The year is 2005. In a yet uncharted region of space, the monster planet Unicron makes his rounds, searching for his next meal, when he spies the planet Lithone, and begins to move towards it.

         Meanwhile, on Lithone itself, its citizens go on with their lives, unaware of the monstrosity that is rapidly coming their way. Arblus and Kranix, Litonian scientists, make their way back to the lab, bringing with them some chemicals.

         "So," Arblus began, "What are we working on today?"

         "I don't know," Kranix replied, "The doctor hasn't told us yet." They entered the lab, where the doctor was waiting for them.

         "Did you bring what I asked for?" the doctor asked.

         "Yes sir, we did." Kranix replied as he handed the chemicals to the doctor, who set them down on the table. He began to walk away, but the ground began to shake violently.

         "What a time for seismic activity." Arblus sarcastically mentioned.

         "I don't think it's seismic activity," Kranix worryingly began, going to the view screen, the image that appeared shocked him. "Arblus, look!" he exclaimed as his two comrades rushed towards him, "It's Unicron!"

         "That's not possible!" Arblus said in disbelief, "Unicron is only a legend!"

         "He seems real now!" Kranix shouted.

         Meanwhile, Unicron has impaled the planet with his horns and is bringing it towards his mouth, sucking up many Lithonians and buildings in the process.

         Back on the planets surface, Kranix and Arblus are trying to rally the panicked citizens. "The ships!" Arblus exclaimed, "Get to the ships! It's our only chance!" The remaining Lithonians ran as fast as they could to the ships.  They got into their ships and took off as soon as Unicron had finished devouring the planet. The survivors thought they'd get away, but they couldn't be more wrong. Unicron began sucking the ships in as sort of an after dinner snack. Arblus' ships was one of the ones to be devoured. "Kranix! ARRRRRRRRGH!" was all he could get out before his ship was devoured. Kranix managed to get away, and is the only survivor of this tragedy. Unicron, however, has a different reaction.

         "There." He said, "That should provide me enough energy to reach Cybertron." He then flew off in the distance, towards his target: Cybertron.

         TIME: That very moment. PLACE: Cybertron. Things have not gone well for the Autobots, either. They have lost to the Decepticons, who have retaken Cybertron, and now plot from what they think are secret bases on Cybertron's moons. Little do they know, however, that the Decepticons have discovered their bases, and have sent Laserbeak to spy on them. He makes his way towards the main Autobot headquarters on Moonbase One, where he finds Autobot leader Optimus Prime and his fellow Autobot Brawn. Laserbeak begins to record as Optimus begins talking.

         "Brawn," Prime begins, "Report to me at once!"

         "This is a waste, Prime!" Brawn angrily responded, "We should be out there kicking some Decepticon rear, not looking in monitors!"

         "Brawn," Prime began, "I want you to lead a group making a special run to Autobot City on Earth."

         "But Prime!" Brawn exclaimed, "I'm one of our best warriors! Just send me to Cybertron, and I'll have it back for us in a matter of astroseconds!"

         "Listen, Brawn!" Prime exclaimed back, "We don't have enough energon to launch a full scale assault, that is why I'm sending you to Autobot city. No go and prepare for launch."

         "Whatever, Prime." Brawn said as he ran out of the room towards the shuttle, not in the best of moods.

         Prime activated a communicator, which got him in touch with Hot Rod and Kup on another side of the Moonbase. "Hot Rod," Prime began, "Report the security status."

         "No problems here, Prime." Hot Rod replied.

         "How about Moonbase Two?" Prime asked.

         "I'll find out." Hot Rod said as he established communications with Moonbase Two. "Hot Rod to Moonbase Two, anyone respond."

         "Spike and Bumblebee here, Hot Rod." Spike replied.

         "We're about to launch the shuttle," Hot Rod began, "Any Decepticon activity in your area?"

         "We're all clear here, Hot Rod." Bumblebee replied as Spike pressed some buttons on his computer console to communicate with the shuttle.

         "Hey, Brawn." Spike said, "When you get down there, tell my son Daniel that I miss him, and that I'll see him soon."

         "Sure, whatever, Spike." Brawn said, still not thrilled on the mission given to him.

         "Kup." Prime began, "Begin the countdown."

         "Five, four, three, two, one… Blast off!" Kup shouted as the shuttle blasts off.

         Prime stands alone in the main control room. "Now all we need is a little energon," he said to himself, "And a whole lot of luck." After hearing this, Laserbeak takes off.

