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This is originally fan art but I just made it this way. You know. The reading type instead of comic type. If you want to know the site for the comic type, don't need to. Every ending of the story, the site will be there okay? Arigatou! This is just like last time but this is all Naruto Fandom 1.


Once upon a time, the Naruto characters discover fandom…and…

-Sakura discovered that her love life was very…interesting…and that nothing in fandom is impossible.

(shows Kakashi and Sakura)

(shows Itachi and Sakura)

(shows Neji and Sakura)

(and at last…shows Chiyo and Sakura.) :P

-Hinata discovered fanfiction…and that she had been paired up with every character in the series…including her complete family, distant cousins, snake crazy psychos…and the Team mascot…

(shows Hinata shivering or looking sick)

HINATA: C…cannot…sleep, fandom will eat me…

KIBA: What the-

SHINO: Don't ask…


-Ino never thought she would be watching this when Sai asked her if she wanted to see his "art" collection.


(shows Sasuke holding Naruto's face)

(shows Sasuke putting a hand around Naruto)

SAI: My favorite is SasuNaru, because Naruto-kun issooo cute as the uke! And my collection includes video, games…

INO: Uhm…interesting…is that physically possible?!

(shows Ino and Sai)

(shows Sai holding a piece of paper in front of Ino.)

-Tenten discovers crack

(shows Tenten laughing hard.)

NEJI: My Hyuuga senses indicate she is laughing about something that features us as the main joke…

LEE: Uh?

TENTEN: Even Gai-sensei is here!!!! I have to see this!!!

(shows Tenten looking at the computer with some words that I don't understand around her.)

TENTEN: OMG!!! MY EYES!!!!!!!!!

-And Tobi…Tobi discovers the most dangerous thing in fandom…FORUMS!!!

TOBI: Deidara-sempai is a girl???!

(shows Deidara spitting water at Itachi.)

DEIDARA: What did you just call me?!

TOBI: Don't kill Tobi! Tobi is a good boy!!!

DEIDARA: Good boy my ass!!!

(shows Deidara strangling Tobi)

(shows Itachi wiping the spit of Deidara)

-Finally, Itachi…saw the unthinkable…

(shows Kisame+Itachi)

ITACHI: I can understand Uhihcest, me harassing Naruto-kun, even crack sex with the pink haired girl…BUT MAKING ME KISAME'S UKE???!!!!

shows Itachi looking very bad

ITACHI: Hello? National Assistance for Abused characters? It is I, Itachi…yes, it me again. I have a compl…yes, AGAIN. What? Yes, I'll hold…

(shows Itachi holding the phone)

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