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A 6-year old ran quickly through the streets of Konoha dodging between back alleys and hopping fences. He was doing anything he could to get away from the angry mob that chased him spewing out words such as 'demon spawn' and 'monster'.

The boy Uzumaki Naruto silently cried as he ran away from his tormentors 'why do they chase me what did I do to deserve this' he wondered as he ran. Tripping on a rock he mentally awaited his inevitable beating.

He heard the villagers close in around him and a heavyset man walked forward, club in hand ready to pound the innocent boy. Naruto cringed and awaited his cruel fate.

But this was not to be.

When no pain came Naruto raised his head to see a man in an Anbu cloak and Dog mask holding the villager's club with one hand. The killer intent was seeping off the Anbu and it didn't take a genius to see that he was pissed. The Anbu pushed the would be attacker onto his but and slowly approached Naruto with several villagers muttering curses to the Anbu and boy, but the Anbu took no notice of it. When he was within arms reach of the boy he kneeled down and said "Naruto Uzumaki please come with me there is something I must show you".

Naruto was confused but silently thanked kami for sending a savior from the villager's evil intentions so he nodded slowly not trusting his own voice enough to speak. The Anbu nodded and gently picked him up before jumping to the rooftop and proceeding to Konoha's forest.

As they sped away Naruto's mind was abuzz with questions 'why do the villagers hate me so much what do they mean by demon spawn' 'That would be human' a loud voice rang in Naruto's mind. Nearly jumping out of the Anbu's arms he mentally asked ' w..Wh..Who are you' Naruto was considering running for the nearest mental clinic when the booming voice replied ' who am I, I am the great Kyuubi no Kitsune or the Nine Tailed Demon Fox and I am sealed inside you Uzumaki Naruto. Now I know you may have a lot of question, but I cannot answer them all now The answers you seek will be revealed when your bloodline awakens and you have been sufficiently trained in it'.

Naruto was absolutely stunned, he had a bloodline, and he was the container of the most powerful demon in existence it was unreal. However Naruto's thoughts were interrupted when they reached a large clearing and the Anbu set him down.

"Uzumaki Naruto we Anbu have watched you closely and unlike most shinobi and civilians we don't hate you, we have also heard that you wish to be Hokage one day. We have been forbidden by the council to help you directly… we can help you in secret" as soon as the Anbu said these words three more hooded and masked Anbu appeared behind the dog masked Anbu and stood silently staring at Naruto behind the lifeless masks.

"Uzumaki Naruto you may not know it but you are the sole survivor of a hidden and powerful bloodline, The last holder of this bloodline, whose name we are not at liberty to say requested us to help you upon your sixth birthday to train you in your bloodline and for the academy" the Anbu paused a bit before continuing.

"So before you ask questions we will train you in the basic and advanced shinobi arts until you become a gennin, from there your sensei will train you, and just maybe once you reach chunnin we'll invite you to Anbu if your lucky."

To say Naruto was excited would be an understatement he was ecstatic he had a bloodline, he was going to be trained by Elite ninjas and would have a chance to become a powerful ninja" Naruto's thoughts were interrupted by the Dog masked Anbu's voice.

"Where are my manners I haven't introduced myself my name is Sorin, and my comrades behind me are Yugao, Yamato, and Kakashi, each of us I will train you in your bloodline as well as the basics while Yugao will teach you Taijutsu, Yamato will teach you Genjutsu, and Kakashi will teach you Ninjutsu, and now we will begin".

Yugao, Kakashi and Yamato left the field while Sorin walked into the middle of the training grounds while gesturing for Naruto to follow. Once in the middle of the field Sorin spoke, "Naruto your bloodline revolves a lot around kenjutsu, Fuinjutsu and your bloodline allows you to share a mental bond with wolves, though you are not a member of the Inuzuka clan you have a relationship with wolves like they with dogs".

"So I'm going to have a ninwolf partner instead of a dog like kiba Naruto questioned? He liked the idea of the wolf partner but it was a little too similar to kiba's family. Sorin's reply was almost instant "Yes, Naruto you will though there will be some differences, first your ninwolf partner will be able to talk like a summon and two his or her chakra will come from you". "What do you mean by that?" Naruto said quietly?

"Simple Naruto your ninwolf will draw chakra from you for jutsu's and other stuff, which is why you'll need training, you already have an insane amount of chakra which will increase still with time, but for now I will teach you kwarimi, bunshin, and henge as well as basic chakra control".

"YATTA!!!!" Naruto yelled he was going to be a ninja and gain everyone's respect.

6 hours later Naruto crawled back to the orphanage were he lived. Tired and exhausted from the Anbu's training Naruto used a basic hiding Genjutsu Yamato taught him to slip up into his bunk and thought about his first day of training Sorin had taught him the henge bunshin and kwarimi which Naruto did easily as well as tree walking and shuriken and kunai throwing, Yugao had taught him basic Taijutsu and the basics of the Uzumaki style kenjutsu, Yamato showed him how to manipulate chakra to create genjutsu, and Kakashi taught him a few basic wind jutsu seeing as his affinity for wind as well as his famous sennin goroshi technique which naruto couldn't wait to try on unsuspecting shinobi and villagers.

'The villagers' Naruto thought, they had mistreated him for the Kyuubi who had decided to wait until he was much older before he continued interacting with each other. But now Naruto finally understood it all the glares the beatings the scorn all of it was because they thought he was the kyuubi. He had been harassed on the way here because some villagers had thought he had stolen some clothes from the shinobi store. Sorin had bought him a new outfit. It was a black shirt with small orange stripes on it and the kanji for wolf on the back, and some black shorts that went to his knee's with to side pockets for kunai, shuriken and other things. He had ditched his old orange jumpsuit after Sorin told him that it practically screamed kill me.

Along with the clothes he had been given a set of kunai and shuriken along with ninja wire which he hid under a floorboard by his bunk so that the caretakers wouldn't see as well as some books and scrolls on history and tactics as well as one or two for entertainment reading purposes. He hid those as well because the caretakers seemed to take anything he got and either burn it or give it to another boy or girl in the orphanage. They hated him they turned a blind eye when he was picked on and actively did their best to keep anyone from adopting him.

So Naruto took it all and waited until he became old enough to leave or was kicked out, the latter of which was more likely though. Being as tired as he was Naruto drifted off to sleep until it was time to train the next day

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