         TIME: A few moments later. PLACE: Decepticon HQ. Megatron stands with Shockwave, Soundwave, and Starscream awaiting Laserbeak's return.

         "Laserbeak returns, Megatron." Shockwave announced.

         "Welcome, Laserbeak!" Megatron said before looking at Starscream, "Unlike some of my OTHER warriors, YOU never fail me! Soundwave! Play back Laserbeak's findings!"

         "As you command, Megatron." Soundwave said as both he and Laserbeak transformed, and Soundwave played back the findings until the end.

         "You'll need more luck than you can imagine, Prime!" Megatron shouted, "Decepticons! Prepare to leave!"

         "Wait Megatron!" Shockwave said, "I wish to accompany you on this mission. I am sick of staying here on Cybertron!"

         "As you wish, Shockwave." Megatron replied.

         "Excellent." Shockwave thought to himself, "My plan to take over command of the Decepticons, though in it's early stages, is going perfectly!"

         TIME: A few moments later. PLACE: Autobot shuttle. Autobots Warpath, Bluestreak, Red Alert, and Brawn are piloting the shuttle towards Earth when an explosion rocks the ship.

         "What was that?" Bluestreak asked.

         "I dunno," Brawn replied, "But it don't sound good!" Megatron and the rest of his Decepticon forces then enter the shuttle.

         "Megatron!" Warpath exclaimed as he got up from his seat and ran towards the Decepticon forces, "Decepticons!"

         "Die, Autobots!" Megatron yelled as he transformed and entered Starscream's waiting hands. Starscream aimed Megatron towards Warpath and fired. The shot went strait through Warpath's chest and he fell over. Bluestreak then got up from his seat and fired towards the Decepticons. Soundwave returned fire, and stuck Bluestreak in the chest, and he fell over as well. Red Alert stood up and began firing, but almost all the Decepticons returned his fire. He was stuck many times before finally falling. Brawn got up, and ran towards the Decepticons.

         "Bring it on, you gutless, cowards!" Brawn exclaimed as he ran toward Starscream. Starscream aimed Megatron, and shot Brawn in the shoulder. Brawn fell over and Megatron transformed.

         "That was almost too easy, Starscream!" Megatron said as Soundwave, Ramjet, Thrust, and Shrapnel took control of the shuttle.

         "Much easier, Megatron," Starscream replied, "Than destroying the real threat, the Autobots' Mooonbases!"

         "You're an idiot, Starscream!" Megatron shouted, "After we destroy the main stronghold of Autobot City, then the Autobots will be vanquished forever!"

         "No!" Brawn shouted as he picked himself off the floor.

         "Such heroic nonsense." Megatron said as he aimed his cannon towards Brawn. Before he could fire, though, Shockwave stopped him.

         "Don't soil your hands any more, almighty Megatron." Shockwave said, "Let me handle him." Shockwave raised his gun arm, aimed, and fired. The blast went strait through Brawn and he fell over, never to rise again.

         "Nice shot, Shockwave." Megatron said, "Now, let's get going!"

         "Well, Megatron," Shockwave thought to himself, "How ironic that you think I have a nice shot, because you just might be the next one to take it!"

         TIME: that very moment. PLACE: A pond near Autobot City. Autobot Sideswipe sits with Spike's son Daniel when he notices that he isn't in the best of moods. "What's wrong, little buddy?" he asks.

         "I dunno, Sideswipe," Daniel began, "I guess I just miss my dad."

         "Don't worry." Sideswipe said, "Spike will be back as soon as…" Before he can finish, he is interrupted by a loud beeping noise. Daniel pulls a portable radar out and gets a happy look on his face.

         "The shuttles coming!" Daniel shouts as he runs towards his hoverboard, "C'mon, Sideswipe! Let's go watch it land!"

         "Talk about boring." Sideswipe says, "But if it makes you happy, let's do it." Sideswipe looks around, but can't see Daniel anywhere. He looks in the distance, and sees him a long ways away. "Man, all this excitement over a shuttle landing?" he asked himself as hew started to run after Daniel. Daniel was avoiding bushes and rocks that were in his way, but crashes into a rock. It looks like he's about to eat the dirt when  Sideswipe catches him.

