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Tears and Rain

Chapter 7: It Started With a Dress

"Where's Yanagi-chan?" Fuuko asked as she entered the kitchen. It was a fine Wednesday morning. She strode towards the kitchen counter where Mikagami was comfortably settled on one of the stools, drinking coffee and reading the morning paper.

She checked her wristwatch, two more hours before her class. Placing her bag and books on the counter she repeated her question.

Without looking up from the paper, Mikagami pointed towards the fridge where a note was posted. She went over there to read it.

"And I was hoping I could have a ride with her." Fuuko remarked as she crumpled the note and threw it in the trash can.

"She is not your chauffeur monkey." Tokiya drawled, turning the page of the newspaper. "Even if Yanagi has a car, you shouldn't take advantage of it. It's your fault for not acquiring a more suitable vehicle." He sipped his coffee. "Why do you need a ride with…?" His voice trailed off when he saw Fuuko. He nearly spewed the coffee he drank. "What are you wearing?" He managed to cough out.

Fuuko look insulted. "What? Surprised? I think people in this era call this a dress." She paused, glowering at him menacingly. "A sundress to be exact."

"I know it's a dress grape head." He snarled back. "What made you wear that?"

Grape head glared at him again and grudgingly answered, "I ran out of clothes to wear. This is my last option or I will have to go to school semi-naked." She sat down on the counter stool across Tokiya and poured a cup of coffee for herself.

I don't mind it if you are semi-naked in front of me. You can go all the way naked and I really wouldn't mind. He thought. He kicked the perverted inner thought away and continued eyeing Fuuko.

His ex-comrade was wearing a white sundress that was held by thin straps on her shoulders, stopping just 2 inches above her knees. The whiteness of the dress accentuated the color of her skin and hair. Not to mention her eyes, making them bluer than they already are.

The look was laid-back and at the same time sexy. She looked enticing.

"I don't mind you ogling at me Mi-chan," Fuuko began. "Just be sure that when you open your mouth to say something, I'll like it." She warned, drinking her coffee.

Tokiya snorted as a reply. In all the years the three of them had lived in the apartment, he never saw Fuuko wore a dress before. Yanagi, yes. But Fuuko? No. Her wardrobe usually consists of jeans, shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, et al. The closest thing he saw her wear anything related to a skirt is a miniskirt in which, by the way, she looked really hot. Aside from that, no dress.

"I didn't know you own something like that." He commented, finishing his coffee to hide the grin forming on his lips; a sure sign that he definitely approve of her clothing.

"Yanagi kinda forced me to buy it." The ex-Fuujin wielder explained. "You know how she likes making me wear clothes like this for a more feminine effect. And with her powers of persuasion, I gave in." She grimaced a little.

Bless her. Tokiya thought. And her influence on you. Aloud he said, "You should run out of jeans and shorts more often." He smirked, standing up.

"Is that your indirect way of saying that I look good?" Fuuko asked testily.

Mikagami shrugged.

The former wind-wielder stuck her tongue out childishly.

He raised an eyebrow. "Though, I wonder how you are going to tolerate the temperature in the lecture rooms later."

Fuuko pointed at the pink sweater lying on top of her books.

"I see." Tokiya nodded.

"Besides, living with a life-sized ice block immuned me from the cold temperature." She grinned cheekily at him.

He sneered before grabbing his mug and placing it on the sink. He started to walk out of the kitchen when Fuuko called out to him. "Hey, you're leaving?"

"I have classes." Tokiya stated. "I don't plan to be late on them."

"And you're going to just leave me here?" Fuuko chided.

Tokiya looked at her in boredom. "Yes. If you don't finish your coffee now."

Fuuko blew him a kiss. "I must've caught you in a good mood, ne? You're hardly this nice." She stood up, grabbed her things and placed the cup on the sink.

Good thing she turn around right away or she would've caught the smile that graced his face.

"Let's go!" Fuuko grabbed his arm and headed towards the door.

