Athena's Daughter

By: Lady Kanko Wildstar

Author's note: please forgive my terrible French, if you know any corrections that need to be done please email me and I'll fix it as quickly as I can. This is a crossover between The Da Vinci Code and my Katherine Evans AU fics. A Bezu Fache/OFC fic with my character Katherine Evans. It has some language and few more adult scenes so it's rated rather high for safety's sake. So no flame's for that as you have now been warned. There are reference to other shows, books and movies as well. Some will be small, others big but they will vary. Let's see if you can figure them all out.



"Presenting Minister Jean –Pierre Raffarin and his wife Anne-Marie Raffarin." The door guard announced loudly to the ballroom. The event was a mix of old and new formal etiquette. Traditional announcement of arrivals at the entrance to the ballroom. But a more modern stage and instrumental group.

"Presenting Captain Bezu Fache and Lieutenant Jérôme Collet of the DCPJ."

Paris was playing host too many formal events. World leaders in politics, science, arts, wealth and even law enforcement had gathered for a series of events. Part of the crown of which was this charity ball. The pope himself would be making an appearance.

"Presenting Professor Robert Langdon and Agent Sophie Neveu of the DCPJ."

As would the famous, Lady Katherine Evans. A living prodigy in whatever field she chooses to study or work in. Her apparent favorite being in the criminal sciences and profiling. Titled in inheritance and by deed. She rarely made public appearances at such events, but with the promise of her appearance, many a people wished for the chance to say they had meet her. She would be the last to arrive.

"Presenting his holiness, Pope Mortati." The door guard announced while bowing deeply as the Holy See himself walked past to be greeted by the minister and his wife. The pope smiled and nodded to many before everyone's attention was riveted to the doorway once more.

"Presenting Lady Katherine Evans!" Stiletto heels clicked on the floor as a woman's form stepped from the shadows. Gasps and mutters of appreciation sounded through out the hall. Standing 5'9" including heels, with long silken red-brown hair, with true aristocratic features seemed to only enhance captivating hazel eyes. A royal blue long flowing gown seemed to be artistically draped around her hour-glass form. With glittering diamonds around her throat, wrists, and ears only added to her stunning image further.

The minister rushed forward. "Lady Evans it is honor to meet you and have you with us this evening."

"I thank you for the invitation, though I am here to do a few of my friends requesting it for the charities sake." She bowed her head slightly in acknowledgement as they shook hands.

"And may I ask who was kind enough to further the charities cause?" He said congenially, while thinking rapidly of how to ingratiate himself to her and to her 'friends' if need be.

"Professor Langdon, Sophie Neveu, and his holiness Pope Mortati. I have worked and became friends with all three."

"Indeed, Katherine." The pope stepped forward giving her a hug. "How is my goddaughter this eve?" Mutters of surprise filled the room at this.

"Well enough, having come here straight from Japan. The Emperor requested my assistance with some negotiations. I expect I will sleep well tonight." She smiled at him before turning to the minister once more. "I apologize if I am short with my words, I hope you will forgive me for it."

"Of course, such travel can get to the best of us, Lady Katherine. There is no need to worry about such things." He beamed at her. Sound gradually returned to the room and people began to move about talking, shipping on Champaign around in groups. The pope nodded to his goddaughter before beginning to move about. Katherine returned the gesture before going over to Robert and Sophie.

After exchanging hugs and hand shakes Sophie spoke, "Katherine I would like to introduce Captain Bezu Fache and Lieutenant Jérôme Collet of the DCPJ. Captain Fache and Lt. Collet may I introduce Lady Katherine Evans."

"An honor to meet you, Lady Katherine." Fache bowed slightly over her hand. Collet soon followed with his own bow.

"There is no need for such formalities. Please call me Katherine." She smiled at them both. "Besides Robert and Sophie have mentioned how effective you are in law enforcement. I must admit I did some research once they mentioned your capture of Teabing. Your records are impeccable."

"Thank you for the compliment….." Fache paused before adding, "Katherine."

"It was more than a compliment. You once investigated the murder of a dear friend, Lady Maria Le Monte. You proved yourself then." She studied as his expression yielded both surprise and understanding before returning to a polite mask.

"Lady Le Monte's killer is on our death row. He will face justice in death as he is now facing in life."

"Well said." She nodded to him, soon the group was exchanging were exchanging stories of hilarious events in there careers. "Did Robert mention his 'experience' at Princeton's Trinity Church?"

"No." Sophie, Fache and Collet said as one while Robert groaned with mortification.

"Robert here was visiting Princeton for guest lectors on, of course, symbology. While I was lecturing on foreign cultures in Asia. He decided to pay a visit to Trinity Church in the middle of the afternoon. He goes walking into the main chapel ignoring all the signs saying there was a wedding being held. Right when the priest is asking 'if any of these two should have reason these two should not be wed, speak now or forever hold your peace.' The bride just burst into tears as Robert had to explain how he got 'lost' and didn't mean to interrupt. It took the families four hours to get her to come out of the side chapel that she had locked herself into. The father of the bride was actually a well off business man formerly of the military, and was threatening to have Robert castrated for interrupting the most important day in his daughters life." The three laughed loudly as Robert turned red. "The man's wife offered to let him use her spoon." More gals of laughter followed, drawing many people's attention.

"It's not that funny." Robert declared loudly before grinning mischievously at Katherine. "Want me to tell you about Katherine's agency briefings."

"Yes!" They said while Katherine merely arched her left eye brow.

"Katherine was asked to repay a favor to a senator by sitting in on some agency briefings about various tasks and assignments. Nothing too major, but the CIA's representative was rather like a peacock when it comes to showing off in front of the brass. He's strutting his stuff, basically not really saying anything about anything he was supposed to be saying when Katherine pipes up, 'Exactly how far is your head up your ass?' And everyone just freezes up, including the guy presenting and she follows up with saying, 'Thus far all you have managed to convince me of, is the level of your stupidity. Either get to the point or save us a bullet by jumping out the window.' The generals in the room said 'Hell yeah!' The presenter actually fainted." The three looked at her in shock before starting to laugh again, though Katherine seemed rather smug about it all.

"One of my finer moments." She buffed her nails on her dress, to their chuckles. "Besides Sophie as a few interesting events too." Fache and Collet looked extremely interested as Sophie blushed and Robert chuckled. "Sophie and I met at a cryptography conference in London. We were seated next to one another, and started talking back and forth. A presenter named Andrew Selimca was trying to prove an 'improved Fibonacci sequence' when Sophie here shoots his theory out of the water. She goes on to describe how screwed up his 'improvements' were in front of two thousand experts and colleagues during the q & a portion at the end of his presentation. And I mean the poor man hasn't show his face since then and that was six years ago."

