakken said. The synthodrone grabs Kim by the neck and flings her across the room and gave Ron a kick under his chin that sends him flying up and away. Kim hit her head onto the wall in collision and was knocked out.

"Wuahhaahaha, somebody stop me!" quoted the synthodrone with a little voice of 'The Mask'. He broke a metal pipe and walked towards Kim. Ron, immediately made speared the synthodrone and pushed him away from Kim. " You're dealing with me punk. " said Ron, and he launch a punch at the synthodrone's stomach. The synthodrone withdrew itself and Ron, drew out a card from the armour's suit. He slashes it to his sword and a voice was heard. " Absorb Queen..." Ron took out another card and slashes it. A voice was heard, " FUSION KING! "

Ron's armor began to glow in golden as the cards from his deck arise and floated around him. It then combines with Ron's armour to create a much more powerful armour. Ron's old sword transform into a new and bigger golden blade with blue patterns at the blade's center. The synthodrone recovered from his pain and charges at Ron with the metal bar he held earlier. "YEARGH!!!" it cried.

Automatically, Ron drew out another 5 cards and slot them into his card slot at his blade. A voice then said, " Ace, 10, Jack, Queen, King...ROYAL STRAIGHT FLASH!!"

Ron, lifting up his sword that began to glow brightly, charges at the synthodrone. Both clash and a big bang happened. "NOOOOO!!!!" cried the synthodrone.


Ron, walked out of the lab and into the jet boat Wade had provided them. He steered Kim and himself back to Middleton. Rufus got out of his pocket and began to sunbathe. "Rufus! No fair!" said Ron. Darn, my stomach hurts a lot after that battle. thought Ron. Nothing but a good grande size nacho will do the trick! he continued." BOOYA! " cheered Ron. So, the journey ends for this chapter. If you want to read more about this story, please send in reviews. I will continue making new stories cause, well, we still have Shego stuck in Senor Island and also the dissapearence of Dr. Drakken.