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Life in the Uchiha Dynasty


Long ago there was a country ruled by competition as minor kingdoms fought to be best. The best kingdom at the time was the Uzumaki dynasty. They had the best fighters. The Uzumaki kingdom constantly clashed with the Uchihas. One day the Uchiha's king (Uchiha Madara(1) directly challenged the Uzumaki king (Uzumaki Yondaime(2). In the end the power fell from Uzumaki to Uchiha. In the mydst of loss, Uzumaki was ordered to change his last name to an Uchiha so the future would erase any trace of their existence. The fallen lord begged to keep his name, covered in malice, the new lord smirked. They then made an agreement, The Uzumakis were to forever serve the Uchihas. Shame fell over the once powerful name. In his Death bed Yandaime swore reincarnation, as he promised to reestablish the once proud name. The mark of the sun(3) shall fall upon his new vessel, and the three dotted scar(4), placed over his victim, the current lord's new body.


(1) Uchiha Madara - he is mentioned by the fox in the shippuden chapters of the manga!

(2) The 4th Hokage

(3) Naruto's fox seal

(4) Orochimaru's curse to Sasuke


"I cant take him with me, I need to teach the nurses how to thoroughly examine the human body, today were dealing with dead bodies!" The white haired man's face twisted in disgust. "Its to show the anatomy!" His blond wife answered with an annoyed glare, 'how immature!' She thought to herself.

The Uzumaki's were very busy. They had recently suffered the loss of their daughter who was the general caretaker. She took care of all the servant's children, including her small kitsune.

Tsunade discussed who was going to take care of their grandson with her husband Jiraiya. He whistled a long note noting this situation was going to be tricky.

"I'm going to be writing the lord's interview." He protested . "Today is the day his cousin visits." He knew he couldn't be interrupted, especially not by a cute hyperactive child such as Naruto. The Hyuugas were visiting, and it had been a stressful week for all in the mansion. "Why don't we just leave him with his father?"

"Ha!" Tsunade laughed as she thought it was the most absurd thing in the world. "Have you forgotten that Iruka has teaching duties?!" She slammed her fist against the wall.

"You have to deal with dead bodies, and I have to deal with the lord, the only one available with the least amount of intensity is our son!" Her husband protested.

"I can take care of Naruto." Iruka held his son as he walked out of his room woken by the loud discussion. Naruto wiped his eye with his fist as he stared at his grandparents. His small body, not passing two feet.

"What about Itachi?"

"He will be with you dad. The lord and his cousin are discussing their union." Iruka was married to Mioko, Naruto's deceased mother. Although he was not Tsunade and Jiraiya's son, he still called them mom and dad. He felt closer to them by saying that. Now that Mioko was gone, he needed as much support and love as possible.

"Itachi is marrying Hinata? But she is so young, why didn't they save her for Sasuke?" Came Jiraiya's shock. Iruka shook his head, ashamed of his father in law's poor memory.

"Don't you remember? The Uchihas and the Hyuugas promised to link their first borne together."

"What about Neji? wasn't he going to marry Hinata?"

"Neji's fate is to become a priest. It was his father's dying wish." Iruka answered wisely. His excellent memory was the number one reason why he was the best teacher in the country.

"So your off today?" Tsunade asked.

"Not quite." Iruka's face flushed, embarrassed at their disappointment. "I was told to baby sit the children." Their eyes went wide.

"All 9?" Jiraiya chocked.

"10." he corrected signaling to Naruto. Iruka went through the list. "I have to take care of the guest's children, Hinata and Neji, the chef's son, Chouji, the gardener's boy, Shino, the guards son, Kiba, the black smith's daughter, Tenten, the fitness instructor's, Lee (lol, had a hard time thinking of a proper job for Gai Sorry!) , the war strategist's son, Shikamaru, as well as the young lord, Sasuke. Not to mention my cute little Naruto." He tickled his son's ear with his lips as he kissed them, causing a certain little four year old to giggle.

"And the lady is okay with this?" Tsunade gave her son a worried look.

"She was the one who told me to do this, now that Itachi is getting battle lessons from Kakashi."

"But he's only nine!" He heard his father gasp in disbelief.

"He is a genius, I'm currently teaching him things only those above the age of 17 learn. Besides the caretaker recently passed away…" He sighed not daring to say his wife's name. They fell silent for a few seconds.