Collet chuckled, "Yes, she can be like that in the DCPJ as well. Many have felt her ire."

"Well the really interesting thing about it all is that Selimca was trying to get Sophie to go out on a date with him, even after the incident. He asked her in the lobby of the Ritz London with dozens of people watching, she says…"Katherine chuckled at the memory for a moment, "she says 'I have no interest in going out with a self absorbed arrogant fool who cannot even get the most basic of cryptography out of his ass!'" Fache and Collet's jaws dropped as they stared at the blushing Sophie.

"He had the biggest beer belly I have ever seen. No personal hygiene what so ever. Reeked like manure. And a horse's ass looks better and more appealing then him." She muttered. The two just began full unrestrained laughter, quickly turning red faced from laughing so hard. It took many minutes to get them settled down again. And by then it was time for dinner. Thankfully they had all been selected to sit at the same table with the minister, his wife and the Pope.

Mortati smiled at their jovial behavior, "Telling stories again are we?"

"Indeed." Katherine nodded seriously though her eyes were twinkling madly, but the group just started chuckling once more. Dinner continued with many more stories and jokes that even the pope joined in on. Soon dessert had come and gone. And it was time for drinks and dancing.

"Lady Katherine may I have this dance?" Fache asking as he bowed.

"You," she stressed, "tango Captain?"

Bezu put on a knowing smirk and gave a low whisper, "Still have a few surprises up my sleeve," he gave a courteous bow, "Lady Katherine."

Bezu leaned in when they toke position on the edge of the dance floor, "You have to put your hand on my shoulder."

"Of course," Katherine scoffed, "I know this dance."

"Show me."

The music flowed enticing and entrancing Katherine's very being. Locking eyes with Bezu's dark brown orbs, her feet fell into step immediately. Maybe it was the heat of his body next to hers, but a sudden fire began burning throughout Katherine's body, lighting a fierce passion for the dance. And suddenly it was not a dance between to human beings, it was a competition and everything in the Captain's eyes was daring her to take the challenge. With swift, elegant spin Katherine silently accepted.

The dance floor then and there disappeared. The background and former thought of anything else faded into the shear blackness surrounding their figures. It was only they in their dashing formal wear, dancing like it was their last.

Her blood boiled with excitement, as he spun her out and back into his firm chest, with one very crisp movement. Glancing up into Bezu's chocolate eyes Katherine found his gaze looking back at her completely unreadable.

What are you thinking? Katherine wondered, momentarily taken out of the dance.

But then thrown back in as Bezu spun her out again, the royal silk of her dress spun like fountain on the floor, the violins blared in her ears and the dance continued.

Twists, turns, lefts and rights, Katherine was moving her body in ways she hadn't in a while and though her body twinge in pain sometimes. It had been a while since she tangoed. She loved this, the passion, the moment, the mystery, the daring in his eyes. They excited her. Made her feel dangerous, yet scared her at the same time. She could see a passion in his movements and holds. For such a large man Bezu Fache moved with surprising grace and wit, moves that the style of music only complemented.

Faster and faster they danced this dance they do, until completely immersed in the entrancing music beyond thought. Finally as the music began to come to the end, Bezu took her in his strong arms and dipped her low in one swift movement.

As the music came to dead halt the spell on them was broken. And they came back to the elegant floor, with flowing champagne; a shinning diamond chandelier sparkled above them, and smelled of expensive perfume mixed with Cuban cigars. With the addition of roaring clapping, Katherine looked around to see find hundreds of eyes staring back at her.

Katherine looked over at Bezu to see him taking a short bow and slowly, she gave a short curtsey and the crowd grew even louder, obviously her tango wasn't as rusty as she thought. He toke her hand and led her from the floor back to the group of friends. Collet, Sophie and Robert were exchanging a look of understanding. Fache was very interested in Katherine. And it appeared that she was returning that interest. It would be interesting to see what the future would bring.

Chapter 1

Katherine did sleep well that night, though her dreams were filled with the tango she danced with Bezu. She rarely had any interest in dating, but she was just drawn to him. He seemed to be so alike and yet so different from herself. His nickname the Bull seemed oddly appropriate and yet he was a true gentleman last night. When she woke she felt more rested then she had been in a long time.

Soon after taking a shower her phone rang, "Hello?"

"Katherine, its Sophie. We need your help on a case. A murder has occurred and it is under very unusual circumstances. Captain Fache and Lt. Collet led the investigation. They want your assistance. They've also asked Robert to help as well. How long would it take you to get to Bois de Boulogne?"

"Give me half an hour to get there." Katherine said in total seriousness her mind rapidly coming up with potential reason why the investigation would need a Professor of Religious Symbology, a cryptographer, and a foreign criminalist.


When she arrived Lt Collet was waiting for her. He quickly guided her behind the tape and to the scene. Standing together was Fache, Sophie and Robert. Fache noticed her arrival and moved to greet her.

"I am sorry to interrupt your day in such a fashion but this scene is unique and I wish to have an informed opinion and profile gathered as to the perpetrator as soon as possible." He bowed his head slightly and led her to the group.

"I take it that this is not the first time you have seen his handy work." Katherine's face and voice were hard and extremely controlled.

"Unfortunately no. This is the fourth we have connected to this criminal, there maybe even more out there. We need to catch him quickly. The time between each crime is shrinking. I fear he maybe a serial rapist and murderer." Fache too looked serious as he said this and led them to the body.

It was a young woman who had been brutally beaten and cut up. Her face was twisted unnaturally, locked in a look of pure terror. Whip marks cress crossed her body, no part was left unbeaten or marred. Carved symbols were scrawled about various places. Her body displayed in a provocative pose. It was an image of pure torture.

"As you can see she faced much pain before death. We need to know what the symbols mean and the potential significance to the killer." Lt. Collet raised his handkerchief to cover his nose and mouth, looking slightly green.

"Has the coroner determined time of death?" Katherine looked at the body clinically.

"Yes, she died approximately four days ago." Fache watched her examination of the scene.

"Have the CSI's already collected evidence?"

"CSI?" Collet questioned.

"Crime science investigators. The forensic team." Katherine elaborated.

"Oh…yes, yes. Everything has been taken care of in that regard." Collet muttered.

"Really then why didn't they get these fibers from her underarms?" She pointed to a set of small white fibers that were snuggly in the armpit.

"Merde! Le médecin légiste! Trouver-y!" Fache shouted. (Shit! Forensics! Get this!) A young agent rushed forward with a small evidence envelope quickly gathering the fibers.

