Summary: Sequel to High Society. During their summer sailing trip Julie and Scot show up in Capeside and meet up with Charlie's cousin, Pacey. As if this isn't confusing enough, it turns out the rest of the Ducks set the whole thing up to break them up! It's a week of choices, agnst and crazy connections. JulieScooter, JuliePortman, ConniePacey, some AdamJoey

Author's Note: So, did I not say this would be practically immediate? Haha, I'm such a dork that I decided this was something I wanted to do. Just to set up the timing, in Duck time its the summer after D3, obviously, for Capeside time, I'm thinking the summer before season one, which means this is pre Jen...although I love her, she just doesn't fit into the story.

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Catlady on The Creek

Chapter 1: The Set Up

Catlady on The Creek

"Potter, I've got a question for you," Pacey said, sitting at the counter of the Ice House, Joey rolled her eyes as she prepared a few drinks, "Our beloved friend Dawson is currently locked in his bedroom writing, correct?"

"Yes," Joey nodded, "Dawson's horror epic requires his full attention this week, and hence I am stuck with you for company." She sighed, "I need to make more friends." She walked outside to bus a few of the outside deck tables.

"Right," Pacey followed her, "When do you think he'll emerge?"

"When he's done?" She said, "There has to be someone else in this town who you'd enjoy bugging more than me, Pacey."

"Unfortunately Josephine, there is no one in the world I enjoy bugging more than you," he pinched her cheek, she whacked his hand away. "That girl is an interesting prospect though," he noticed a pretty blonde with her hair in a braid waiting for her takeout order.

"Way out of your league," Joey said, "Not to mention I think she's off a boat, which means not only is she physically above you, she's probably some rich Long Islander, who wouldn't look at you twice except to piss off her prissy parents, if she has a rebellious streak."

"Wow," Pacey said, "You do not mince words Potter. I'm gonna give it a shot anyway," As he approached her, he noticed a tall older guy come up behind her and put his arms around her. She smiled and turned around and kissed him. "And she's taken," he sighed.

"Oh did I not mention that she came in with her boyfriend?" Joey laughed, and shrugged. "Sorry."

"I need to find a phone," Julie said.

"I still don't understand why you have to call Conway's cousin," Scot said, "I mean, Capeside is a nice little town, but it's kind of dull, and there's really no reason to stay here more than one day."

"I promised a friend I would do this," she said, "besides, Charlie said that Pacey's a really funny guy, and that we would have a lot of fun with him, and his friends."

"Fine," Scot said, "Although I'm thinking you don't need to find the phone,"

"Why?" Julie asked.

"Well, I'm thinking that Pacey is probably that guy out there," Scot said. Julie looked at him.

"Oh come on!" She laughed, "I'm not falling for that," she looked out, "Oh my God! That has to be him! He looks just like Charlie."

"Am I not the best ever?" Scot laughed, "Go say hi," he nudged her, "I'll wait for the food." Julie kissed him and skipped out.

"She's coming over here," Joey mumbled.

"Very funny Potter," Pacey said, "I'm sure the extremely cute blonde with the obviously rich and superior to me in every way boyfriend is coming over here,"

"Hi," He turned around and was face to face with her.

"Uh," He said staring.

"I'm sorry this is going to sound crazy," She sighed, "But are you, by any off chance, Pacey Whitter?"

"He is!" Joey said. "Hear that Pace, this girl knows your name!"

"Why do you know my name?" He asked looking suspiciously at her.

"Oh!" She laughed, "I'm Julie Gaffney, I'm a friend of Charlie Conway."

"Right!" He said, "The girl from Maine, who was going to maybe call me or something! Hi!"

"Hi," she said, "Wow, that was potentially embarrassing. Has any one ever told you that you two look like identical?"

"Who's Charlie Conway?" Joey asked.

"You remember," Pacey said, "My cousin from Minnesota, the one who's hockey team won some international tournament, or something a couple of years ago."

"It was one year ago," Julie said defensively, "And it was the Junior Goodwill Games, and it was really hard,"

"Food," Scot came behind her holding a bag, "Do we have the right guy?"

"You do," Pacey said, "Hi, I'm Pacey Whitter." He extended his hand.

"Scot Vanderbilt," Scot smiled shaking it.

"Joey Potter," Joey smiled, raising her hand. "Do you two want to sit down, and get Pacey out of my hair?"

"It's official," Portman said, as he, Fulton, Charlie and Connie lounged on the stoop outside of Charlie's apartment building. The Ducks were a little scattered for the summer, the non Minnesota based ones home, and the others out visiting them. Currently the four of them, Banks and Averman were the only ones in Minneapolis, "This is the worst summer ever!"

"Oh good," Fulton said, rolling his eyes, "You're going to whine again, it had been twenty four hours, I was getting worried."

"Dude, I can't help it," He said, "I spent the summer working, and now I'm here, which is cool, but it's like every time I pause I think, I mean, she's on a boat, with him."