"I better get going." Jiraiya said slowly, careful not to upset his son. He walked out followed by his wife who turned around and left a warm kiss over her grandson's forehead.


The children played in the garden as the sun shined bright over the clear blue sky. Iruka read an "Interesting" book on the importance of communication with children. "One must always remind them that they are loved, children need…" he continued reading.

"But bugs are creepy!" Shino glared at the disgusted Tenten.

"They are essential to gardening." Shino stated, matter of factly.

"Yeah they're cool! My favorite is the dung beetle!" Kiba interrupted.

"Why?" Shino asked, it was the first time he had met someone else who was also interested in bugs.

"Because I don't have to clean up Akamaru's crap!" He grinned.

"I l-like the cr-crickets." Came a soft shy voice, "be-because they h-help me relax at night." The shy girl was behind them. Hinata played with her fingers as her cheeks blushed. She thought she could be apart of the conversation since she agreed with the currently chibi bug lover.

"Cool!" Kiba pat their backs, huddling them in a circle. The three fell in a deep discussion about bugs and how useful they were.

Tenten was ignored. She rapidly lost interest and skipped towards a boy with a bowl cut hair and super thick eyebrows.

"Hi I'm Tenten what's your name?"

"I am the beautiful green beast, Lee!" He pose.

"I like pink." (I know a little random but it was her instinctual answer since he said 'green') She laughed at his pose. What was he an advertiser?

"You should be more humble." Neji muttered.

"But our youth will be wasted!" Lee countered. Tenten laughed enjoying the tension between the two.

"Want some chips?" Chouji offered Shikamaru. They always saw each other and were familiar with each other's presence since their fathers were best friends.

There were three groups. One was huddled up discussing bugs, the other stood arguing over wasting life's youth vs. living honorable and by the rules, while the third group laid on the grass eating chips and watching clouds pass by. All three groups had one thing in common, they were all oblivious to the presence of the small ice prince.

Sasuke was a dark haired boy whom didn't like talking much. He ignored Tenten earlier when she asked him a question. He stood as far away from the group as possible. It was the first time he had been in a space full of commoners. His caretaker was an Uchiha who unfortunately got married and quit. He knew Itachi never had to go through this. He ignored the others. He didn't need them, he was a prince, and when he wanted friends he would have them, besides he didn't want to be associated with this filth. He knew his brother didn't have friends because he claimed they got in the way of many things, Sasuke didn't want any distractions. He followed his brother's example. He wanted to be a genius as well. He wanted to, not be LIKE Itachi, but BE Itachi.

The three groups were interrupted by loud laughter. Naruto had arrived. Sasuke viewed the young blonde's interaction with the groups. He got along with everyone.

He shared Chouji's apatite, exchanged different poses with Lee, hugged Hinata and had a censored conversation with Kiba. He also told Shino about his scorpions, talked to Tenten about random cool weapons and even listened to Neji and Shikamaru's deep discussion involving war. Naruto had been with them before. When his mother was the caretaker, she took care of all of the children. It wasn't the Hyuuga's first visit either.

The prince glared at the small boy. He hated him. How could he be liked by everyone?

Naruto felt eyes on him. He momentarily stopped tickling a small shy Hinata and looked at the raven. Soft eyes met coled ones. He smiled and ran up to Sasuke.

"Hi my name is Naruto." He smiled extending his hand. The dark soul just glared. Naruto pulled back embarrassed at the loss of response. He started to walk away.

"You think were equals?" Came a grudge-full voice. Naruto stopped in his tracks and turned around. "We are not. Dont act so high and mighty like you own the place! infact..." His smirk appeared. Naruto's once warm smile turned into a glare. What the hell was this bastard talking about?

"Infact, we own you!" He pointed smoothly. "All the rest of the servants are here by necessity. They are all being paid, but papa says that the Uzumakis are slaves! I basically own you. Your bellow dirt. You are nothing!"

"Naruto!" Came a rushing Iruka as he got his son off of the dark prince. He knew he was in trouble for the noticeable bruises the lone wolf sported.

That night Iruka was whipped 30 times, Naruto received an intense lecture by his grandfather about why he needed to respect Sasuke of all people and protect the teme.

...But did that stop Naruto? Noooooooooooo... Over the course of the years the small boy has been whipped for over 50 times in one go. I swear you would think this boy never learned his lesson. Tisk Tisk. Now lets skip a couple of years shall we?


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