"Gants en caoutchouc!" Katherine ordered. (Plastic gloves!) The agent looked to Fache who nodded and then handed her plastic gloves. She put them on and the turned the woman's head. A wound became more noticeable, slowly Katherine examined the would before grasping something and began to pull. The agent tried to stop her but froze when Fache told him to back off. The object turned out to be a pointed long black stone. She examined the stone briefly before handing it over. "Flint knife."

"Flint? Like the stone?" Sophie questioned.

"Yes. In Egyptian mythology, flint was the symbol for protection and retribution. With hieroglyphics, they used to depict dangerous animals like scorpions and snakes being cut with flint knives in order to render them powerless. But this killer snapped the handle off. Snapping the handles also common in prison shankings. Break it off, other guy can't pull the blade out."

"So this person wanted the blade to remain?"

"That would be most likely."

"Professor, what about the symbols?" Fache turned to Robert.

"Well they are a mixture of Roman and Norse runes. The exact meaning would take time to piece together but an educated guess is they were used for a ritual like purpose. This series here…" Robert pointed to a series of symbols above the left breast. "Are used in worship to the old gods for various reasons. More specifically fame, fortune, power and such."

"They used this poor woman like that for such a stupid meaning?" Fache barked irritably.

"Not exactly. It was used during ritual sacrifice to Cronus or one of the other pantheons. The sacrifice was always young, attractive and most definitely human." Katherine interrupted. "I've come across a few crime scenes that people have tried to recreate such things….Unfortunately."

"But these symbols can be translated?"

"Yes, if Robert and I can't do it then I know a few people who could help. And know to keep there mouths shut." Katherine nodded rising up to stand fully.

"What do you need to do this?"

"Picture's of the symbols and there locations on the body. We'll need to diagram where they are and in what order to decipher it correctly. To put it in the proper context." Katherine said as she looked back at the body. "This may take little while, but hopefully before we get another body."


"The language portions of the runes are Katherine's area as she is a linguist. While I cover the symbology of them. Thus far the symbology follows what I had thought earlier, they are derived from rituals used in what is considered darker magic in some faiths." Robert addressed the gathered unit. "Today it is most call Satanism. In it's simplistic fashion this is the belief that the taking of life or inflicting pain will cause the one who commits these crimes will gain some power, abilities or wealth from the rituals that are being performed."

Katherine toke over, "The language in the runes is as follows:

Heed me thou who is darker then dusk

Heed me thou that is more red then blood

In bottom of the sacred abyss that is eternal

I summon thee master of darkness

Infuse me with power let your strength become mine

To deliver doom until all mine enemies equally

"True Satan worship?" One agent bit out.

"At least what they believe to Satanism. Most of those who supposedly practices 'Satanism' are merely what the Vatican called devil worship back in the day during the time of witch burnings. Sacrifices equal power." Katherine described.

"So they think that this will grant them something." Collet emphasized.


"But how does that help us catch this killer?" a younger agent piped up.

"In order to perform rituals, you will need the rituals components. Those components can include herbs, candles of specific ingredients, specialized animal or even human parts, a sacrifice of some sort. In this case it would be a person. The tricky thing is that most high level 'sacrifices' have to be virginal. Pure. And more often then not female. That limits things down to specific groups. Young girls or women. Possibly even those who have joined or would join things like the nunneries."

"That does narrow it some what." Collet observed.

"But it can get even narrower. You see such types of people would be missed because of such youth or inclinations. Which means it would be reported to someone, including police or agencies. There will be a record somewhere. Especially if the sacrifices are children. This individual is able to attract the types of sacrifice he or she wants, keep them comfortable around them, put them at ease and get them to learn to trust them on some level. Then when they have made the final selection they go for their target. Most likely keeping them in a secure location until the sacrifice. More often then not, they ensure that the sacrifice would not be able to determine where they are being held through some sort of sensory deprivation. With the deprivation the victim would most likely hope that by becoming complacent they will be released eventually." Katherine said obviously slipping into profiler mode.

"What kind of sensory deprivation?" Fache asked leaning on a desk.

"Probably blindness while being bound in some fashion. That seems to be the average operandi of this type of individual." Katherine elaborated further. "Secure location means something that is controlled by the perpetrator. Most of the time it will be in controlled abandoned structures. While it is possible to be held in a person's house, it is a rather small chance. Still worth investigation if evidence supports the location."

Fache rose from the desk turning towards the other agents. "Get to it. We needed this information days ago. It's time we earn our keep." Many nodded seriously and rushed to their desks or off to other parts of the offices. "Thank you both for your help. If you would be willing to continue your involvement it would be appreciated." Robert merely nodded in agreement, while Katherine sighed taking a card out of her wallet and handing it to Fache. He toke the card, looked at it….and looked at it longer before looking at her. "Diplomatic immunity! You have diplomatic immunity!" Some of the agents closest to them seemed to stumble or freeze shortly.

"I showed it to you so you understand how far my authority can reach." She sighed looking at his shocked expression but his face returned to its professional mask.


"What I'm willing to do to get the job done right." Katherine's own face became hardened, her voice ice cold, and her eyes gain the promise of pain or death. This was a true professional in the world. "There are things that cannot be spoken of, there are things that no civilian can know about the world around them. I fought to protect them, to give them some peace and semblance of a 'normal' life. Hunting a murdering sociopath is the least of things I could do for France. I will do what needs to be done regardless of what the political would want." Katherine toke the card placing it back in her wallet and then into her purse. She walked away from Fache and began examining the evidence boards.

"She's seen the darkest parts of the world many times." Roberts voice broke through many peoples thoughts. "Part of the reason she is so protective of those who are innocent is because she had to lose her own so young. She had to face the darkness and gave up any semblance of a 'normal' life. She chooses to protect even if it means her life."

"But why?" Sophie asked softly.

"Because those who she comes to care for, to protect, become like family. Like the family she lost." Robert faced gained a pained look. "She was working with the FBI when an emergency alarm in her family's home went off. Her entire family was there for a reunion from the youngest child to the oldest man. A team from Quantico went with her. They found every last one of them dead. Many were beaten, tortured and raped. ….Even her adopted daughter."

Fache whipped around to look at him, "Her daughter?"

"Beaten badly and raped. You can imagine some of the pain she has from that. After that she went to Mortati and John Paul for counseling. They were the only ones she trusted for that. She trusted they're silence. Once she was through enough of it she through herself into work, specifically criminal captures. The really evil types. Nuclear, Bio-Terrorism, Assassination attempts, mass murderers, sociopaths. She even toke seven bullets to protect Queen Elizabeth. It became her life's mission to hunt down as many as she could or die trying."

"Titled by inheritance and by deed." Fache muttered. "That's what they meant."

