The Swap

"Sesshomaru," InuYasha awkwardly shifted his stance, "I know the old man wanted me to have it, but I've been thinkin'...what I mean is, yours is so much better. And cooler. Can we trade?"

The hanyo sighed glad the words were out, until he saw his half-brother's expression.

Sesshomaru's poker-face was flawless. It didn't leak the elation he felt at the offer he thought InuYasha would never ask.

"It was a fine treasure of Father's," the demon's voice was flinty, "but you've been carrying it around all this time. I'm not sure if it's still of worthy quality."

"'Course it is!" InuYasha barked.

An arching eyebrow belied Sesshomaru's anticipation and conveyed every ounce of disbelief he wanted to weigh on the half-demon.

"Okay, okay," InuYasha drew his prized possession. "It's in the same condition he left it in. Now can we trade?"

"Hm, I shall like a carrier for it."

"Done!" InuYasha pulled out the expensive, silk handkerchief Kagome had bought for him yesterday. "But first gimme yours."

Reaching to his side, Sesshomaru hoped his motions didn't appear too eager.

"Take it." The daiyokai handed over his worthless heirloom.

"Yes!" InuYasha presented his cloth-dressed offer to Sesshomaru. "Here's what you wanted."

Sesshomaru gently wrapped his claws around the cloth, holding a smile at bay. To think they used to bicker about this!

"Hmph, seems like you can make a wise decision once in a while half-breed."

"Yeah, yeah. See ya."

The two parted, Sesshomaru flying until he was far out of range.

Finally, he landed and could restrain himself no more. His talons shredded the silk until he held the long sought after treasure. The burn of fulfilled desire was intoxicating.

"At last!" he cried in utter abandon. "That which I was destined to have! Father's holographic, first-edition Charizard is mine!"

Meanwhile, a flush of content over came InuYasha as he stared into the sappy gaze of his latest Pokémon trading card, Jigglypuff.


Author's Note: Yeah, I couldn't help myself. No, I don't know how Inu no Taisho got his mitts on Pokémon TCG cards.