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"Emmett do you want to play battleship?"

"Not against you, you're going to cheat."

"I do not cheat I just win with style." That is like my favorite quote ever me and my friend came up with it sorry back to the story

"Alice you do to cheat it's not fun to play with you because you always win. You always know where I put my ships and I never even have a chance. So no I am not playing with you."

"But Emmett I have no one else to play with and I really want to. They're all on a hunting trip please??"

"No, not happening I'll play something else just not battleship!"

"Ok how about twister?"

"Umm Alice there's only two of us here who is supposed to spin?"

"You see I know something you don't listen carefully and you'll find out who's going to spin in a couple of seconds."

"Wait hold on I can't… oooo Bella's coming you didn't say that!!!!!"


Oh god what did I put myself into. I'm going to a house with two crazy vampires who want to play twister. Because you know Edward says I'm going on a hunting trip, Alice and Emmett are staying home. Maybe you should go have some bonding time with them. And me of course how could I say no to him. And now I'm spending the weekend with two crazy people! Which, honestly they are Alice will want to give me a makeover at least once and Emmett laughs at everything I do. He truly is the spitting image of an older brother. Teases me, ruffles my hair, and sometimes just drives me crazy. But I love him just like I love all the Cullens. They make me feel so at home. Oh gosh I'm here and I don't have a thing with me because of course Alice called to make sure I didn't have a thing and if I brought anything I wouldn't be allowed to use it because this is her weekend to do whatever she wants with me. (That scares me so much).

APOV (I guess its kind of just dialougy)


"I know I heard her truck, we seriously need to by her a new car. That thing sounds horrible. To be able to here it from that far away."

"You know Edward has asked her millions of times if he can but every time she says no, and you know how stubborn she is. And after these last couple of months you know Edward will do anything to keep her happy."

"I know but honestly how can she drive that thing?"

"Are you guys talking about my truck again??!!??"

"No Bella of course not why would we do that?"

"Alice, that obviously means you were. Leave my truck alone its fine it never did anything to you."

"Besides move extremely slow?"

"Emmett not everyone has to drive at 100mph to be happy."

Well I do and once you're a vampire so we'll you! So there!"

"Yeah if Edward ever agrees to change me which so far is a no go."

"Yes but I've seen visions of it so it will happen don't worry about it, but if you said yes to him about the proposal then it would come even faster!! Hint hint nudge nudge."

"Alice I want to say yes but I don't want to jump into things to fast."


"Geeze you sound just like Edward."

"Well come on Bella it's the truth. I guess I don't understand why you can't say yes to being a vampire but not to a marriage proposal?"

"Well I've watched what can happen when people as young as us get married, look at my parents."

"But Bella, Edward is over 100 years old he knows what he's getting himself into and that's half the battle. And if you love him half as much as you say you do why don't you just say yes? And Bella I don't mean to be inconsiderate when I say this but you're going to have to sever ties with your parents when you become a vampire anyways."

"Those are all good points Alice and trust me I've thought about most of them but I'm just not sure."

"Well you had better consider it a little harder because Edward is going to keep asking you and next time he's got a ring. But I'm not suppose to tell you that. I just feel bad that he might dazzle you and you'll end up getting yourself into something you're not ready for."

"Thanks, for the warning Alice"

"Anytime, that's what I'm here for."


Alice had some really good points and she was right, as always. But I'm just not sure about the whole thing and I do love Edward but...


I guess we're not playing twister oh well. I'm just going to go watch something on TV I didn't want to play anyways.

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