"Yes, that's what they meant. She's been through a lot, but she's mostly retired from the field now. Earned too much of a name if you know what I mean."

'Her adopted daughter, but her child none the less. This explains some of the pain in her eyes. Is this why I am drawn to her?' Fache thought to himself as he moved to his office.

Chapter 2

Unfortunately within the next day there was a new victim, a new body for the investigation. The group was looking at a newly carved sacrificial body of a young girl. Her long light blond hair was free flowing around her shoulders. If it were not the look a torture upon her face once would say she was a true angel. But that look toke all consideration of angelica from their minds.

"How old?" Katherine asked to no one in particular.

"Thirteen." Collet whispered.

"Same MO. But slight variation to the rune lines. If…and I do mean if we are able to narrow down which sect that would further narrow the field a bit." Katherine moved about direct the forensics' camera angles to get clearer images of the carvings. She was obviously trying to keep her emotions out the way but it still seemed to affect her slightly.

"Your right." Robert muttered as he maneuvered around the crew gathering evidence. "This seems to be more toward a member of the pantheon, more specifically Janus."

"The deity god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings, and endings. Though he was usually depicted with two faces looking in opposite directions. His two faces, originally, one was always bearded, one clean-shaven; later both bearded. Also originally represented the sun and the moon, and he was usually shown with a key. The two-faced image of Janus was often depicted on coins of the Roman Republic. January is named after him" Katherine muttered as she moved about scene herself. "That does narrow the field a little."

"Janus was frequently used to symbolize change and transitions such as the progression of future to past, of one condition to another, of one vision to another, the growing up of young people, and of one universe to another. He was also known as the figure representing time he could see into the past with one face and into the future with the other. Hence, Janus was worshipped at the beginnings of the harvest and planting times, as well as marriages, births and other beginnings. He was representative of the middle ground between barbarity and civilization, rural country and urban cities, and youth and adulthood." Robert added thoughtfully.

"So what does all this mean?" Fache questioned.

"Janus was sometimes seen as a powerful god that brought chaos. For the other deities and their followers, chaos meant the destruction of their power. So any follows of Janus or Chaos had to remain more hidden in their worship. Most times they wore concealing masks and other disguises for rituals or festivals. Most rituals are said to involve some sort of sacrifice." Katherine explained.

"So these followers, if revealed to others would be ostracizes but also know so they could be separated from the rest."

"Correct." Robert and Katherine said at the same time.

"Once we get back to head quarters let me contact a few folks to get the word out about who we're looking for, and why. That could get us more information than most police interrogations could yield." Katherine offered to Fache, who seemed to consider it before nodding.


With an hour and a half of them returning to head quarters, Katherine was printing out copies of files for the whole team. After stapling the packets together and gathering the others, they seemed a little down trodden from this latest victim but no less determined.

"I was right to contact my contacts in Wicca faiths. They managed to piece together lists of those that are or believed to be followers of Janus. A couple of the high priests or priestesses have even managed to give what we call danger levels. Level five being the weakest and level one the highest. These danger levels come with a basic description of how far these people may be willing to go in there rituals. These ratings are merely estimations of potential levels, not actual. So be careful and try not to provoke any of them. A little sugar with these people will go a long way. Maybe get even more information or potential contacts. Be careful." Katherine emphasized.

"Follow the leads and Lady Katherine's suggestions for now. She has more experience handling these people then most." Fache ordered and everyone once again sprung into action. He turned to her, "You need rest, use the couch in my office to catch some sleep as I do not believe we could convince you to return to your hotel."

She studied him with narrow eyes before sighing, "Sure."


She was only able to sleep an hour or two before the nightmares of the past returned again. Seeing her own daughter in all but blood in such a similar scene, it tore her apart. She felt like she had failed Carissa. Failed to protect her when she, and the rest of her family, needed her the most. The pain, humiliation and shame they must have felt before death. It was like it was on her ten fold for it.

Fache heard her slight whimpers as he stood reviewing evidence boards near the door to his office. He walked in and to her side within a moment. Moving to wake her but found that she awoke herself. He merely held her as she trembled. As small tears feel down her face.

He said nothing.

And just held her.

Slowly she gained control once more. Fache still said nothing, waiting for her to move first. She said nothing but drew herself away from him, standing and moving to look out the window. Before either could speak an agent burst into the room.

"We have a potential lead on who could be the next victim. Agent John Moriana got it."

This made them both all business, going out to where the task force had gathered. A rather young agent was sitting in the center of the group nervously looking about as the others focused on him.

"Well?" Fache barked at the young agent who seemed to jump slightly.

"Now, now Bezu there is no need to terrorize the young man." Katherine said jokingly dispelling some of the tense atmosphere. "Go on."

"Yes ma'am. I went to three of the people on the lists. Told them a little about the case and about the victim's. I thought that would get me farther then being withdrawn might." Katherine nodded smiling slightly and his tension eased further. "All three were willing to give a couple places where the Janus sect likes to poach. Only one place was mentioned by all three. A night club called Belladonna."

It only toke Fache a moment to start giving orders, "I want everything on this club. The owners, investors, employees, regulars, clientele. Everything." Many of the agents gave congratulations and thumbs-up for the lead.

"Good job. Both with the lead and following your instincts Agent Moriana." Katherine smiled slightly at the agent who blushed deeply at the lady's attention. No doubt his friends would be teasing him for a while to come.

Fache merely studied the 'boy' before saying, "You will be responsible for compiling the information on the club. Prove you can do it, and you get on the front of the raid team."

"Yes sir!" The 'boy' jumped out of his chair to join a few other agents at a nearby desk. Getting Fache's approval was hard earned and something of a prize for the young new agents just starting there careers. Even being placed under Fache's direct command was a crowning achievement to them.

"He wishes to please you. To win your approval. They all do even the older and more senior among them." Katherine whispered to him as Fache studied the people around the room.

"He has much yet to learn." Fache replied.

"Everyone must learn something, for that is what can make us wise." She smiled. "If we do not learn then we are the greatest of all fools."

"You speak wise words." Collet commented as he joined them. "Though I must say the lady is correct. They do wish to win your approval."

"And what about you old man." Fache joked.

"They know I have already earned it by putting up with you all these years." Collet smirked at Fache, though both were pleased to hear Katherine's laughter. "Now then, just from the most basic preliminary look. All of the victim's frequented the Belladonna before each of their disappearance. It seems to be a club where the younger ones can hang out in. No doubt there are many predators there."

"Predators I will break if necessary." Katherine's voice once again became cold. She fell into her role as the warrior once more. The two stared at her for a moment as she began to take deep breathes to calm down. Her voice became drained once more, "Going to get more sleep." She moved back into Fache's office, closing the door behind her.

