Harmony and me

We're pretty good company

Looking for an island

In our boat upon the sea

-Elton John, Harmony


Hammy stood from a distance, watching the wedding take place. RJ and Heather's Wedding. He tried to hold back tears as they kissed and embraced. His heart ached with pain and sorrow.

At least RJ's happy…

Then, he turned around. He couldn't hold back the tears any longer. He walked over to the TV, and picked something up. It was a photo album.

He slowly opened it up. There were pictures of him and RJ together, smiling at the camera. He turned the page. There were pictures of RJ and with Heather together, smiling instead.

His heart pounded with a combination of anger and grief. Teardrops rolled down his face, and dripped onto the picture covers.

I've got to get out of here…

He pressed the album up against his chest. He stared into the vast distance. Who knows where the humongous forest might end up leading him?

Anywhere but here sounds just fine to me…

Carrying the album, he ran off into the distance…