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Chapter 10: Back to the start

"So," Dawson sat down next to Portman, as every one cleaned up from the day of gore. "Are you going to go after her?"

"What?" Portman looked at him. This kid had to be crazy.

"Julie," Dawson said, "Are you going to go to Maine?"

"No," he said, "I'm going to give her the month to figure herself out and then try to talk to her again once school starts."

"Bad plan," Dawson said. "That's not what she wants."

"How do you know what she wants?" Portman looked at him. "You just met her yesterday, and she doesn't even know what she wants."

"She told me," Dawson shrugged, "Yesterday, while we were walking. She just wants you to come after her. It seems, to her, that she was always the one taking the first step in the relationship, where as with him, he took the plunge. She liked that."

"For someone who's so clueless you have a lot of insight Leery," Portman laughed.

"Clueless?" Dawson said, "What exactly am I clueless about?"

"Let's just say I'm not the only person in this weird little circle we've formed that's sitting on feelings." He smiled, hoping that in some small way he was helping Joey out. "Either love her back or let her down easy. Try not to break her heart." He got up and walked away, he knew what he needed to do.

"I don't want to leave," Connie sighed as she and Pacey took a walk by the marina. "I really, really, don't."

"Hey," he kissed her softly, and rubbed her arms. "We worked this out right? We talk on the phone, every night," she nodded, "And write letters, huh? And the next four months will fly like that," he snapped, "And then it'll be Christmas, and I'll come to Minnesota and we'll spend the whole week together. And then you'll come here for spring break." Connie nodded.

"I know," she smiled, "I just, I wish that we could be like really together, all the time."

"Trust me," he said, "No one wants that more than I do. I mean hell, I'm tempted to start selling my blood so I can pay for that fancy ass school you people go to, just so I can be nearer to you." Connie laughed. He kissed her again. "You really have to leave tomorrow?"

"Yes," she sighed, "Banks is already having a coronary about getting his dad's car back."

"Speaking of Banks," Pacey smirked, "Is he planning on making a move on Potter tonight?"

"I doubt that," Connie said.

"Connie!" Scot ran up to them.

"Hi Scooter," she said, crossing her arms and standing in front of him. "I thought you were leaving."

"I am," he said, "Where's Julie? I want to say good bye."

"She want back to Maine," Connie said, "Maybe you should have said goodbye earlier."

"Shit," he mumbled, "Even if I leave now, I couldn't get there by morning. Shit!"

"Don't go up there," Connie said quietly, "Not if all you're going to do is say good bye. If she sees you up there, she'll think,"

"I know," he nodded quietly, "Thanks, see you."

"Bye," Connie said, waving weakly."

"Sailing," Pacey said under his breath, "Take a girl sailing, I have to try that."

Julie stepped quietly from the car and walked towards the house. The ride had been mostly silent, Abby stewing in anger over Julie's words.

"Abigail!" Their mother ran out. "Where were you? I was," she stopped, "Julianne? What are you doing home? Where's Scot?" Abby shook her head, as Julie walked past gave her mother a kiss on the cheek and walked into the house. "What happened?"

"They broke up," Abby said, "They were in this small town in Massachusetts; I went to pick her up." She was angry with her sister, but she wasn't going to sell out the details of the past few days to their mother. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you." She walked into the house and up the stairs to Julie's room. "Hi," she said, she saw Julie, laying on her bed, staring at the ceiling.

"Hi," Julie said. "Does this mean you're not mad at me anymore?"

"No," Abby shook her head. "I'm really mad at you. How could you say that Julie?" She started to sniff. "I can deal with our parents being disappointed in me; I can deal with the bitchy girls at school or the club whispering about me, but you're my sister, my best friend and to find out that you think that about me," she shook her head. "You're no angel Julie! Did you forget about the night that you lost your virginity? Remember that, what an hour before you let Scot fuck you Portman had his hand up your skirt? And what about last night Julie?" Abby was getting hysterical.

"Last night I handled wrong," Julie said, "I should have broken up with Scot,"

"You didn't want to break up with Scot!" Abby said. "You just wanted to have your fun with the guy you think you shouldn't be with, while the guy you think you should be with waiting for you to come back. All your fighting's been for nothing! You're one of them! Do you know how many of those girls goes down to New York or Boston on weekends and they go to the SoHo or Southside bars and fuck the poor guys to get their kicks and then go back to their rich boyfriends on Monday, and pretend it didn't happen? That's what you tried to do and they both knew it and wouldn't let you."

"That is not what I tried to do!" Julie shouted defending herself. "I love them both!"

"That's not possible!" Abby said.

"It has to be!" Julie started crying. "It has to be because I do. I love Scot, and the way he makes me laugh and takes care of me, and yes, I like that mom and dad like him. But I also love Dean, and the way he gives me butterflies and that we're such good friends, and the way it feels when he kissed me."

"You can't have both!" Abby shouted, "How many times do you have to be told that?"

"I know," Julie whimpered laying down. "Actually now, I can't have either."

"Julianne," Their mother walking in, "There's someone here to see you." Julie looked at Abby, who just shrugged. Julie got up and walked downstairs, and outside. She smiled.

"Hi," Portman said quietly.

"Hi," she said walking up to him, her hands in her pockets. "What are you doing here?"

"Well, my director told me I should come after you," he smiled, Dawson, she nodded. She made a mental note to call him later. "Was he right?"

"Portman," she said, "I'm still really in love with him. I probably won't be over him for while. I made the mistake of getting together with one guy while I was still hung up on another before. I don't want to do it again."

"I know," he nodded, "But I figured we could start over."

"Start over?" She said.

"Yeah," he said, "be friends again. Just friends, and see what happens."

"That could work," she smiled. "But I thought you said you could never be my friend."

"I think I may have been wrong." He laughed. "So, Hi," he stretched out his hand. "I'm Dean Portman. I'm a stereotypical bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks in Chicago, in desperate need of a stuffy rich girl from New England to reform me."

"Nice to meet you," she laughed and shook his hand. "I'm Julianne Gaffney, a stuffy rich girl from New England in desperate need of a stereotypical bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks in Chicago to remove the stick from my ass."

"Dawson wrote me that line," he fake whispered, "Did I pull it off?"

"What do you think?" She smiled, and slid her arm around her waist. "You want something to eat?"

"Yes," he nodded, putting one arm around her shoulder, "That would be great."

"Come on," she walked into the house. "Mother, you remember my friend Dean Portman right? He's going to stay for dinner." She looked at Abby sitting in the living room and nodded, Abby smiled.

"Way to go Julie," Abby whispered, "Don't let them own you."

To be continued...

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