"She is truly unique is she not?" Collet questioned. "You like her. I can see it in your eyes."

"And how does that concern you?" He retorted.

"Be careful where you trod, Captain. For as much passion she can have, she carries twice that in pain. If she can get past that pain, who knows how she would wear you out." Collet's voice at the beginning was serious but soon turned light, because he had actually managed to make Fache blush slightly. For his supposed experience, Fache understood the innuendo for what it was. And he had no doubt that it could be true.

Chapter 3

With this one lead, more consistencies and connections began to surface between the victims. All the young women or girls attended the same school, the Private school called The Rose of Versailles Academy. It was a middle school, high school and graduate school combined. It had only recently opened three years ago and meant to be a school for the rich and elite. But that didn't mean it was invulnerable. Kids loved to rebel. And that is what made Belladonna such a favorite in the crowd.

"Instead of storming the club and casing mass panic, we're going to send some of our younger agents in to take a look around. It will be their job to spot who, how old, and what is going on. Lady Katherine has agreed to go in for a female presence there. Dress down towards the college ages. We'll set up a post here," Fache pointed at a street on the map. "The Lady and all agents will wear devices for sound and record purposes. Back up weapons only. You have one hour, then we move." The group broke going there separate ways to get ready.

"I'll need to change clothes." Katherine said as she met Fache gaze.

Fache nodded, "Collet, take the Lady to her hotels to change, then rendezvous at the post."

"Yes sir."


"Holy shit!" One of the younger male agents gasped, jaw dropped, and eyes bulging from their sockets. The others in the task force followed his gaze, and soon joined him in shock. Even Fache. Standing there putting on a wire and ear piece, was Lady Katherine. Only she didn't look very lady like. Clad in skin tight leather pants and an equally tight black silk shirt, it was obvious that she wasn't wearing underwear because there was no way to hide them. Her hair pulled into a high pony tail. What make up she may have had on made her face glow like an angel might. She was the modern seductress.

Once done with the wire she nodded too many before going down to the club. Music boomed through the communications speakers. They could hear the shouting of the people, some very vulgar. Some directed at Katherine now. Fache's jaw clenched at the audacity of those he heard. Collet merely smirked behind his back.

"I see someone with the Janus symbol pendant." Moriana's voice came through on his mike. "Early twenty's, short blonde hair, dark eyes. Approximately five foot eight. Blue jeans, dark shirt with a black jean jacket. The pendant is silver and gold."

"I see him." Katherine muttered. "Shit, he's got a young girl with him. She could be the next one. She can't be more then fourteen or fifteen. I'm going to bait and trap. I'll try and get him out the back of the club one way or another."

Fache rapidly turned to walk out the post while giving orders, "I want ten men with me at the back of the club. Have the others continue looking for any more of these Janus followers. Let none of them get out in any way. I want them alive and relatively unharmed. Kill only if absolutely necessary!"

Fache and his team ran around to the rear exit of the club and positioned themselves appropriately with their weapons drawn. Through their ear piece's they could hear Katherine chatting with the man, drawing him back to them. When the door opened they snapped up from their places aiming for the perp, but he grabbed Katherine using her as a shield. She remained relaxed, and merely grabbed his arm flipping him onto his backside and moving rapidly out of the way for the agents to make the arrest.

"I need to go back in."

"No, we have him." Fache said vehemently.

"Janus followers always work in two's. It's a sign of respect for the two faces of Janus. There is another one in there some where. We have to get them before the get another sacrifice hooked." Katherine stared him in the eye.

He cursed, "Fine but you bring them back here to us like this one. And the agents inside must stay to give back-up."

"Agreed." She nodded before going back in. He continued cursing for a few moments as the other agents dragged the man off to a new by car. He finally calmed slightly though still growled every now and then as the agents retook their positions. They soon heard her curse, "Crap the partner is female. Moriana catch her attention, let her know your girlfriend wants her assistance because it's that time of the month. They don't actually have restrooms in this building so the only private place is the very back of the club. We can get her more easily there."

"Yes ma'am." Moriana moved around looking slightly panicked before seeming to focus in on the girl he wanted. "I am really sorry but….um…my girlfriend…. It's know could you possibly help her. God this is awkward."

"Sure, where is she?" The girl smiled slightly.

"She said and I quote, 'Where people can't see me right now.'" Moriana looked sheepish before pointing to the back of the club. "I think she went that way. Could I…um…stay here? Please?"

"I will tell her you had to go looking for supplies." She chuckled at his apparent relief. "Haven't been together long have you?"

"No, we kind of agreed to wait, if you know what I mean."

"Oh, admirable. I'll go check on her."

"Thanks." He grinned as she moved off. Though the grin was more for the fact that he pulled off this little act. The guys in his ear piece were encouraging for him before Fache called for radio silence. The other three agents were making there way to the back of the club just in case. It ended up not being necessary. Katherine already had her in cuff's and leading her out the back door to the others.

"You bitch! Do you think his work would end like this!" The girl cried out vehemently. "You don't understand!"

"No you don't!" Katherine growled at her menacingly. "What you are trying to do, murdering those kids, those girls. Janus won't answer your supposed call. There is no power!"

"How would you know?! How?!"

"Because I'm the one that found the Tiamat followers!" She screamed at the girl who froze. Everyone had heard of how the Tiamat's were found. What the forensics had determined had happened. To see it with your own eyes. "A girl your age lived just long enough to describe what happened. Their vaulted leader sacrificed them all!" She got into the girls face. "You want to know what he did after that? He went spending their money in Vegas, picking up hookers no older then you." The girl remained frozen even as the agents dragged her off to a squad car. Katherine grabbed a metal crate and hurled it across the ally. "God damn it!"

The agents froze up, seeing a pissed off Lady Katherine was not very pretty. She seemed so angered but also so controlled. That level of control during such emotional swings of anger were frightening to say the least. Especially that display of physical strength as well.

Fache came up to slowly. "Katherine, I need you calm. You have to help with the interrogation. You can truly get inside there heads right now, I can't." Katherine began taking deep breathes and closed her eyes. Slowly she opened them again, her gaze still hardened but now calmed. She merely nodded to him, which he returned.


"Put them together." Katherine ordered.

"But they would make up a story together." Collet protested.

"Not after I told her of Tiamat. Part of the reason people are more willing to talk to me of the various sect's is because I am the one who found them. I ordered their bodies be given the proper ceremonies and rights. It earned me some respect. If they are members of any sect in the world, they'll know. It's just a matter of time that this sinks in, and they start talking. But in order for them both to talk, he has to find out from one of his own. The girl is the way to do that." Katherine sighed leaning back in the seat tiredly.

