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Like Liquid Rogue






Uchiha Sasuke was the kind of guy you look at and while you're looking at him you know he's thinking, "That girl can't take her eyes off me because I'm so hot." He had the alpha male card in the back pocket of his slacks at all times, ready to shove it in your face whenever necessary. At thirteen, he was a prick pissed off at the world; at seventeen, he was the kind of guy that made head turns and girls swoon.

And swoon they did. Poor guy, being attacked constantly by truckloads of females. Really, it wasn't his fault he was so pretty.

Haruno Sakura rolled her eyes in that dainty way of hers and picked a lint from the front of her black dress, blatantly ignoring Sasuke and the female parasite of the night. Really, she was almost tempted to stop attending parties simply because of annoyances like these.

Jealous, much?

She picked up the glass on her table and tipped it back, feeling the bad wine scorching sourly down her throat. Her lips left a sticky layer of gloss over the side of the glass. She stared at it.

"Sakura-chan, you okay?" Uzumaki Naruto asked, his adorable blue eyes shining from an hour's worth of dancing. His blonde hair was windswept, it stuck out at odd ends. You could sort of tell he was sweating a lot under that cute cashmere.

There was only so long a girl could stare at an empty glass without looking like a total retard. Her eyes slid to meet his lazily. "I'm fine," she drawled, her eyes not really focusing.

Her head hurt. She wanted to go to the toilet and stick her finger down her throat and puke all that sour wine out.

The parasite stood up suddenly, shaking her curly brown hair back, laughing. Sakura stood up at the same time, her pink hair narrowly missing Naruto's face as he was leaning in so close. The two girls looked at each other warily, Sakura having to look down at her since she was so short. Sakura was the slimmer, taller, and more poised of the two, while parasite was the shorter, fatter one.

Parasite had huge boobs though. They nearly exploded out of her dress from standing up. Maybe that was the type of girl Sasuke liked?

The strap of Sakura's dress was slipping. The little string slid a little every time she moved. Sakura either didn't know or didn't care, and most likely it was both.

There was a hot dog stand outside, she noticed. Suddenly she knew what she wanted. A steaming hot dog, with layers upon layers of mayo and mustard on top, and bits of chopped onion sprinkled over it all. She would eat it in three bites and burp in Sasuke's face, and then stick her finger down her throat in the toilet and puke the whole greasy thing out. It was only fair, really. If he could waste his time with a girl every time the three of them went out, then she could eat a stupid hot dog.

Her phone buzzed, the vibrations making her cute little purse quiver and shake. Her attention snapped back to her bag and she sat down on the chair, crossing her legs as bitchily as possible.

"Haruno speaking," she gritted out as politely as she could. Sakura was always somewhat semi-polite no matter how bad the mood. Etiquette was something stamped into every part of her brain since day 1, courtesy of her father's strict instructions. She even had a tutor on manners—class was every Sunday.

Not that her dad was there to review any of her progress, though.

He was just too busy.

Naruto cringed a little at the scary expression on Sakura's face as she answered the phone. Her eyes were narrowed—she was practically baring her fangs. She must have really hated the person on the other line.

Gee, you think?

After a few minutes, Sakura slammed her phone shut and tossed the thing into her purse. It was an expensive monogrammed LV one that actually belonged to her mother, but since said mother was hardly home anyway, she didn't see why she couldn't help herself to the stash.

"I'm leaving," she announced, throwing her hair back in a way that you might try to imitate when you're alone in your house, bored out of your mind, just to impress your crush. "Sai just got back from London. I'm going to pick him up."

Sai was part of their little clique, though he joined in a little late. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura had known each other since they were babies, while Sai only moved into town at, what? Third grade? His parents and their parents were old university buddies, so Sai and them had somehow became friends after meeting in dozens of dinner parties. Well, sort of. They were still kind of in that whole love-hate friendship stage thing. Go figure.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes, his Uchiha senses tingling. "Sai?"

It was the fifth sentence he spoke to her tonight. Not that she was counting, of course.

Yeah, right.

Sasuke disliked Sai. He was studying at a boarding school near East Side during the month Sai had moved in, and when he knew Sai was somewhat hanging out with them, he got this impression that Sai was his replacement. After 6 months, he moved back in to his gorgeous apartment in Upper East Side and filed a transfer to Billings—the exclusive private school they all studied at.

In a way, Naruto and Sakura were both glad Sai had moved in and indirectly made Sasuke move into Upper East. They had both missed him and his Uchiha bitchiness.

Sakura narrowed her eyes at Sasuke, sucking on her inner cheek. She decided to be bitchy since he had been bitchy to her all night.

"Yes," She purred, sighing dreamily, using the tone of voice every girl had but never really dared use. "Sai."

The sentence sent the two boys reeling, a shiver of something trickling up their spine, making their bones shiver in desire.

"We're going with you," Naruto demanded, over-protective.

"Who's we?" Sakura narrowed her eyes. "Sasuke has that Mitsu girl to screw, remember?"

Sasuke frowned. He didn't remember a Mitsu girl.

"Mitsu who?"

