The other Autobots have come out of hiding, only to find that their leader Prowl had been killed.

"Prowl…" Arcee began, "First Prime, then Prowl, what do we do now?"

"I'd really hate to make everyone feel worse at a time like this," Cliffjumper said, "But do any of you know what happened to the Matrix?"

"If I had to guess," Jazz replied, "I'd say Galvatron got his grubby little mitts on it and has it with him now."

"But what good will the Autobot Matrix do for a Decepticon?" Perceptor asked.

"Beats the hell out of me." Jazz said.

"Without the Matrix," Blurr began, "There is no hope for us, or ANY Autobot for that matter. It looks like the Decepticons may have finally won."

"We're not beaten yet!" Jazz said, "Let's just fix our ship and go whoop Galvatron's ass!"

"That sounds like a good idea and all," Blaster replied, "But what are the six of us going to do against the whole entire Decepticon army?"

"I don't know," Jazz said, "But we have to do SOMETHING, or else we've lost anyway."

"I'm with you Jazz!" Cliffjumper exclaimed, "We can't just sit here and do nothing, we have to at least try!"

"Hey guys!" Daniel yelled, pointing to the sky, "Something strange is coming our way!"

"What is that thing?" Blurr asked, "I mean, in all my years, I've never seen anything quite like this before! It's like a…"

"That's enough, Blurr!" Jazz interrupted, "It looks like it's about to land, so we'll find out what it is soon enough." The strange spacecraft landed, and the door to it opened. The Autobots prepared for the worst, but were surprised when Sideswipe, Ironhide, Wheeljack and the Dinobots stepped out of the shuttle.

"Sideswipe!" Jazz exclaimed, "Ironhide! Wheeljack! Grimlock! Slag! Sludge! Snarl! Swoop! We thought you guys all bought it! How'd you guys survive?"

"Long story." Sideswipe replied, "Where's Prowl? We have a lot to tell him."

"Just look down." Jazz replied, "Prowl's all over the place. We landed here to try to repair our battered shuttle, but Galvatron and the other Decepticons followed us here, and Prowl said he was going to use the Matrix. Well, from what I can guess, then Galvatron just annihilated Prowl and made off with the Matrix."

"So," Ironhide said sadly, "Galvatron has the Matrix."

"And with it," Wheeljack added, "Our hopes."

"No!" Sideswipe yelled, "It's not over yet! We have to get the Matrix back!"

"You see, there's the problem." Cliffjumper said, "We have no clue where either Galvatron or the Matrix are."

"I do." Sideswipe replied.

"How do you know?" Cliffjumper asked.

"I don't know." Sideswipe answered, "Just like before, I've got this feeling deep inside me that I know where the Matrix is."

Wheeljack bent down to examine Prowl's body parts that litter the ground. "You know," Wheeljack said, "I think I can fix him."

"That's impossible." Perceptor retorted, "I mean, just look at this! I We don't even have the technology to even think about repairing him!"

"You're right, Perceptor," Wheeljack replied, "We don't, but this shuttle does! Now if you'll give me a hand here, Perceptor, I think we can finish in good time."

"I'll try." Perceptor replied as he helped Wheeljack gather Prowl's parts and went into the shuttle to attempt repair.

"How do you think this will go?" Arcee asked, "Do you think they can bring him back?"

"I'd usually say, 'I hope so'," Jazz said, "But after all that's happened to us lately, I don't know if I'll ever be able to hope again."

Sideswipe walked up to Jazz. "You have to hope." Sideswipe told him, "Without it, we have no future."

"Without that Matrix," Ironhide began, "We'll have no future anyway."

"We'll get the Matrix back." Sideswipe said, "Believe me."

"As much as I hate to say this," Blaster began, "We'll have to deal with BOTH the Decepticons and that monster planet, and even when we had the Matrix, our victory chances we're slim. They're even smaller now."

"Small as they may be, Blaster," Sideswipe said, "We're going to try anyway."

"Yeah, I mean what's the point in not trying?" Blurr asked, "I mean trying and failing is better than not trying at all, right?"

"Exactly, Blurr." Sideswipe replied, "Now let's stop talking about our chances and start talking strategy!"

Time passes, the door to the shuttle opens, and Wheeljack and Perceptor step out. "So," Jazz asked, "How'd you guys do?"

"I think we did alright." Wheeljack replied, "But don't take my word for it, why don't you ask Prowl yourselves." Wheeljack and Perceptor stepped aside, and Prowl stepped forward. The Autobots cheered at the sight of their leader, which Prowl quickly put an end to.

"I don't deserve your praise," he said, "I let Galvatron take the Matrix. I've failed everyone."

"Don't worry about that." Sideswipe said, "I've come up with a plan to get the Matrix back, so everyone in the shuttle, I'll explain on the way." The Autobots stepped inside the shuttle and lifted off.