Fache studied the video feed in the cell rooms for a moment. "Do as she says. Her expertise got us this far, let's see how much farther it can go."

"Yes sir." Collet shuffled off talking into his radio.

"What happened at this Tiamat sect?" Fache asked as he sat next to her.

"The sect had gathered a lot of followers for its kind. Nearly three hundred people. Build there own little town and everything, One guy set himself up as the priest of the great Tiamat, meant to rule over all and worship her name. Well he set things up so that they would begin human sacrifice so that through one she may take on a human form. So girl after girl was sacrificed. It was around that time we found out the High priest was dosing everyone some really weird cocktails of drugs. Lord knows what they were. Then the guy said everyone must sacrifice themselves for the good of Tiamat. And they did."

"They committed suicide?"

"No. First the children were killed by slitting there throats. Then people toke turns killing off the one's who did not wish to die. The women stabbed each other to death. The men killed themselves by going on their own blades. It toke time for many to die. They bled out. I found out about their location when all this was occurring. By the time I got there only one young girl was left alive, and it was too late to save her. She recorded a copy of her story onto a device. She gave it to me before she died. It's what helped to put that murdering bastard on death row." Katherine grimaced at the memory. She pulled a small cassette player from her pocket. "I still have a copy of it. Brought it with me so they could here what they are really getting themselves into."

Fache studied her for a few moments before saying, "Get some rest. We'll let them stew for a little while. I'll wake you when it's time."

"I'm not the only one who needs rest, Fache. You're not looking so good yourself." She chuckled at the look he gave her. "Alright, alright. But you need to get some sleep as well." She glared at him until he nodded and then went into his office to lay down.

Chapter 4

He didn't take his rest. At least not sleep. He watched over her while doing paperwork. It wasn't more then a few hours when the two detainees asked to speak with Katherine. Now he was forced to wake her once more. She seemed to finally sleep peacefully for once. But a promise was a promise.

"Katherine." He touched her shoulder and soon found a knife to his neck. He could tell that it was an instinctive reaction, so he kept still until her eyes cleared and removed the knife. He pretended it never happened. "They are asking for you."

"Okay." She stood placing the knife back in its sheath. "Sorry about that. Been caught behind enemy lines to often."

"It's alright since I am not hurt. But next time I would like to keep the throat intact if you please." Fache joked and Katherine shook her head chuckling. "Let's go."


Katherine sat across from the two watching their expressions as the tape ended. They had looks of horror and disgust about them. She stopped the tape and rewound it to the beginning before putting it into her back pocket. Fache stood behind her leaning back against the wall.

"You….you really found them?" the young boy stuttered.

"Yes. The tape merely helps give proof of what I say. Now what are your names?"

The boy hesitated, "Morgan. Morgan Chanique."

"Jacqueline Mondego." She followed quickly, her face still slightly green.

"Were you a part of the ceremonies that involved these girls?" Fache asked slamming the crime scene photos onto the table. The two jumped slightly before looking down. They seemed to become even more horrified.

"NO!" Jacqueline shrieked. "We….They told us we weren't devoted enough to join the ceremonies. That we still had to prove ourselves. We…we thought if we found the next blessing join but…but they told us they were setting the girls free not killing them."

"Are you willing to tell us everything?" Katherine asked and the pair once again hesitated. "It would go a long way with the judges to show your cooperation to help end this."

"You'd really talk to the judge for us?"

"As a captain in the DCPJ, I give you my word to speak with our prosecutors to get a lesser sentence if any is given." Fache promised. The two looked at each other briefly before both nodded. "Good, but you must tell us about everything that happened and everyone involved. Leave no detail out because that could save more lives."

"We were approached together, after school by one of the older girls. She's the one that toke us to see the grandmaster. He calls himself Tanith. He seemed so kind and so caring. He listened to our problems, even gave us advice and when things got tough with our parents, a place we could be together. They didn't approve of our dating. A week or two ago Tanith offered to let us join but that we had to prove ourselves. He said he wished to help more people, that we had to gather them and bring them to speak with him. He promised to set them free after the blessings were done. He never said anything about killing them, I swear!" Jacqueline sobbed as she began to cry.

"This Tanith, what does he look like?" Fache questioned.

"I…I have a picture…in my wallet. It was from one of the parties he gives once or twice a month." Morgan stuttered pulling out his wallet slowly from his back pocket. He pulled a picture out of the bill fold and handed it to Katherine. She studied it before passing it back to Fache.


Hours later Fache and Katherine walked out of the interrogation room, both seemed to be thinking through what they had just heard from Morgan and Jacqueline. The two were so scared and so shocked at the crime scene photo's, that they couldn't have been faking all that.

"I think those two are lucky." Katherine muttered. "They're lucky they aren't too directly involved in what happened. I think they told the truth when they said they hadn't known about the real purpose of the sacrifice's."

Fache nodded, "I agree. But we must move quickly. They could already have another one. With the rate they are now at…"

"The next sacrifice will be soon." Katherine nodded.

Collet came jogging up to them out of breath. "We have an ID on this Tanith character. His real name is Tanith MacKein. He born in Scotland. He came here from England, but how is not known. He was said to be a member of the Apophis sect while it was around. A task force of British and Americans shut down the sect before it got worse then here. He has no record of employment or income, so he is off the grid in that fashion. But the info the kids gave has narrowed it down to an area to three blocks."

"Shit, that Tanith! I thought he looked familiar!" Katherine cursed.

"What is it? You know this man?" Fache questioned.

"I don't know him personally, but I recognize the name at first." Katherine sighed leaning on the window. "I know some people that were on the team. I didn't put two and two together until now. This means only one thing. He's making himself into something to replace Apophis, making himself to be a messiah or god. He was always a nut job. Thank God his brother isn't the same or we'd be screwed."

"He has a brother?"

"A twin. It's so ironic, him representing Janus. Hebron was the good son, got straight A's all his life, very good with other people but respectful of people's beliefs, he was an excellent negotiator and helped out with diplomatic incidents a lot because of that ability. Even took a bullet to protect someone he had grown to despise." She stared out the window. "Tanith though. He was real evil. He constantly used people for his own gain. And for the stupidest reasons sometimes. He once convinced a couple of girls to fight each other over himself. One of the girls used car to run the other one over. She's still in a coma. He is pure evil. You and the other agents have to be willing to shot-to-kill him on site if necessary. And it will most likely be necessary."

"It's that bad?" Sophie asked as she and Robert walked up to them.

"Yes, it's that bad." Katherine sighed leaning her forehead against the window before standing up. "I need to make some calls. Especially if you want to remain the primary on this whole mess."