Tokiya let himself be pulled by the bubbly Kirisawa Fuuko. Besides, he wouldn't pass the chance of playing his chauffeur, if it would guarantee him an undisturbed company with the purple-haired girl whom he's crazy about.


"Isn't your lecture on the other side of the building?" Fuuko queried as they made their way along the busy corridors of Tokyo Uni.

Tokiya grimaced. Trust Fuuko to be inquisitive. He wanted to walk her to her class. He racked his brain for a response that would not give his intention away. "This is the way to the library right?"

Fuuko shrugged. "I thought you had a class in 15 minutes?"

"I have to take care of something first." Tokiya muttered. Why did she have to be so snoopy? Can't he just walk her peacefully to her classroom without explaining anything?

Hell, of course he can't.

They rounded a corner and Fuuko nearly bumped into a running student.

"Hey!" Fuuko shouted. "Watch where you're going ass—mmph!"

"Let's drop the obscenities shall we?" Mikagami suggested, clamping a hand on Fuuko's mouth. "It would totally ruin your feminine costume."

Fuuko gave him the evil eye. "Costume? You stupid, cold-blooded freak!" She hissed.

"What do you want me to call it?" Tokiya countered.

The purple-haired girl flipped her long hair back and squared her shoulders. "Why is it that you rarely compliment me?"

"Because there's nothing for me to compliment on." Tokiya smirked. "Besides I never give compliments, only insults."

"But you give compliments to Yanagi!" The wind wielder pointed out.

"An exception."

"I hate you!" Fuuko scoffed. "I know you think I look good. You just can't put it into words!" She said haughtily, eyes crinkling in mirth.

Tokiya stopped walking. They were already in front of the younger girl's lecture room. Fuuko's words are echoing in his mind. He closed his eyes, a smile tugging the corners of his lips. Maybe he can benefit from this conversation after all. It's now or never. He thought.

"Fine, I'll make an exception."

Fuuko turned to look at him in surprised. "Huh?"

"You do look good Kirisawa." He said in a matter-of-fact tone.

That earned a smile from Fuuko. "I knew it!" She laughed. "I knew it." She wagged a finger at him playfully.

Tokiya reached out to stop her hand from moving. "You look…" He paused for a moment and Fuuko frowned a little. "You look fabulous and sexy." He smirked. "That's a compliment. I hope you're happy." He flicked her nose playfully and started walking away from her.

The ex-Fuujin master stand rooted on the spot.

Mikagami halted and turned his head towards her. "Fuuko." He called out.

Fuuko tilted her head a little to look at him, moving like an automaton.

"Would you go out on a date with me?"


Yanagi felt someone sat beside her. She was at the university's library doing some research for her Philosophy class. She looked up and smiled at the person beside her. "Ohayo!" She greeted.

Mikagami smiled and returned her greeting.

"You gave her a ride?" The chestnut-haired beauty asked, stopping momentarily from her work.

The former Ensui wielder nodded.

"And you walked her to her classroom?" Yanagi questioned again, earning a surprised look from her companion.

"How did you know that?"

Yanagi smiled. "Words travel fast around here, sempai." She answered. "Especially in matters concerning you."

Her reply earned a disgruntled snort.

"It's a fact, Tokiya-kun."

Mikagami opened his notes to read them. After a brief silence, he decided to break it. "I asked her for a date."

"And?" Yanagi prompted him.

"She agreed."

The ex-healer clapped her hands in glee. "Finally!" She said in a hushed tone.

Tokiya shook his head in amusement. "I think I just gave her the shock of her life."

"She didn't expect that coming from you of all people." Yanagi smiled at him.

"And I owe it all to you, Yanagi-san."

Green eyes looked at him in quiet query.

"If you didn't force her to buy that white sundress, she wouldn't have worn it today and I wouldn't be able to ask her out." The silver-haired guy explained.

"You would've asked her out, even if she didn't wear that dress." Yanagi said softly.

"Yes, but it would've taken a long time."

"Fuuko believes that there's no way that you would fall for her." Yanagi stated. "Given the fact that you always call her names."

Mikagami took a deep breath. "I'm such an asshole."

