Save the Last Date for Me

Yusuke has one more day to convince Keiko to not be mad at him when he leaves her in the human world.

Yusuke: "(kneeling on one knee) Keiko please, I'm begging you!"

Keiko: "Yusuke, get up you're embarrassing!"

Yusuke: "I'll only get up if you meet me in the flower shop after school tomorrow!"

Keiko: "Okay, okay just get up!"

Yusuke: "(got up) yes! I'll be waiting! (Kisses on her on the cheek and ran)"

Keiko was blushing bright red; some of the students were wooing and awing. At last, the final bell rang and Keiko was about to go to the flower shop. She was so anxious to see Yusuke, but it turns out he wasn't even there yet.

Keiko: "Oh, great, he's not even here yet!"

Suddenly, her phone rang, it was Yusuke. He gave her a text message telling her why he's not there, it read: Sorry I couldn't make it there, Koenma bugged me to get some artifacts that was stolen from him. But anyways, take all of the flowers there; sky's the limit. Several minutes later, as she was picking her favorite flower, she noticed that there was a letter for her, it read: I have another surprise just for you! Just as the sun was setting, she went into the place where she was greeted with a whole heap of balloons. Suddenly, five little boys came up to her and gave her a red rose one by one and insisted her to come with them in the balcony. There she saw a gigantic box; when she opened the box, Yusuke cam out and he was singing.

Yusuke: "(singing) I swear

By the moon and the stars in the skies

And I swear like the shadows that's by your side

I see the questions in your eyes

I know what's weighing on your mind

You can be sure I know my part

Cause I

Stand beside you through the years

You'll only cry those happy tears

And though I make mistakes

I'll never break your heart

And I swear

By the moon and the stars in the skies

And I swear

Like the shadow that's by your side

I'll be there"

Keiko began to cry and Yusuke quickly ran to Keiko and hugged her confidently.

Yusuke: "Keiko are you okay?"

Keiko: "(Sniff) Uh-huh!"

Yusuke: "So, are you still mad at me?"

Keiko: "After all of this, I don't see the reason why I have to! Oh, that reminds me, who were those five little boys?"

Yusuke: "Well, I found them on the street; I offered to give them lunch if they do a favor for me!"

Keiko: "But why did you have to get five?"

Yusuke: "That's the interesting part, five roses stand for I Love You Very Much!"

Keiko: "How thoughtful."

Yusuke: "(kneeling on one knee) Keiko Yukimora, will you marry me?"

Keiko: "WHA-? Yusuke are you serious?"

Yusuke: "I'm dead serious Keiko!"

Keiko: "Of course I will marry you! But what about your two years of training, isn't that more important?"

Yusuke: "I've realized that being with you is the only thing that's important to me; and without you Keiko, there is no Yusuke Urameshi!"

Keiko: "Oh, Yusuke, that's the sweetest thing someone had ever said to me! (Hugs him cozily)"

Yusuke leaned in to plant a kiss on Keiko's kissable lips!