A/N: OH, SHE UPDATES, FINALLY! And so, we reach the end of second arc, before I take my month-long hiatus from fiction. I'll need this, especially considering how fast-paced the third arc will be. So, about this chapter. You have Orihime's curiosity, and cameos from many Espadas. I know it's short in terms of word count, but it was planned this way. A realization not with actions, but with words. I'm afraid you'll find a lot of variety in the writing styles I'll use in this story, because that's just how I am, and because they do fit. Occasionally. Enjoy. Arc 3 will hopefully begin soon.
in need of a dictionary
[v. a thousand masks to cover you


"Do Arrankar have hearts, Halibel-sama?"

"We do not need hearts."

"Why not?"

"Hearts are used by humans, such as you, to live. They pump blood, they move every bit of life inside you. To us, it is useless."

"But you do bleed, I've seen it."

"Perhaps. Perhaps we have organs, small as they are, but we could do without them, just like we can do without breathing."

"So you don't need hearts?"


"And you don't think you have them?"

"I've already answered this."

"Then how do Arrankar love?"

"We don't."


"Yami-san, do Arrankar feel fear?"

"Hell no, we don't. We execute orders, eliminate piuny humans like our creator ask of us."

"Then you don't fear anyone?"

"There's no insect among you humans worth fearing."

"What about Aizen-sama?"

"We fear him, alright."


"Why? Cause he can fuckin' kill us, idiot. Why'd you think? Tch."


"Zaera Pollo-san, do Arrankar feel curiosity?"

"Only a few of us do. I for example, have been programmed to research everything that comes into this world, and figure out how to terminate them."

"You move based on your curiosity, then?"

"Of sorts. I move on instinct. My job and my rank are what they are, and I must meet all the goals I have set myself."

"If you had a choice, though, would you do this? Or would you research something different?"

"I always wondered about how the human body functions on the inside. That many will to fight, to survive and live, when it's clear to me that they are inferior, and should, as such, behave as flies."

"So does that mean you're curious about the human anatomy?"

"It means I want to open you up and see how you function, little human woman."


"Grimmjow-san, do Arrankar feel ambition?"

"The fuck's this all about, girl?"

"I'm researching."

"What for?"

"Myself. Do they feel ambition?"

"…yeah, we feel ambition. The moment we decide to split from the Menos, become individuals on our own, we're moved by that ambition. If it ain't strong enough, we die, or get eaten."

"But can ambition make you survive?"

"If it's strong enough."

"And would you do anything, anything at all, to reach your goals?"

"'s what ambition's all about, ain't it?"


"Ulquiorra, do Arrankar feel?"


"But that's a lie. I asked Halibel-sama if you have a heart, and she said you might, which means you can feel pain and pleasure. I asked Yami-san if you feel fear, and he said you do fear Aizen-sama, but you are also loyal to him. I asked Zaera Pollo-san if you feel curiosity, and he said you do, which means you're also willing to change things, and learn things. And I asked Grimmjow-san if you have ambition, and he said you do have it, which means you can feel the need to get better. So you see, Arrankar can feel, and it's a wide range of emotions, too."

"Your point?"

"Ulquiorra, can Arrankar feel love?"




"Who? The Arrankar?...Or just you?"


"I think I've been here for a month, or maybe more. What do you think, Wonderwyce-kun?"


"Yeah, I thought so to. It's been strange, I mean I should feel afraid, but I can't. I have Ulquiorra to protect me, or guard me, but he's really protecting me, you know?"


"I've been thinking lately. About feelings. You feel joy, don't you, Wonderwyce-kun? You can feel something, too? Just like all Arrankar can feel. So that means that Ulquiorra can feel too, eventually."


"I've been thinking about feelings a lot, I guess. And I asked around, and I realized that Ulquiorra's very good at lying, don't you think? He thinks he has no heart, but I've seen him bleed, and I've caused him pain and pleasure. I've seen his loyalty, but not his fear, which is okay, because it means he has courage. I know he's curious, because if he weren't, he wouldn't come to me each day or night. I know he thinks he can't feel, but it's like he's trying to go against it without going against it, because when he touches me, his touch is soft, even if he doesn't look. As for the love…what do you think, Wonderwyce? Can Arrankar love?"


"I guess you're right. But you know, I've been thinking about that one, too. What if they can, but just don't find anyone appropriate to love? What if they mistake the feeling for another, like possessiveness, or protectiveness? Like Zaera Pollo-san mistakes his madness for scientific curiosity? That means they just need to realise it, eventually. And you know what, Wonderwyce-kun? I've been thinking of my feelings, too, lately. And I think I'm almost sure I love Ulquiorra, in some way or another. I might be mistaking it for lust, or the safety I feel in his arms, but if I think of it, that's how I feel about a lot of my friends. Minus the lust part, you know? So maybe I do love him in a way. I thought my heart would always stay true to Kurosaki-kun, but here's one person who can make me change my mind. See? Humans can also feel the need to change. And we can also be patient. So if I have to wait forever, until Ulquiorra realises he can feel, I will. What do you think?"


"You're right. This cake definitely needs more sugar topping.