"Well, I'd like to think of it as your way of blandishing her." Yanagi giggled.

"She calls me names too." Mikagami pointed out. "You know, she still doesn't get it."

Yanagi looked at him expectantly.

Mikagami continued. "I already gave her a hint of what I feel for her, while she remained oblivious to it."

"Sempai," Yanagi began. "Spell DENSE."

Tokiya snorted.

Yanagi covered her mouth to keep herself from laughing out loud. Fuuko, being a major dense that she is, was a fact both known to them.

"She's just not used to that kind of attention from you." Yanagi pointed out.

Mikagami ran a hand through his silver, unbound hair. "And it could also be that I'm good in hiding my interest on her."

"Could be both." Yanagi agreed heartily. "Based from your story from the other night, our purple-haired friend really didn't get your message."

They shared a quiet laughter. Yanagi with her shoulders shaking, while him with his eyes crinkling in amusement.

It was not always like that with Yanagi. It took quite a long time before he was comfortable with her presence. When he offered to share his apartment with them, he wasn't really sure on how it would affect him; having Yanagi, his sister's look-alike, near him. He gambled with the fact that Fuuko would serve as a buffer between them. Looking at what they are now, he was glad that he made that decision. The closer he got to Yanagi, the more he realized that she's different from Mifuyu-neechan.

He also came face to face with the reality that the former healer will never be his. Her heart belongs to Hanabishi Recca, and realizing it, was kind of cathartic. Not that he tried to take her away again from that sea-monkey; he had too much respect for them to do it.

He joined the Hokage Team a lone and vengeful soul but ended up with friends that he now considers his family and attaining the peace he never thought possible.

Everything just clicked into its rightful places. He liked to think of it that way. Yanagi treats him like an older brother and that itself was enough for him. Besides, he realized while living with Yanagi that he doesn't want to be with someone who looks like his sister. It made him feel incestuous.

He smiled fondly at her; he thanked her for listening to his rants the other evening about the purple-haired monkey and her unbeatable denseness.


Fuuko absent-mindedly scribbled something on her notebook. She looks like she was listening on the lecture of her professor but in reality, her mind was elsewhere. The scene earlier that morning kept replaying and replaying in her mind.

A date with Mi-chan. She muttered mentally. Wow! I can't believe it. And I can't believe I agreed to it! She tried focusing her attention on the lecture but to no avail.

Why would Mi-chan ask me out? Of all people why me? She contemplated. Did he knock his head or something? He's been acting weird lately, ever since that night in the movies… She thought, her forehead crinkling in concentration.

A snore interrupted her reverie. Her eyes shifted towards the sound and saw her classmate, who was seated two chairs away from her, sleeping. Frowning, she glanced around the room and found that almost half a dozen students were dozing off.

Sensei's lectures are really boring. Fuuko chuckled mentally. It was not like her Arts Appreciation professor would mind it. The lights in the room are turned off since their sensei is showing some slides. And it was a good thing too, that she had enough decency left in her or she would be joining her classmates in their trip to dreamland.

Her mobile phone vibrated. One message received. It says. She pushed some buttons and proceeded to read it.

Meet you for lunch… – Tokiya.

Fuuko bit her lip. Lunch? Kami, was this a joke? Maybe Mikagami's pulling a prank on her.

She was about to answer when her phone vibrated again. Another message.

Don't even think about declining. My treat. Or I'll pull you by your hair and force you to have lunch with me.

Fuuko grinned. Of course she can't and wouldn't resist free food. Besides, she wants to get to the bottom of this sudden change in ice boy. And what better way than to spend time with him?

The bell rang signaling the end of their class. Students woke up groggily, as the lights in the room were switched on. She picked her things up, as some students started filing out of the room.

Lunch time. She thought as she stepped outside. She would have to meet Mi-chan and choke the answers out of him--if she can.

The temperature outside was hotter, so she tried taking off her sweater but found it hard to do since she was holding some books.

"Here let me." A familiar voice offered.

She looked up to see Mikagami standing beside her. She stared at him for a while before blurting out, "What are you doing here?"