"I've told you," Fulton said, "We have a plan."

"Yes," Portman nodded, "Because all of your break up Julie and Scooter plans have worked before. Besides, we don't even know where they are."

"But we will," Connie smiled, walking up to them, "Charlie's cousin is going to call him when they get to Massachusetts."

"It's true," Charlie nodded, "Pacey promised to give us a twenty four hour window to get out there and an excellent excuse, since his friend Dawson is making a movie, we're the crew."

"So we'll know that they're in Massachusetts," Portman said, "And we'll go out there. So what? It won't change anything."

"We go out there," Charlie said, "And you win Julie back."

"Julie doesn't want to be won back," he said, "It's just going to get her madder. I'd rather just,"

"Sit around and mope?" Connie said, "Portman, I gotta tell you, it's not attractive, well except to weepy annoying girls who are into fuck and fix."

"What does that mean?" Fulton said.

"Oh you know," She rolled her eyes, "Poor Baby, I'll help you get over her, and then they sleep with the guy," she sighed, "they were all over Guy when we broke up. Charlie too, when Linda dumped him."

"She didn't dump me!" Charlie said defensively, "She moved, and we decided to not have a long distance relationship."

"Whatever," Portman said, "I am aware of the fuck and fix girls Connie, thank you. But I'm not going to Massachusetts."

"Charlie!" They heard Casey call from the window, "Pacey's on the phone, again." She didn't understand her son's sudden interest in his east coast cousin, but she didn't mind it either. Her sister's sons and daughters were really the only extended family Charlie had. She assumed that the two teenage boys just wanted a connection to something familial. She knew John, Pacey's father was not exactly nurturing to his son and that Doug, Pacey's older brother pretty much followed that lead. Maybe Pacey was trying to find a brother in Charlie. Charlie ran up the stairs and took the phone. Casey shook her head and walked into the other room.

"Pacey," he said, "What's up?"

"She's here," Pacey said, "I had lunch with them."

"How did they seem?" Charlie asked, "Did she seem like she was sick of him or anything?"

"I don't understand why you don't like him," Pacey said, "He's a pretty cool guy. I mean, for a rich preppy snot."

"He's not the problem," Charlie shook his head. "They're the problem. Look, we'll leave tonight; I'll see you in the morning. Say hi to Doug and Uncle John."

"Yeah," Pacey snorted, "Will do. See you tomorrow Charlie." They hung up.

"Hey Mom," Casey looked up as Charlie walked in. "Can I go to Capeside for the week? Pacey's friend Dawson needs help with his movie and Julie turned up there, so,"

"This wouldn't have anything to do with Julie's boyfriend would it?" Casey said knowingly.

"No," Charlie denied, "Mom, I want to visit Pacey, family is important, not to mention it will be good to see Julie, she's the only Duck that no one's seen all summer. It's only natural that we'd want to go see her."

"We?" Casey raised and eyebrow, "So, other Ducks would be going too?"

"Well, Pacey said they were welcome," Charlie shrugged.

"Uh huh," Casey nodded, "Well, whatever you're planning, go, visit your cousin, bring your friends. But when Julie stops speaking to you guys, don't say I didn't warn you!"

"Thanks Mom!" Charlie said running back down to his friends. "We're in! Someone call Banks, we need a car."

"I'm not taking part in this," Portman said, "It's just going to get her pissed."

"My friend," Fulton clapped his hand on Portman's shoulder, "You don't have a choice."

"I like them," Julie said that night as she and Scot lay out on the boat.

"Who?" He asked.

"Pacey and Joey," She smiled, "They're nice. They talk a lot, and wow some of those words that they use, I'll remember to bring my dictionary tomorrow."

"Yeah they're great," Scot said, leaning over and kissing her, "Question though, do you think this whole, meet my cousin thing is another Duck trick?"

"No!" Julie said, "After the crash the prom thing, the trying to walk in on us every time we're alone together thing, the every one leaving the locker room as fast as possible so that Portman and I are alone together thing,"

"I didn't know about that one," Scot said. "I don't think I like that one,"

"It only lasted a few days," Julie sighed, shaking her head, "Then he put a stop to it. Don't worry, I was highly uncomfortable about the whole thing, and never once even thought about,"

"Yeah," Scot stopped her, he hated talking about Portman, and the Ducks many attempts to sabotage their relationship. "Anyway,"

"Anyway," she said, "I told them if they tried anything again they weren't going to be able to reproduce. So I think all of the attempts and schemes are over."

"We all know you can do it," He laughed. "I appreciate it Julie."

"I love you," She rolled over and kissed him, "And if they can't deal with that, that's their problem. It shouldn't affect us."

"True," He kissed her again, "Well, we're docked," He smiled, "What do you say we go below decks?"

"Mmm," Julie smiled, "That sounds fun." He laughed and picked her up, she kicked her feet a bit playfully as he carried her down.

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