"There is no other way?" Fache asked.

"If we actually screw up, they'll need to know in order to catch the SOB. I may be able to convince them to merely stay as a back up, but they will want updates regularly. I can handle that if I can persuade them in the first place." Katherine promised. Fache closed his eyes, sighed and then nodded. Katherine pulled out her cell phone and went into his office.


"Cheyenne Mountain switch board. Airman Tucker speaking." A man's voice drowned out.

"This is Lady Katherine Evans, get me General Hammond and SG-1." She smirked as she heard the airman begin to freak out before the phone began to ring again, obviously going through to the office.

"This is Hammond, Lady Evans, we have you on speaker phone in the conference room. What is the situation?"

"I have the unfortunate displeasure to inform you that Tanith is in France at the moment." Katherine smirked at the reactions she could hear. Jack and Daniel were cursing fluently (and considering Daniel's linguistic abilities that is an accomplishment), Teal'c was making growling noises, while Hammond and Sam made noises of surprise. "I don't need you to come here just yet. The DCPJ have the primary on the case, I am working with them. I'll keep you apprised of any news."

"Case?" She heard Jack O'Neill snap.

"They originally brought me in on serial killer case. Ritualistic killings as well. It appears Tanith is the grand master and high priest of Janus." More cursing could be heard. "As I have said, we get primary."

"You truly believe you'll be able to do this alone?" Hammond asked.

"Yes. And I promise to keep giving regular updates, but we get the ball. I'll know if anyone comes a knocking without permission too."

"Very well. Contact us every four hours please. Hammond out."

Katherine laughed as she heard SG-1's protests before Hammond hung up. She marched back out of the office where the task force was gathered having received updates from Fache and Collet. "We have primary but I have to give updates regularly."

"Very well." Fache nodded. "We narrowed the possible locations down to four buildings. We're going to do simultaneous raids on all of them at once. Katherine and I will lead the raid on building one. Collet will lead the raid on building two. Neveu will lead the raid on three. Moriana will lead the raid on four. Everyone has one hour, then we go. Stun if you can, kill only when absolutely necessary."


Chapter 5

Looking at the first target, she sighed. 'What is it with evil people and opulent homes or temples? Then there is the whole prepare to meet you doom thing. How cliché can you get?'

"This is a little, how do you say, fancy?" One the other agents commented.

"Right up his ally too." She chuckled at the looks off confusion. "It's his style." Looks of understanding finally crossed their faces. Fache signaled them to go silent and they focused on the mission at hand. They slowly moved forward while remaining as low to the ground as possible, spreading out in a V formation before going into teams of four. Katherine and Face went with the door entry teams. After receiving a message that all teams for all the targets were in position, a countdown began..


The door was bashed in quickly and the DCPJ's SWAT team led the way in. They used stun guns with a vengeance on the followers who came rushing down the hallway. Swiping through the first floor was relatively simple. The second floor however was full of screaming girls and women. The men froze not knowing what to due until Katherine motioned for them to sweep else where.

She drew in a breathe after the all-clear was given, "SILENCE!" She bellowed and everyone there just shut-up. "Now then where is that little shit Tanith?"

"We won't betray him!" One girl tried to say defiantly.

"Okay, history 101. I'm the one who found the Tiamat's. Yes that one. I have found out that Tanith is a self absorbed bigoted a-hole who likes to rape and murder young girls. He has been using you for his own pleasure not for any holy purpose. Got it?"

"Your lying!" Another girl cried.

Katherine sighed before pull a pendant from around her neck and showing the group. They froze, jaws dropped and eyes widened. "You know it take the unanimous agreement of the leaders of the council sects to gift this to anyone. I was given this after the Tiamat incident. Do you still think I lie?"

Many of the girls began to break down and cry making the agents feel uncomfortable. Crying girls were so difficult to deal with that none of the men knew how to react. Katherine merely stood there for a few moments.

"Now then. Where is Tanith?"

A young blond haired girl hiccupped before answering, "He was going to perform another ceremony."

Everyone on the raid teams froze up. "Where?"

"I don't know! He wouldn't tell any of us!" She cried. "He toke his personal guards with him. There's six or seven of them. Left not more then a half-hour ago!"

"Shit." Fache cursed before getting on the radio. There were more people at the other locations but none knew where he had gone. Only that he left in his caravan. They did manage to get a description of the various vehicles that made up the caravan and who would his personal guards but nothing else. They called in a DCPJ team to debrief everyone and gather information when another radio transmission came in.

"We have his second-in-command!" Moriana voice shouted through the mike loudly. Katherine and Fache looked at each other before taking off down the hallway's, out the house and into a car that was parked out front. Fache hit the gas pedal even before Katherine's door shut. Blaring the sirens and lights flashing, they sped down the street to the fourth target. Slamming on the brakes and sliding he hastily put it in park just as Katherine bolted out the door. He followed her as she ran through the building to where they had held the man in question. She grabbed him slamming him back against the wall.

"Where is he?!" She roared at him, her eyes going once more to that of the warrior she once was. Her eyes seemed to go cold and void of emotion, promising pain and death. He now truly knew fear, for it was in her eyes. "Where?" She bellowed again.

"The ceremony's at the panicle of Bois de Vincennes. At the sacred hall of the Château de Vincennes!"

"How many?"

"Tanith, his personal guard, the high priestess and the blessings."

"How many blessings?" She questioned and he looked reluctant. "How many?!"

"Three!" He stuttered. She punched him braking his nose before throwing him to Moriana.

Fache merely started heading out the door with her, shouting orders as they went. "I want as many men for back up as possible! Tell the specialized team to get out there and take up positions. And tell Collet to get his ass there too!"

Once again they were blasting through the streets of Paris. No words were needed between them. They merely focused on the task at hand, saving the girls who were to be sacrificed. Soon more cars joined there mad dash through the city and blasted into the Bois de Vincennes heading straight to the chateau. Thankfully the park and area around the chateau were empty. They plowed straight to the doors.

Dozens of agents dashed from their cars and into the chateau, plowing down the halls through the chateau to the chapel rooms. There they were met by the armed guards. Dispensing with formality, Fache and Katherine picked there targets and quickly toke care of them. The swat team plowed through the doors and into the chambers where the rest were. The rest of them were quickly apprehended and secured with as few injuries as possible. Katherine looked to the robed male figure in the center of the group.

"That's Tanith. Keep him under guard here. I need to ask him a few questions. Get Sophie and another female officer here for the girls, they will feel more comfortable." Katherine barked at the swat team, Fache nodded to them when they looked to him. She moved over to where three girls were bound and crying. She whispered to them, "It's alright but I need you to stay still while I uncut you and check for injuries. Okay?"