         "Why ride on that dinky thing, Daniel," Sideswipe said, transforming, "When you could ride in this?" Sideswipe sped off in the direction off Lookout Point. In their way, however, were Ironhide and his construction crew, Smokescreen, Huffer, Hound, and Sunstreaker. Ironhide was directing a move. "A little to the left, a little more… Perfect!" he said as his crew ran off. "What's wrong with you guys?!?" he shouted as he looked behind him and saw Sideswipe speeding towards him. He dove out of the way just in time to avoid getting run down. "Sorry about that!" Sideswipe yelled as he sped off. Ironhide stood up and looked angrily at Sideswipe as he sped off in the distance. "Watch where you're going next time, you speed freak!" he yelled, but Sideswipe couldn't hear him. At this point, Sideswipe had arrived at Lookout Point, and Daniel ran eagerly towards the viewing goggles as Sideswipe transformed. He took one look in the goggles, however, and his excitement turned into fear.

         "Sideswipe!" he exclaimed, "There's a hole in the shuttle!"

         "What?!?" Sideswipe asked surprisingly, looking toward the shuttle, "Let me take a look… Decepticons!" Sideswipe began to fire at the shuttle.

         Sideswipe's actions have not gone unnoticed. Ironhide and his crew have stopped work to see the landing, and have now seen Sideswipe fire at it. "What's that damned fool doing now?!?" Ironhide yelled, running toward Lookout Point, "Stay here, I'm going to check this out!"

         Meanwhile, Sideswipe has hit one of the engines, and the shuttle begins to explode, drawing out the Decepticons. "Attack!" Megatron exclaims as his warriors transform and begin to attack. All of his warriors, that is, except one. Shockwave lands on a nearby ridge and watches the action unfold.

         "Now then," Shockwave thought to himself, "I think I'll just stay here for a while and just let the others do all the dirty work, for I have to move into phase two of my plan."

         Megatron has spotted Sideswipe and Daniel on Lookout Point. "Those look like easy enough targets." He thought as he fired his cannon. Sideswipe grabbed Daniel and leapt out of the way seconds before the blast obliterated Lookout Point. Sideswipe, still holding Daniel, slid down to the base of the mountain, thinking, at least for now that he's avoided the Decepticons. His hopes were dashed when Decepticon Blitzwing landed right below him.


         "Come on down, Auto-Brat," Blitzwing said as he transformed. "And let's have some fun!" Blitzwing aimed at Sideswipe, and was about to fire. Ironhide showed up a distance away and saw what was going down. "I've got to get there!" Ironhide thought as he transformed and sped towards them. He transformed again and leapt onto Blitzwing, lifting his tank barrel in the air seconds before he shot. The blast barely missed Sideswipe and Daniel, and instead hit Decepticon Bombshell, who the fell to the earth and kept tumbling until colliding with Blitzwing. Ironhide leapt away right before Bombshell and Blitzwing collided, causing both Decepticons to tumble down the mountain. Sideswipe leapt down to where Ironhide was, still clutching Daniel.

         "Not bad, for an old timer like you." Sideswipe jokingly said.

         "We don't have time for jokes, Sideswipe." Ironhide said seriously, "This is more serious than anything we've ever encountered. We have to get back to the city before the Decepticons use our hides for target practice."

         "But what about the others?" Daniel asked, "What happened to them."

         "Oh, shit!" Ironhide exclaimed, "I forgot all about them! C'mon Sideswipe! Get your ass in gear, we have to hurry!" Sideswipe and Ironhide took off running and didn't stop until they reached the construction site, and what they saw there horrified them.

         "This can't be happening."  Ironhide said as he dropped to his knees, the entire crew had been slaughtered.

         "Ironhide…" Sideswipe began, but before he could get the next sentence out Ironhide stopped him.

         "Whatever it is, Sideswipe," Ironhide said, getting up, "It can wait until we get to the city. There's nothing we can do out here. We have to…" But before he could finish, Sideswipe interrupted him.

         "Look out, Ironhide!" Sideswipe said, pulling Ironhide out the way of blasts fired at him by Starscream, "Let's get the hell out of here!" The two Autobots transformed, with Daniel inside Sideswipe, and sped toward the city.

         TIME: That very moment. PLACE: Autobot City. Perceptor stands in the city, observing the raging battle, When Autobots Prowl, Jazz, Blurr, and Arcee pull up beside him and transform.

         "Not looking to good out there, is it, Perceptor?" Prowl asked.

