Gomen gomennasai I have been taking trips to visit family and with school getting closer I've been really busy anyways on with the preliminaries. And due to popular demand Sasuke is going to get his ass kicked.

Just a little tidbit for everyone I might work on another story along with this one to pass time in between updates. Note that while I love bashing sakura and sasuke I will do no Kakashi bashing. Cause if you remember in the anime there is a flashback showing jiraiya telling kakashi to leave Naruto's training to him, now who knows when this exactly took place it could've been when Naruto became a gennin for all we know anyways on with the story

Kakashi was stunned, for lack of a better words, did that board say Hatake Jin the name of his cousin who was supposedly killed in the kyuubi attack along with his aunt and uncle. It couldn't be yet there he was alive and wearing a Kumo headband. He would have to talk to him later on.

Sasuke arrogantly walked into the ring and flared his sharingan to life (I'm pretending that the curse mark was sealed before the preliminaries cause it would be a disappointing fight otherwise). He gave Jin a look of utter contempt and polled out a scroll only to make a few hand seals and poof a katana appeared. Apparently Sasuke had learned a few sword skills since Wave country.

Sasuke grabbed the katana and dropped into a ready stance while Jin simply stood there, a bored expression on his face. This only served to enrage Sasuke causing him to charge at Jin.

Jin sidestepped a cross slash ( a straight slash down) and ducked under a side swipe. Sasuke growled and swung furiously at Jin who just sidestepped all of them while showing no emotion whatsoever.

"Pitiful Uchiha cant even hit little ole me" Jin jibed.

"Shut up!"

Sasuke resealed his katana and began going through hand seals shouting "Katon Housenka no jutsu. A flurry of mini fireballs launched at Jin who once again dodged them all before going through hand seals of his own "Raiton "Rai Arashi no jutsu" (lightning storm no jutsu). Several lightning bolts appeared and rushed at Sasuke who tried his best to dodge but whas hit several times leaving him barely standing before Jin disappeared and reappeared in front of him with his fist in Sasuke's face, Sasuke went down like a light.

"Shousa Hatake Jin"

Sakura screamed Sasuke-kun and wanted to run and check on him but stopped when she heard the words

"next match Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino".

(same as the anime)

Sakura and Ino were brought up to the stands and left to rest while the board displayed the next combatants

"Subaku no Kankurou vs Taoyashi Asuka" (asuka is the other cloud gennin)

The match was exponentially better than the last match. Kankurou used karasu and Asuka used her katana, a bad matchup. Although Kankurou put up a good fight he couldn't keep up with Asuka's speed and kenjutsu

The next match was one of the gennin from mist vs Hyuuga Neji, Neji won of course.

(A/N I'm going to just speed through most of these matches.

"Haku vs Rock Lee

Haku! Now there was a name Naruto knew, and looking into the arena he saw that it was indeed the same girl who he fought and injured in wave country. She had a huge sweatdrop from watching Lee ramble on about the flames of youth and how he hoped for a good match.

When the match began Lee disappeared only to reappear behind Haku and launch a kick at the back of her head. Haku swiftly grabbed the leg with one hand while the other went through hand seals "Hijutsu: thousand ice needles". Out of the air water formed and turned into many ice needles that launched at Lee.

Lee broke free of Haku's grip and began to dodge the needles. Though he was fast a few needles still hit him causing him to wince in pain. After the needles stopped Lee began to engage Haku in a pure Taijutsu fight. Haku ducked under one of Lee's kicks and punched him in the face only to get kicked in the stomach. Haku dropped low and kicked Lee's feet out from under him and jumped back gaining some distance.

After Gai told Lee to remove his weights the fight turned to Lee's favor. Haku couldn't keep track of him and was getting pummeled. Haku jumped back again with Lee facing towards her in a ready stance. Haku knew she couldn't stand up to him on her own skills so she looked around for an advantage, and then she saw it. In front of her was a small puddle of water directly in Lee's path.

Lee began to charge forward when Haku user her bloodline to change the water into ice, slippery ice. Lee took one step on the ice and without chakra to stay up he quickly slipped and flew into the wall at monstrous speeds. Haku threw two senbon which hit lee in two separate pressure points temporarily paralyzing him.

Haku walked over to Lee as Hayate announced her the victor and gently kissed him on the cheek saying it was a good match, Lee promptly fainted as the med nins took him away.

(planned pairings are LeeXfemHaku, NejiXten, ShikamaruXTemari, InoXChouji, KibaXYugito, Gaara X the girl from episode 200 I think the one he rescued, Shino X Hana, Jin X Asuka Sasuke X nobody cause he's going to die eventually Kakashi X Rin Asuma X Kurenai Anko X Iruka Shizune X Genma Yuugao X Sorin cause Hayate dies. Anyway back to the story)

The next match was chouji vs Kiba

Kiba won

After that was Shikamaru vs the other mist chuunin

Winner shikamaru

Temari vs Tenten

Winner Temari

Shino vs Neji

Winner Neji

Yugito vs Hinata

Naruto cheered Hinata on as she made her way to the arena while Yugito did the same, though inwardly he was worried for Hinata's safety she was fighting someone who would no doubt have a near godly amount of chakra it would be a tough fight.

Hinata began the match by charging forward in a jyuuken stance and launched several strikes at Yugito who blocked to the best of her ability and retaliated with her own strikes. Hinata jumped back and charged forward again trying to overpower Yugito.

Yugito dodged and jumped back before throwing a hail of shuriken and kunai at Hinata who simply used the Hakkeshou Kaiten to disarm them (Hinata is going to be stronger as well in this story). Yugito frowned before flashing through hand seals and shouting "Katon Goukakyuu no jutsu" Hinata dodged again and went back on the offensive.

Naruto was inwardly in turmoil 'how could a Kumo shinobi have learned a Konoha jutsu' that's when he saw it, Yugito's eyes they were blue just a moment before but now they were a different color, they were amber with two tomoe in each eye. Naruto couldn't take it anymore he fell to his knees not wanting to believe it but knew without a doubt.

Yugito had the Chikutsugan

While Naruto was contemplating this development Hinata was being pushed back by Yugito's new found strength. That's when her guard slipped and Hinata was pummeled back she took several more hits before she felt several kunai puncture her arms and legs. She kneeled on the ground helpless against Yugito who had drawn another kunai and charged at her preparing to end Hinata's life

But before she could there was a loud clang and the sound of metal slicing through flesh. When Hinata opened her eyes she saw Naruto in front of her with 'windbreaker drawn and blood on his cheek, Yugito's blood and sure enough there was a cut on Yugito's cheek.

"That's enough Yugito you've won now back off".

Yugito didn't reply but instead walked back up to the stand. Since there were no more competitors the gennin were dismissed and told that they had a month to prepare for the exams.

The matchups were as follows:

Naruto vs Neji

Temari vs shikamaru

Jin vs Kiba

And Asuka vs Yugito

And Haku vs the winner of the fourth match

As Naruto walked home after escorting Hinata to the hospital he was cut off by a gasp from Kyuubi

'Naruto I was checking the blood from Yugito when I discovered something yugito is your-'

Cliffhanger no jutsu

Ok that's the next chapter

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shino fought twice cause of a lack of competitors

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