The former Ensui wielder frowned. "I just came by to see if a purple-haired monkey's class is finished so I can pull her by her hair and treat her to lunch." He muttered nastily. "Have you seen her?"

Fuuko sneered. "Oh really?" She grabbed his free hand (the other hand was holding some books) and without another word, placed her books and bag on it. The sudden weight nearly made Tokiya toppled over but since he had quick reflexes, he managed to avoid embarrassing himself. But Fuuko wasn't finished. She slipped out of her sweater and threw the garment on top of the books and bag.

"Well, let's going." She grinned cheekily.

"Damn it!" Mikagami grunted. "Get these things off my hand or I'll throw it away!" He threatened.

Fuuko laughed. "Geez, you're such a gentleman." She grabbed her jacket and bag. "At least carry my books for me Mi-chan."

"You could've asked nicely." Mikagami retorted.

"Ooh, is that so? Well you could have answered nicely when I asked you what you are doing here." Fuuko countered.

Tokiya snorted. "Isn't obvious? I came here to pick you up, retard."

Fuuko narrowed her eyes. "And what's with the name calling fridge boy?"

The tall bishounen reached out and pulled at her hair.


They started walking towards the parking lot.

"We're not eating here?" Fuuko queried as she followed Mikagami.

"Nope. I wouldn't want my fan club after you." Mikagami smirked arrogantly.

"Asshole." Fuuko muttered, quickening her pace.

She went ahead of Tokiya who was shaking his head in amusement. He's well aware of the looks the two of them were receiving. He wouldn't be surprise when the university will have a new gossip topic tomorrow.

He followed the ex-Fuujin wielder as she sauntered towards his car, in that subtle but sexy and familiar way. Wasn't this girl aware on how that simple sway of her luscious hips can drive a man crazy?

He caught up to her just as a strong wind blew, lifting the hem of her dress, enough for him to catch a glimpse of her underwear.

His jaw dropped open a little. Shit!

A lazy grin appeared on his lips as he watched with keen enjoyment as Fuuko tried holding her skirt down. He walked towards her, leaning over so he could whisper. "Nice color you're wearing."

Fuuko looked at him in confusion. Naughty was one of the words that you can never associate with him. But in Fuuko's case…

"Your undies."

Fuuko's eyes widened. "Pervert!" She hissed at him.

"It was an accident." He defended himself.

"I knew it all along." Fuuko murmured darkly. "You're really a pervert. This proves it."

Tokiya rolled his ice blue orbs. "It was an accident." He repeated. "It's not my fault that the wind blew strongly." He unlocked the car doors with the car remote. Opening the rear door, he placed their books on the back seat while Fuuko seated herself on the passenger seat. He motioned to Fuuko to place her bag and sweater on the backseat. Opening the door to the driver seat, he settled inside and glanced at Fuuko.

"Don't worry. They look really good on you." Tokiya remarked, teasingly.

Fuuko punched his arm. "Mikagami Tokiya, Yanagi's going to hear this!"

Tokiya rubbed the abused part. "I was only joking."

The purple-haired beauty crossed her arms. "You're gonna get it Mi-chan!"

"I've seen you with less." Tokiya reminded her. "During your fight with Recca and during your fight with Fujimaru."

Fuuko stared at him in disbelief. "And here I thought you weren't affected by that!" She narrowed her deep blue eyes. "You are a closet pervert!"

She got a snort. "Please. A man can be perverted. It's part of their nature." Tokiya explained as he started the car.

Fuuko grimaced. "So you're saying that you are in nature, perverted?"

"What's with all this pervert talk?"

"You haven't answered my question."

"I guess so." He grinned at her reaction.

"I always believed that you are incapable of lecherous thoughts being the ice prince that you are." Fuuko remarked.

Tokiya just sneered at her. "Surprised monkey?"


"Get used to it. Besides, you should be glad. You get to see the side of me that no one's ever seen before." He said mockingly.

To say that she was shock by his answer was an understatement.

-To Be Continued-

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