TIME: That very moment. PLACE: Unicron. Galvatron stands there with the Matrix around his neck, and a smirk across his face. "Unicron!" he yells, "Do you see what I now posses? It is the Autobot Matrix! The thing you most fear! You will now do my bidding, or be destroyed!"

"You underestimated me, Galvatron." Unicron said as the ground on Unicron began to shake. Galvatron looked around to see what was wrong, but only saw two legs pop out from Unicron's underside, then two arms popped out. Galvatron looked up and saw a head, Unicron's transformation was complete. Galvatron stepped back, his cocky smirk now replaced with a look of pure terror.

"For a while," Unicron said as he flew toward Cybertron, "I actually considered sparing your little retched planet of Cybertron, but now you shall witness its destruction!" Unicron brought one of his massive hands up and let it fall towards Cybertron. His hand made impact, crushing everything in its path. Galvatron transformed and began to fire at Unicron, which proved useless. Unicron picked Galvatron up and swallowed him.

Meanwhile, the shuttle carrying the Autobots arrives, and the Autobots can see the horrors being wrought on their home world.

"I don't believe this…" Prowl said.

"In all my years," Ironhide began, "All the places I've been, all the sights I've seen, this is the first time I've ever seen anything like this."

"This is bad." Blaster said, "Real bad. How the hell do you expect us to take on something like this?"

"I don't know." Perceptor replied, "All I know is that our chances are miniscule, non-existent, slim to none."

"I thought we weren't going to talk about our chances anymore." Sideswipe said, "Let me just bring this thing down and we'll think of a plan then."

"Wait a minute!" Daniel yelled, "I don't see Moonbase Two1 What happened to my dad?"

"We'll find out soon enough." Sideswipe said.

Unicron has noticed the shuttle, and has begun firing at it. One of his blasts struck the main engine, and the shuttle lost power. Sideswipe tried to maneuver the shuttle, but he had lost all control and the shuttle crashed through Unicron's right eye. The Autobots leapt from the shuttle before it exploded, and all fell straight down, all that is, except for Sideswipe, who hit a platform while the others fell. "Where am I?" he thought, "And more importantly, where is everyone else?" He then saw a door and walked through it.

The other Autobots have landed. "Where's Sideswipe?" Arcee asked.

"I don't know," Prowl said, "Let's go look." The Autobots made their way down a long hallway, but could find no trace of Sideswipe. "I don't like this," Prowl began, "What happened to Sideswipe?"

"I don't know," Jazz replied, "He was with us when we crashed."

"Whatever happened to Sideswipe," Wheeljack began, pointing behind the Autobots, "I just hope THEY didn't get him!" The others turned around to see claws coming rapidly at them.

"Everyone, run!" Prowl yelled as he and the others took off running. Not able to keep up with the other Autobots, Daniel tripped and fell.

"Help!" he yelled as the others ran away.

"Daniel!" Prowl yelled as he stopped running.

"Me Grimlock will handle this!" Grimlock yelled as he ran back, "You all keep running!" Grimlock began shooting at the claws with his gun, until he hit a water pipe. Gallons of water gushed out, sweeping all the Autobots away. Grimlock and Daniel were separated from the others and were swept down a long hallway.

"Me Grimlock think this is kind of fun." Grimlock said.

"Yeah," Daniel replied, "Me too." The hallway ended soon after, causing a massive waterfall. Grimlock and Daniel fell far, finally landing in a huge room. There was an acid pool in the room where Unicron executed the survivors of his attacks. Daniel saw something that made him scream out.

"Dad!" Daniel yelled.

"Daniel! Grimlock!" Spike shouted, "You've got to help us!"

"How?" Daniel asked.

"Knock down the cover to the acid pool!" Spike exclaimed.

"But I don't have a gun!" Daniel yells.

"But me Grimlock DO!" Grimlock said as he shot down the cover to the acid pool, saving Hot Rod, Kup, Bumblebee and Spike.

"Thanks Grimlock." Spike said.

"But where are the others?" Hot Rod asked.

"Me Grimlock think he know where they are. Follow me!" Grimlock said as he led the other Autobots away.

Elsewhere, the other Autobots try to fight off the claws Unicron has dispatched. "Things aren't looking to good for us!" Cliffjumper shouted.

"Yeah, I know." Blaster replied, "We're vastly outnumbered."

"They're right." Prowl thought to himself, "If I hadn't let Galvatron get the Matrix, we wouldn't be in this mess. I'm sorry Prime, I was a poor excuse for a leader. I just hope that wherever he is, Sideswipe is faring better than we are."

Meanwhile, in another portion of Unicron, Sideswipe has reached the end of a long hallway. "The others aren't in here." He thinks to himself as he looks around the massive room. He suddenly notices a blue light from a corner of the room and moves in to investigate. "The Matrix!" he yells.

"The Matrix will do you no good," Galvatron said as he stepped from the shadows, "It cannot be opened, I've tried."

"Of course it can't be opened by a Decepticon!" Sideswipe exclaimed, "Now just give the Matrix to me!"