         "No, it's not," Perceptor grimly stated, "Our chances of victory are miniscule, Most of our forces have been slaughtered, and my analysis shows that, according to Decepticon numbers, we suffer a massive deficiency."

         "On other words, Perceptor?" Prowl asked, but Jazz answered for him.

         "We're screwed." Jazz stated. Prowl was about to respond, but saw Starscream off in the distance.

         "Get down, everyone!" Prowl shouted as everyone dropped to the floor, barely avoiding Starscream's shots. Prowl was the first one to get back up, and began to give orders. "Jazz," he began, "You take Arcee and the two of you transform the city. Perceptor, go tell Blaster to radio Prime. And Blurr, you come with me, we're going to rally the survivors."

         "Sure no problem with me there, let's get going then" Blurr responded as he and Prowl sped off in the other direction. Perceptor then left to go tell Blaster, leaving Jazz and Arcee alone.

         "C'mon, Arcee." Jazz said, trying to get Arcee to move, "We've got to transform the city before the Decepticons make their big move!"

         "But I think Sideswipe, Ironhide, and his crew are still outside the city!" Arcee replied, "We can't just leave them out there!"

         "We have no choice." Jazz replied, dragging Arcee away, "We have to get that city transformed NOW!" They tried to make their way to the transformation controls, but were being hounded by Decepticon fire. They finally made it to the chamber and began the transformation process, Which Megatron notices.

         "They're starting the Transformation process!" Megatron yelled, "Insecticons! Breech their defenses!" Insecticons Shrapnel and Kickback made their way to the main entrance of the city and began to eat away the door.

         "Delicious, eh, Shrapnel?" Kickback asks.

         "Nah," Shrapnel replied, "I've had better." In the distance, Sideswipe and Ironhide race toward the city. The bridge to the city begins to pull away from the entrance, pulling Kickback with it.

         "Oh great," Ironhide said, "Those Insecticons are in our way!"

         "Wrong," Sideswipe replied, "They're our way in!" Sideswipe increased his speed and jumped the bridge, ramming Shrapnel in the process. Kickback pulled himself up to the bridge just in time to Ironhide drive over his head, Ironhide also jumped the bridge and was inside the city.

         Meanwhile, Blaster sits in the communications center of the city, firing at anything that looks like a Decepticon, when Perceptor interrupts him.

         "Blaster!" Perceptor said, "We've got problems here!"

         "Really?" Blaster questioned sarcastically, "What gave you that idea?"

         "This is no time for jokes." Perceptor stated, "Prowl gives you the orders to contact Prime on Moonbase One."

         "Alright then," Blaster said, transforming and hooking himself up to the communications panel. "Stand back and let me handle this. Prime? Prime? Do you read me? This is Blaster calling from Autobot City on Earth. The Decepticons are slaughtering us! We could really use some help down here!"

         Outside, Megatron picks up the message and wants it stopped. "Soundwave!" he yelled, "Jam that transmission!"

         "As you command, Megatron." Soundwave responded, "Rumble, Frenzy, eject. Operation: Interference. The two Decepticon tapes ejected, transformed, and destroyed the Autobot communications dish.

         "Now then," Rumble said, activating his piledrivers, "Let's have some fun with these guys!" The glass broke due the pounding, and the two Decepticons attacked Perceptor.

         "Perceptor!" Blaster shouted, "Let me get Eject and Rewind…"

         "No help is needed, Blaster," Perceptor said as he grabbed the two smaller Decepticons in his hands, "I believe I have a firm grip on this situation." He then proceeded to throw the two Decepticons through a nearby window.

         "That was pretty nice." Blaster said.

         "Thank you." Perceptor replied, "But do you think you got through to Prime?"

         "I hope I did." Blaster said, "Because if I didn't, we're all dead…"

         Meanwhile, Jazz and Arcee have gone to the artillery bay to try to get a counter attack going. Jazz goes strait to pushing a missile launcher into place, while Arcee was dragging in the bodies of fellow Autobots Springer and Ultra Magnus.

         "C'mon, Arcee." Jazz said, "If we don't get this launcher into place and start retaliating, Megatron's gonna run roughshod all over us!" Arcee went over to help Jazz push the launcher, but it was too heavy for them.

         "This is great." Jazz said, "What else could go wrong?"

         "Don't give up, Jazz, old buddy," Ironhide said as he, Sideswipe, and Daniel entered the room, "We're here to help!" The four of them got the launcher into place quick. Daniel went to look out the window, and what he saw shocked.