Sakura rolled her eyes. Typical. "That browned hair girl, Sasuke. The brunette who's been trying to get into your pants all night, like, duh?" She flicked a little chip of red from her fingers and made a mental note to get a new manicure. "Jesus, Sasuke. You're such a fucking asshole sometimes."

Sasuke and Naruto shared a look.

It was one of those rare moments in which Sakura was left out of their circle. She hated both of their understanding eyes as they exchanged glances. It made her insecure. It made her feel like they knew her inside out and it made her feel so transparent. It was similar to how she felt when somebody cooed an impossibly annoying "I told you sooo," except much, much worse.

A heartbeat passed.

Naruto grinned suddenly, hoisting her up on her feet, practically lifting her off the ground. He threw her vintage coat around her shoulders and practically tackled her, nuzzling her cheek with his.

"Sakura-chaaaaan," Naruto cooed, "You're so cute when you're possessive!"

Sasuke reached up casually and plucked the box of cigarette out of the breast pocket of her coat, his fingers brushing lightly against her skin on it's way up. It send tiny tremors up and down her spine.

He picked a Marlboro out of the box and propped it in between his lips, casually lighting it with his favorite stainless steel lighter. "Uchiha", it read, the surname engraved on the lighter in beautiful calligraphy. It was both badass and impossibly classy at the same time.

Well, Uchihas were badass and impossibly classy all the time, anyway.

"Hn," he grunted, loosening his tie in a way that was just too sexy. "Let's go."

Sai raised a single elegant eyebrow at the other two occupants of the BMW. He didn't expect the other two when he called Sakura for the pick-me-up.

Naruto glared at him from his front passenger seat.

"Well? You getting in, or not?"

He shrugged and climbed in, sitting down next to Sakura. She looked like somebody ran over her favorite cat or something, glaring straight out of the window in front and refusing to make any form of eye contact with any of the other occupants. It was probably that time of the month again.

He checked his expensive Patek Philippe watch---which, by the way, was a very generous gift to him from his father's business client--- and nodded. Yes, it was that time of the month again!

Ooh. Wonder how he came across that tidbit of information!

Sakura bit her lip and refrained from commenting. The two dark-haired males next to her had their legs so wide open that there was precious little space for her butt to sit on. Damn it, she should have taken the window seat when she had the chance. She opened her mouth to point out her precious lack of space, but promptly snapped it shut again. She was being a total bitch, and her insides writhed with guilt for being so mean to her boys the whole night.

She rubbed her face and pressed her fists against her eyes. What the fuck was wrong with her tonight?

Sighing, she dropped her hands back to her sides and stared out the window at the neon lights and passing cars. The view was sort of colorful and pretty—like the kind you see in postcards and movies. She hugged her coat a little tighter around her, suddenly feeling giddy. If only she had brought her camera along. The scenery would've been a perfect shot.

Naruto frowned from the front seat, surveying the scene from the back mirror. Was Sakura staring at Sai and smiling like some love-struck hippy? Ew. Just, ew. No way did she have a crush on Sai. Right? Right??

He grimaced. Stupid Sasuke, sitting there and doing nothing at all. The idiot—didn't he know that it was both their priorities as friends to make sure she didn't fall for an ass like Sai? Sasuke was seriously akin to a log sometimes. How girls fell for him was a mystery as great as the Seven Wonders of the World.

Seriously. What the hell was so special about Sasuke? Sure, he had the looks going for him, but that was it. Girls couldn't be that shallow, could they?

"Miss Sakura," Sakura's driver called out, jostling all four of them out of their separate worlds. "Do you wish to return to the party?"

Sakura tilted her head a little. Did she?

"I don't know. What about you guys?"

"I don't know," Naruto yawned, stretching his hands overhead.

"Hn," Came Sasuke's all time favorite reply.

"Whatever," Came Sai's.

Well, aren't they just precious little lovable creatures that just make your heart want to commit suicide?

Sakura twitched. Tonight was possibly one of the worst Team 7 reunions, ever. And worst—none of them seemed to mind that it was one of the worst. She knew their friendship was getting loose these days, but she didn't know it was this loose.

"Fine," She hissed, frustrated. "Just—fine. Send us home, please."

Nobody noticed her tone of voice. Nobody noticed her watery eyes.

"Hey. What time is it, anyway?" Naruto asked, turning around in his seat to look at the trio behind.

Nobody answered him.

Sakura closed her eyes. So what if they really were drifting apart? Life did not revolve around them. Friends come and go like seasons, anyway. She didn't care.

Except that would be a lie.

She would always care about them. It was an unspoken promise, an unseen bond. It would be impossible to cut them off when they've been a part of her since the day she was born.

She exhaled noisily. She was going to go home, take a very long shower, exfoliate, go to sleep, wake up in the morning, attend school, and everything would be back to normal. Sasuke would be less cold, Naruto more attentive, and Sai back to his unbearable insulting self. Yeah, that sounded right.

The trip back was impossibly quiet. There was some catchy billboard hits single blaring from the radio, but the song felt so far away and out of place that she couldn't quite catch the lyrics.

She lowered her head, letting her pretty pink hair cover her face. She felt so tired. So nostalgic. And so sad. She squeezed her eyes shut. Oh, how she wished she had gotten the hotdog.

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