"You think I'd be foolish enough to do something like that?" Galvatron asked raising his cannon, "I will just kill you instead! When you die, say hello to Prime for me!" Galvatron fired at Sideswipe, who leapt out of the way and hid. "Puny Autobot!" Galvatron yelled, "You lack Prime's courage." Galvatron walked around the room looking for Sideswipe. "Come out, Autobot." Galvatron said, "The least you can do is take your death like an Autobot." Sideswipe came out of hiding and decked Galvatron from behind.

"I don't feel like dieing tonight, Galvatron!" Side swipe yelled as he transformed and rammed Galvatron and sped off again. Galvatron got up and began firing at Sideswipe. He the transformed and fired. After a near miss, Sideswipe fired at Galvatron, making him transform. Sideswipe transformed and attempted to ram Galvatron, but Galvatron caught him, forced him to transform and began choking him.

"Die, Autobot!" Galvatron exclaimed, "First Prime, then Prowl, now you! It's a pity you Autobots die so easily, or else I might actually have a sense of satisfaction now!"

Sideswipe was beginning to fade, until he heard a voice. "Sideswipe," the voice said, "Grab the matrix."

"What?" Sideswipe thought, "Who said that? Grab the Matrix?" Sideswipe reached for the Matrix. The same surge he felt when he caught the Matrix earlier was back, and he now had the strength to kick Galvatron away. He stood up, and opened the Matrix. The power of the Matrix bathed him, and he heard the voice again.

"Arise, Swipeamus Prime." The voice said, this time, Swipeamus recognized the voice.

"Optimus…" Swipeamus said.

"No!" Galvatron said as he shot the Matrix out of Swipeamus Prime's hands.

Swipeamus turned around to face Galvatron. "This is the end of the road, Galvatron!" he yelled as he ran towards Galvatron. Galvatron tried to fight Swipeamus off, but was no match for him. Swipeamus picked Galvatron up and threw him right out of Unicron.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Galvatron screamed as he plummeted helplessly through space.

Swipeamus walked over to the Matrix, picked it up, and proceeded to open it. "Now," he began as he opened the Matrix, "Light our darkest hour!" The power of the Matrix was unleashed, and Unicron felt it. He was in immense pain as he winced and flinched. He even tried tearing himself open to stop it, but it too late.

Elsewhere, the Autobots fighting the claws were surprised when they just all of a sudden dropped. "What's going on here?" Jazz asked. Suddenly, Grimlock, Hot Rod, Kup, Bumblebee, Spike, and Daniel come running up!

"Grimlock!" Prowl yelled, "Hot Rod! Kup! Spike! Bumblebee! Daniel!"

"Prowl?" Spike asked, "What the hell is going on here?"

"I have no clue!" Prowl replied, "But come on! We have to try and find a way out of here!" The Autobots took off running until Daniel stopped.

"Daniel!" Prowl exclaimed, "What are you doing?!?"

"Look!" Daniel yelled, pointing. Swipeamus Prime came running down the hall and stopped at the Autobots.

"Autobots!" he yelled as he transformed, "Transform and roll out!" he opened his doors for Spike and Daniel, and opened his trailer section for Perceptor, Blaster and the Dinobots. The other Autobots transformed, with Ironhide still standing there.

"I always knew you had potential, pal!" he said before he transformed and the Autobots rolled out, straight through Unicron's good eye. Unicron drew back in pain.

"Destiny…" he said, "You cannot destroy my…destiny!" He said as he exploded, his head orbiting Cybertron as a new moon.

Time passes, and Autobots Prowl, Jazz, Ironhide, Arcee, Blurr, Perceptor, Blaster, Wheeljack, Cliffjumper, Hot Rod, Kup, Bumblebee, Spike, Daniel, and the Dinobots stand on Cybertron to hear what Swipeamus Prime has to say. "There he is!" Daniel shouts, pointing, and the Autobots cheer.

"The Decepticons have been banished to Charr!" Swipeamus said, "This marks the end of the Cybertronian wars as we will march forward to a new age… An era when all are one!" The other Autobots cheer Swipeamus as he looks up to the sky. "Thank you, Optimus." He thought to himself.

EPOLOUGE: On a small shuttlecraft, the Decepticons make their way towards their exodus. "This is just great!" Thrust shouted, "Some leader that 'Galvatron' turned out to be!" The other Decepticons nodded in agreement. Shockwave saw and opportunity and spoke.

"Fellow Decepticons!" he said, "We don't need a leader who is merely a puppet for someone else! We need a leader who is strong as he is smart! We need a leader who has his priorities in order! That is why we need ME as our leader!" the other Decepticons shouted their approval of Shockwave. "Excellent!" he thought to himself, "This is not how I planned it to turn out, but at least I got the results I desired! And yes, Autobots, all will be one, UNDER SHOCKWAVE'S RULE!" Shockwave began to laugh evilly as the shuttle sped onward.