Chapter 3 : Rise and Fall...then rise again.

Possible's residence

As Kim opened her eyes, her back aches like rocks being thrown at her but still she gather her strength and sat up from her bed. She notice that she was in her room after her vision became clear to her and she muster up all of her might just to get out of bed but the pain was somewhat screaming to Kim, telling her not to move. She collaspe to the ground once but then got up again, swaggering but she corrected her posture and continued to walk. Her head ached so bad till she had to hold onto the wall as she walk.

"Uh...what happened?" Kim asked herself. Ron, her boyfriend was watching TV in her spacious living room. With her head still thumping like a bomb, she did not bother to greet Ron and she collapse to the floor again. THUMP!

Ron, turning away from his pleasure he gets from watching TV, got up and hurry to Kim. "Kim? Are you okay?" he asked. He held Kim with his right arm under Kim's back and while kneeling, his left hand hold Kim's left hand. "Kim? Arghh! Mr. Possible!!" cried Ron. His voice echoed the house but then Kim shushed him. Kim look into Ron's eye and ponder about the new armour that Global Justice had given Ron in order to maintain justice.It seems that what Ron is doing is more to protecting Kim and least caring about the safety of the world but soon, Kim's head ached like a thunderous clap hence she collapse. Kim's dad, rushed to Ron where he called Dr.Possible and immediately he got down to his knees. " Kimmie-cub? What happened?" he asked softly.Ron handed Kim over to her father and he got up. Ron's heart,beating like a drum and curious of what's wrong with Kim but he told himself to be strong at heart.

Kim's dad took Kim's body temperature at Kim's bedroom with the thermormeter and sighed. Ron, still not knowing the situation asked Kim's dad for the problem. "Is there a problem with Kim? Mr. Possible?" asked a meekly Ron. Kim's dad turning to Ron, bent down so he could whisper to Ron's ear. " Kim is just tired. Let her rest..." whispered Dr.Dad possible. Ron breathe a sigh of relief, and Dr.Dad Possible smiled.

Beep! Beep! Be-Beep!

Ron quickly grabbed Kim's kimmunicator in Kim's room and ran into the toilet so he can answer it. "Whaddap Wade?" Ron ask softly, so soft even Wade had to increase the volume in his computer but to no avail Wade took his microphone and began to talk. "What's with the whispering Ron?" Wade asked, but then Ron hushed Wade and signal him to keep quiet.Ron then took his time to explain Kim's health condition to Wade and he nodded.

"If you don't mind, may I have a check at Kim?"Wade asked. Ron, believing Wade as much as he does for Kim gave thumbs up at Wade and held the Kimmunicator close to Kim's body. A red bulb popped out of the Kimmunicator and it releases infrared to scan Kim's body. Wade, with his specialty with his latest computer typed like a madman and once he is done, the red bulb turn off automatically and return to the Kimmunicator. Ron wondered how could Wade possibly put every cool stuff inside the Kimmunicator but then shook his head and promised himself to stop thinking about unuseful things. "Ron, we have a problem." said Wade finally, Ron's fears came back with full of curiousity and asked, "What is it?" Wade's face became very serious, "It seems Kim is having a specially cultured disease. A disease that somehow weakens the immune system like the Human Immunodeficiency Virus but this is rather special."

"Why is it special?" Ron asked.Sweats began to drip down from Wade's chin, he look up at Ron from his computer screen and gave a small grin. "This virus, has a big symbol of Dr.D. This shows that Dr.Drakken is behind this synthodrone." explained Wade but then was cut off by Ron," Wait, doesnt that spell for Dr.Dementor also?" asked Ron. Wade scracth his forehead and gave a long thought at this but before Wade could give anymore thought, Kim started to scream in pain.Ron,rose to his feet and went to tend to Kim but Kim's body temperature was too hot till Ron could not even touch her.