         "Constructicons!" Megatron shouted, "Merge for the kill!"

         "Ironhide! Sideswipe! Look!" Daniel shouted as the Constructicons merged.

         "Devastator." Ironhide said, "Just what we needed to see."

         "I don't know about you guys," Jazz began as he loaded a missile into the launcher, "But on my list of favorite things to, dieing ranks dead last!" Jazz loaded the missile and fired it toward Devastator, who shrugged it off. Jazz launched another one, with the same result, Devastator ripped a side of the wall down, and threw it towards the artillery bay. The four Autobots and Daniel barely got away.

         "Well," Sideswipe began, "That didn't go very well."

         "Only one thing left to do, guys." Jazz said.

         "And what would that be?" Arcee asked.

         "We go down and enter combat with the Decepticons." Jazz replied, "At least then it can be said we died fighting."

         "Beats doing nothing," Ironhide said, "Let's do it."

         "You're gonna be safe here, kiddo." Sideswipe said to Daniel, "We're not going to let any of those Decepticons in here."

         "Alright, Sideswipe." Daniel said, "Good luck."

         "We're gonna need a lot more than luck." Jazz stated, "Well, let's get going." The four Autobots then left. The fighting in the city lasted throughout the night into the next morning, until it looked like the Autobots were actually defeated.

         "Their defenses are broken!" Megatron shouted, "Let the slaughter begin!" He raised his cannon to fire, but the he looked up, and saw something he didn't want to see. "No!" Megatron shouted, "That can't be!"

         On a nearby ridge, Shockwave, too, has seen what Megatron has seen. "This is not good!" Shockwave said to himself, "My plan does not include Prime's arrival! This must be dealt with… Immediately!" Shockwave flew off into the direction of the city.

         Meanwhile, In the coming shuttle, Optimus Prime sits with Cliffjumper, Wheeljack, and the Dinobots, Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl, and Swoop. "I just hope we're not to late." Prime said, "Dinobots! Go down there and help the other Autobots!"

         "Whatever you say, Optimus Prime." Grimlock said as the five Dinobots transformed and leapt out of the shuttle.

         "Wheeljack, can you find us a place to land?" Prime asked.

         "I already beat you to it, Prime." Wheeljack said, "I've found an empty landing pad nearby. Let's bring her down, Cliffjumper." The shuttle lands, and the three Autobots step out. Prime takes one look at the situation and sighs.

         "I don't believe this happened." Prime said in disbelief, "Megatron… MUST be stopped… No matter the cost. I'm going in."

         "We'll accompany you, Prime!" Cliffjumper said.

         "He has a point, Prime." Wheeljack said, "Taking on all those Decepticons all by yourself would be suicide!"

         "No." Prime replied, transforming, "I must do this myself. You two go help out the others in the city!"

         "But Prime!" Cliffjumper yelled, "Not even you can handle all those Decepticons by yourself!"

         "Watch me." Prime said, speeding away. Cliffjumper ran after him, but Wheeljack stopped him.

         "Leave him be." Wheeljack said, "Let's just go help the others." Wheeljack and Cliffjumper ran off into the city.

         Meanwhile, Prime continued his roll through the city in search of Megatron, but in his way were Thundercracker and Skywarp. "Hey look, Skywarp." Thundercracker said, "It's Prime. Let's blow him away!" Prime transformed into robot mode and charged toward the two Decepticons. He ran up to Skywarp and shot him point blank range in the chest. He then turned to Thundercracker, who was cowering with fear and began to run away, but Prime grabbed his wing and pulled Thundercracker towards him. He then ripped the wing off, grabbed his head, and with as much force as he could, slam it into a wall. He let Thundercracker's body drop, and turned around to find Megatron right there.

         "I never knew you were so violent, Prime." Megatron said with a smile.

         ""That doesn't matter, Megatron." Prime said, "All that matters is that one of us shall stand, and one shall fall!"

         "If that is what you wish Prime, then so be it!" Megatron yelled, "But you will be the one doing the falling!" Megatron charged toward Prime, and the two began their final battle.

         Meanwhile, in another part of the city, Wheeljack and Cliffjumper run into Prowl, Sideswipe, Ironhide, and Blurr who are blasting at various Decepticons.

         "How are we doing? Wheeljack asked.

         "We're holding our own." Prowl replied between gunshots, "But just barely. Hey, where's Prime?"

