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Tears and Rain

Chapter 1

Mikagami Tokiya slowly made his way across the university grounds. His last class for the day has ended and he was dead-tired from all the paper works he had done the whole week.

Screw that thesis! He mentally cursed. Yes he was a genius; he didn't need to be reminded of that fact. But even a genius like him needs rest. At least I have the whole day off tomorrow. He thought glumly as he trudged towards the parking lot.

Ah! Freedom! He sighed in relief, as he unlocked the door of his car. Throwing his books and notes carelessly on the passenger seat, he was about to step inside the car when someone called him.


Turning around, he spotted a girl with long chestnut tresses running towards him; waving a hand to get his attention. He gave a small smile to the newcomer. "Yanagi-san."

Sakoshita Yanagi smiled back at her sempai. "Konnichiwa sempai!" She greeted when she stopped in front of him. "I just want to ask you if you have seen Fuuko-chan?"

Mikagami frowned. "Kirisawa? I haven't seen her since this morning. Is there a problem?"

The pretty ex-healer shook her head. "I just want to borrow something from her. I need some of her notes for my psych class later." She sighed. "Oh well. I…"

BOOM! A loud thunder interrupted her. She and Mikagami looked up towards the sound and noticed some black clouds fast approaching.

"It's going to rain." The ex-ensui wielder commented.

Yanagi nodded. "Hai!" She turned towards Mikagami. "Sempai, if you see Fuuko, can you tell her I'm looking for her?"

Mikagami nodded.

The younger girl beamed a smile at him. "Arigatou sempai!" She was about to walk away but then hesitated and looked back at him. "Ano… I might be home late. I still have to finish a group report at my classmate's house."

"I'll tell Hanabishi if he calls." The silver-haired lad said. "You need not to worry."

"Thanks again Mikagami-sempai!" Yanagi smiled sheepishly and bowed respectfully.

Things still hadn't changed between the ex-Hokage healer and the ex-Hokage leader. They're still together and were closer than ever especially after all that happened in the final battle with the Tendoujigoku.

It's been 4 years since all of it happened. But as they say, life must go on. After all, the madougus have been destroyed and the Hokage history was finished. Everything returned to normal. They finished high school, and were now attending college. It was Tokiya's last year while the others are still in their 3rd year.

Like everyone predicted, he was accepted in Tokyo University. There's no big surprise there. But what was unexpected was that when he began his sophomore year, he 'accidentally' bumped into two familiar figures from his high school days, Sakoshita Yanagi and Kirisawa Fuuko.

Yanagi studying in Todai--that he can accept. But Kirisawa? We're talking about the all-original high school monkey girl who can swing her fist faster than you can blink. To describe his reaction as shocked is an understatement.

Up until know he still have doubts if it's really Kirisawa that he's seeing or someone else.

"I have to go now sempai!" Yanagi voice permeated his thoughts. "Ja mata ne!"

Mikagami nodded. He watched as the girl disappeared from his sight and proceeded inside his car.


"I thought you are not going to come." Kirisawa Fuuko muttered, tucking an errant strand of purple hair behind an ear.

Kazuma Yoshi looked at her strangely. "I said I would meet you here. What gives you the idea that I won't come?" He snorted. He comfortably settled himself on the stone stair where they were standing and proceeded to light a cigarette.

Fuuko wrinkled her nose in disgust. It's not that she minded the smoke; she'd be a hypocrite if she did not admit that every now and then she huff and puff the same thing. Stress relievers, she would say. But on the contrary, she's not like Mr. Pig over there who thinks that smoking is one of his lifelines and eradicating it from his everyday routine would mean eventual death.

And also she's disgusted because of the presence of this creature beside her. "You said you want to talk? So talk!" She said hotly.

Yoshi glared at her. "Impatient are we?"

Fuuko glared back. She was never the one to be bossed around, especially by a scum of the earth like this one. "Of course I am. You're wasting my time." She muttered darkly.

Yoshi stood up and flicked his nearly finished cigarette away. "Careful Kirisawa. You don't know who you're messing with."

She let out a loud snort; which she knows will irritate him. The nerve of this guy to threaten her. Does he have any idea who she was? Well of course the answer is negative. If he has, he wouldn't be saying that.

"You said…" She repeated.

"Let's break up." Yoshi cut her off.

Fuuko was stunned. This was not supposed to happen. This was not what she was expecting to happen. Yes, she was mad at him. She was waiting for an explanation about what she had seen, not a statement about breaking up with her.

"Na..ni..?" She choked out.

"I said let's break up." Yoshi repeated with finality in his voice.

"Why?" The purple-haired girl hissed.

It was Yoshi's turn to snort. "Ask yourself."

Fuuko frowned. "Ask myself? Why should I ask myself? You're the one who wants to break up!" She growled. "I'm not the one kissing another girl knowing full well that I already have a girlfriend!"

Yoshi sneered at her. "Girlfriend? Who?"

Fuuko fought the urge to beat the crap out of him. Breath in, breath out. She told herself. She'll get nothing if she failed to control her emotions which are on the brink of exploding. "What are you trying to say?"

"You're not woman enough for me Kirisawa." Yoshi countered.

The former Fuujin wielder guffawed. "Is it because I won't let you grope me? Is it because I didn't agree every time you ask me to spend nights in your dorm room?" She laughed, a mocking one. "Guys are so predictable. So that explains why you're locked lips with that slut. She probably agreed to be groped and to spend night or nights in your dorm, ne?"

Yoshi was silent.

Slowly she approached him. "What if I don't want to break up with you?" She murmured softly, eyes pleading. She rested her palms on his chest. "What if I agree to whatever you want? Would you change your mind about this?"

"You mean it?" The expression on Yoshi's face changed.

Fuuko flashed him a beguiling smile. "Hai…" She pouted. "But promise me you won't see that girl again. And I will forgive you." She said in a sweet voice.

Yoshi nodded enthusiastically. "I promise."

The purple-haired girl let out a sigh of relief. "You know, I never had some exercise in a long time…" She emphasized the word 'exercise'.

The smile on Yoshi's face grew wider. "Then I'll be glad to be of service."

Fuuko smiled sweetly encircling her arms around his neck.

BOOM! A loud thunder emanated from the slate dark clouds and rain started to fall down…

-To Be Continued-

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