"WADE! DO SOMETHING!!" cried Ron in despair. Ron witness Kim's body turn and twitch as if being possesed by something.Kim's father and mother came hurrily to the room but could not touch her as well. " We have to get her to the hospital immediately!" said Kim's mother, her voice was very worried and this made Ron wanting to do something too.Jim and Tim peeped into the room and was afraid that something bad is going to happen to Kim."Jim! Tim! Call the ambulance immediately!" Kim's mother ordered.Without thinking much, both of them hurried to the house phone.But then,the unthinkable happened, the entire family of the Possible clan suddenly felt an unbearble pain in their chest and soon, one by one they collaspe. No matter who or where, each person with the name of Possible fall by the power of the special virus.

Shaking like a leaf, Ron sweats fall to the floor of the Possible house and he fell to his knees. The smell of death in the house was absolutely horrible so Ron, ran out of the house with Kim's Kimmunicator. He ran back to his house and lock himself in his own room, fell to the floor and cried. "No, whats going on?" Ron stammered, the room was only filled with the sound of his sob but he then put his left hand in his pocket and felt the buckle that Global Justice had given him.

Beep! Beep! be-beep!

The Kimmunicator rang as loud as possible, filling the room with good news and a soothing atmosphere for Ron because it proves that he still can rely on Wade. At once he took the Kimmunicator on the floor with lightning speed and answered it. "Wade...,what's up?" Ron asked, rubbing his tears away. Wade appeared on the screen with his face, "Ron! We got big trouble!" Wade said.

"If it is about all the other people with the word 'Possible' in the family name, I know." Ron replied. Wade took another sigh, " No, its not about that. Its just that there's something or some sort of aura coming out of your body. Perhaps if you can come over to my house and I will give you a check up." Wade concluded. Smiling, Ron agrees and he immediately took off from his house with the Kimmunicator in his hand. Its time for the Ron-dude to step up into the field...thought Ron.

Wade's home


"Wade!? Are you there?" Ron cried aloud. Soon, the opened and there was Wade...sort of. " Good day to you, Mr. Ronald. Master Wade is waiting for you in his room. Would you care for a drink?" said the robot waiter. It allows Ron to enter the living room and showed him the way to Wade's room. " This is Master Wade's room, sir. If you require any assistance just let me know and I will attend to your needs." said the robot, giving a gesture to let Ron in. " Cool...wait, this aint the right time to be dangling around." said Ron, and he knocks on Wade's door.

" RON! " cried Wade as he opened the door. Delighted and happy Ron shook hands with Wade and they both sat down next to Wade's CPU. " Wade, is there anything you can do about Kim's condition?" asked Ron, his heart beating faster now, hoping for a good answer. Wade, looking at his computer and stared at it for awhile then turned to Ron. " Ron, you have been with Kim for quite a long time compare to the others...It is possible you might have special genes that could counter this special virus whoever this Dr. D create. Perhaps i could get 2 of the best doctors from around the world to help me in this." Wade continued.


Knock-knock! The door knocked and Wade went to open the door while Ron waited in anticipation.

"Ahh, its been so long! How are you...Dr.Gregory House?" Wade asked. The man, slightly built and carries a walking cane entered the room with his suitcase. "Yes, Wade. It certainly has, now, what did you call me all the way down here for?"Dr. House asked. Before Wade could answer Dr. House, a helicopter landed on Wade's roof. "Wade!? There's somebody on our rooftop!" shouted Wade's mother. Thump! Another man jumped off Wade's roof and came through the open window in Wade's room. "Yes! Dr. Black Jack is in DA House!" cheered Wade.

Ron's faced twitched as Dr. Black Jack walk across the room to shake hands with Dr. House. Dr. Black Jack, had a scar on his face and a weird combination of black and white hair made Ron scratch his face. Even Rufus was afraid of Dr. Black Jack face and hid inside of Ron's pockets. "So, whats the problem this time Wade? I didnt fly all the way from Japan for nothing you know." asked Dr. Black Jack, placing his suitcase on the table.

Turning to Ron Stoppable, Wade rubbed his chin. " He is our problem doctors. So lets get down to business..." Wade continued.