         "He went off to confront Megatron." Cliffjumper answered.

         "All by himself?" Sideswipe asked, "He'll get slaughtered! I've got to go help him!" He took off running in Prime's  direction.

         "No Sideswipe!" Ironhide yelled, "That's Prime's fight, you stay out of it!" Sideswipe was already to far away to hear Ironhide's warning. He made it to the scene of Prime and Megatron's fight. It looked as if Megatron had the upper hand, but with one quick throw, the tide had turned. Prime grabbed his gun, intent on finishing the job.

         "This can't be!" Megatron thought to himself, "I can't let Prime beat me in my moment of glory!" It was then that Megatron noticed a gun lying on the floor and he reached for it.

         Sideswipe had seen all this from his vantage point, and had decided now was the time to intervene. "Not today, Megatron!" Sideswipe exclaimed as he reached for the gun.

         "Out of the way, Sideswipe!" Prime exclaimed as he tried to get a good shot in on Megatron without hurting Sideswipe.

         Megatron easily overpowered Sideswipe and put him in a headlock. He grabbed the gun and began firing multiple times at Prime until he finally slumped over. He tossed Sideswipe aside and walked to Prime, who struggled to a knee. Megatron raised the gun to Prime's head, and a smile came onto his battered body.

         "How long I have waited for this moment," Megatron happily said, "And now, it's finally here… It's over, Prime."

         Prime looked up at Megatron, and put all his strength into one remaining punch. "NEVER!" Prime exclaimed as he hit Megatron with so much for, he flew up and fell down several stories. Prime then slumped over, and Sideswipe ran over to him.

         "Oh shit,"  Sideswipe sadly began, "What have I done? Prime, forgive me."

         A group of Decepticons gathered, around Megatron's body, among them was Starscream.

         "Oh, how the mighty have fallen." Starscream said before turning to Astrotrain. "Astrotrain, transform and get us out of here." Astrotrain transformed and the Decepticons began to enter, some carrying the wounded. Soundwave stood by Megatron.

         "D… Don't leave me, Soundwave." Megatron pleaded.

         "Soundwave!" Starscream yelled, "We're leaving! Just leave that worthless pile of scrap there!" Soundwave looked at Megatron, and then at Starscream, and walked toward Astrotrain.

         "I can't die here alone…" Megatron thought as he lay there. All of a sudden, Shockwave landed right by him.

         "Let's get you out of here, Megatron." Shockwave said, picking Megatron up off the ground.

         "Thank you, Shockwave." Megatron weakly replied.

         "Prime's involvement didn't hurt my plan at all," Shockwave thought, "In fact, he helped it!" Shockwave entered Astrotrain, who took off for Cybertron soon after.

         TIME: A few moments later. PLACE: Med-lab. Perceptor checks on the status of Optimus Prime. Along with them are Autobots Prowl, Jazz, Sideswipe, Ironhide, Arcee, Blurr, Wheeljack, Cliffjumper, and Daniel. Perceptor finishes his analysis, transforms, and lowers his head. "I'm afraid these wounds are fatal." Perceptor says painfully. All the other Autobots get concerned looks on their faces. A few seconds pass, and Prime begins to speak.

         "All of you…" he says weakly, "Do not grieve for me, for I will always live on inside the Matrix. With my passing, it is now time for a new leader to be chosen. Prowl, it is to you, my old friend, that I will pass the Matrix onto, as I myself had it passed down to me."

         "But Prime," Prowl interrupted, "I'm but a mere strategist, I'm not worthy to lead the Autobots."

         "Nor was I, old friend," Prime replied weakly, "But one day, an Autobot will rise from the ranks, claim the Matrix, and use it's power to light our darkest hour." Prime opened his chest and removed the Matrix from it, and tried to hand it to Prowl, but dropped it before Prowl got his hands on it. Sideswipe caught it right before it hit the ground. When Sideswipe caught it, he felt a surge throughout his body. He brought the Matrix back up and handed it to Prowl, who the inserted it inside himself.

         "And now, my friends," Prime said weakly, "Use the power of the Matrix to light our darkest hour, and until that day, till all are one…" Prime's eyes flickered out and his body turned a light gray, his head slumped forward, and then he died. Daniel was crying uncontrollably at this point, and he hugged Sideswipe's leg and cried into it. Sideswipe looked down at him and rubbed his head, he had an equally sad look on his face.

                                                                             TO BE CONTINUED