The three girls nodded quickly. Slowly Katherine freed each of them, looked them over then wrapped blankets around their naked forms. Sophie and another female agent quickly came up and toke them off to go to the hospital for a more through examination. She quickly turned to Tanith, hauled him up and into a side room before slamming the door shut and locking it. Several began banging on the door, ordering her to open it once more. Fache merely called them off. They could do nothing for Tanith with Katherine's diplomatic immunity in place. They could hear movement and raised voices. Finally almost an hour later, the door opened once more. Tanith came out first, looking rather beaten up, followed by Katherine. An extremely pissed off Katherine.

"He has to answer for his crime before America, England, and France. He must answer to English and American laws first. France will get there piece later if he is not sentenced to death there first."

"Very well. But he had best face true justice, one way or another." Fache demanded and the agents understood what they truly meant. Katherine nodded, ordered them to gag Tanith before taking out her cell phone.

"Pick up needed! Yes, DCPJ has them at the Chateau de Vincennes. I'll stay with the little shit for now. Have Devon do the pick up, he's in the area." She closed her cell before taking a seat and stared at Tanith unflinchingly. Fache merely toke a seat next to her and joined her in her staring. The others realized this may take a little while for someone to come and get him. Just from looking at each other alone they knew they would never be able to know what would truly happen to Tanith. And they truly did not care after seeing his previous handy work and the girls he would have murdered this night.


It took two and a half hours for this Devon to come. And even then they really only saw that he was a very large black man dressed in black military fatigues. Katherine and Devon exchanged a few whispers before he nodded and grabbed Tanith, literally hauling him over his shoulder after knocking him out cold.

Fache put his hand on Katherine's shoulder and she turned to look at him. He could see the exhaustion in her eye's though it was no where else. "Let me take you to your hotel. You can take some rest. I'll call you about the paperwork some other time, yes?"

She seemed to study him before finally nodding. The two walked out of the chateau calmly and climbed into a car. The drive was made in silence, neither spoke even as Fache pulled up to the valet. Both climbed out and walked through the lobby to the private elevator reserved for the highest clientele. Finally opening the door to her suite she turned to him.

"Did you wish to have a drink?"

Fache calmly studied her for a moment before nodding. "I would be honored." She merely stepped aside to allow him entry before closing the door. She lead him into the suite's parlor. Going over to the bar, she made two whiskey's and handed one to Fache who merely toke it without comment.

"I rarely touch alcohol any more, I normally think of it as a weakness but I feel I could use it tonight. I know you have questions, Bezu. If I may call you by your first name." She sipped as he nodded.

"Did you really send him to trial?"

"Yes, a trial by tribunal but a trial none the less. I would have taken care of him in the side room if I wasn't going to allow it to be held in the first place." She studied her glass. "I'm retired in certain arenas as I think Robert has explained to you a while ago."

"He mentioned what happened to your family…your daughter." He watched her. "I hope you do not mind my mentioning her. But this case reminds you of her death?"

"All to well. Another?"

"Yes please." He read the signs, he could see some of her attraction to him now. It was hidden so well before.

"Collet cornered me at the headquarters. He is very protective of you. He only wanted to know whether or not I like to screw everything in sight or if I'm...selective of who I take to my bed."

Fache took another large swallow of the warming liquid. "And?"

"I'm selective."

Fache didn't want to waste any more time upon hearing that. His instinct told him that Katherine was honest and that was all he needed. He stood up, smoothing down his jacket and walked up behind her and looked over Katherine's shoulder, making her pause in her actions. Fache pressed his face close to Katherine's neck and took a deep breath through his nose, inhaling the scent of the light perfume she had put on so many hours ago when all this began. He liked it, though he couldn't place it. A rose and lilac. Mild. Nice. It made him harder. Fache suddenly wanted her even more than he did two minutes ago. More then hours ago.

"What do you want from me?" His hands rested on the sides of Katherine's hips.

Without turning around, Katherine simply turned her head slightly, then closed her eyes as Fache encircled her waist with his arms, one hand cupping a breast. "I was wondering if you'd spend the night with me," she asked, becoming breathless.

Fache ran his lips along the side of her neck as his hands opened Katherine's silk shirt and ran over the exposed smooth skin of the woman's chest. He smiled when he felt Katherine shiver as goose bumps formed on her skin. He moved his mouth to the other side of her neck, giving soft kisses along the tense muscles as his hands sought out the woman's already erect nipples. Fache's pinching caresses made Katherine shudder and gasp softly. Fache's hand slid down her abdomen and slowly, seductively cupped her center caressing firmly. Katherine dropped the glass back onto the table and her hands came up and found Fache's neck, then his hair, before she locked her fingers together behind Fache's neck.

"The whole night?" Fache asked, his caresses pulling gasps from Katherine's throat. He smiled against Katherine's neck as the woman panted through a shudder.

"Yes." She swiftly turned in Fache's arms, her hands coming up to the sides of Fache's face, and brought her lips to Fache's in a fiery, hungry kiss.

Fache moaned and tightened his arms as his tongue wrestled with Katherine's. He pulled away suddenly, grabbing Katherine around her waist.

"Never mind the drink," he whispered huskily. "As for spending the night, I accept. Right now, let's get somewhere more comfortable," and he pulled Katherine into the bedroom.


Chapter 6

Bezu watched her after she fell asleep, she was so beautiful, so peaceful. It had taken hours before she would rest but he did not complain. She made him feel alive in more ways then one. Young again, as though he were still in his peak of youth. Being with her now seemed to be a blessing. He did not know what he had done to deserve this chance but he would do it a thousand more times if he could. If it meant he could be with her. How could he have come to care for her so much and so quickly?

'It must be fate. How funny I now respect it just for bringing her into my life.' Fache thought to himself, before kissing her brow and then joining her in slumber.


When she woke it was her time to study him, to watch him as he slept. They were so different from each other sometimes, and yet they could understand each other so well. Last night he had been both aggressive and gentle in turns. He seemed to understand her needs, in more ways then one. And now he was so peaceful in sleep.

'I don't know what brought you into my life. But I'll fight for every moment I can keep you in it. I swear.' She smiled at the thought, before giving him a very special wake up call. And did he enjoy it.

"Now this is most definitely an excellent way to start the day. Ma cheri." Bezu chuckled before kissing her deeply.

"I thought you'd enjoy it." She giggled when he let her breathe again. The two merely snuggled for a while longer, both enjoying the others presence. But soon enough Bezu sighed and she knew it was time to rise. "Come on, if we bathe together it will save time." She merely pulled him into the bathroom, not that he was protesting much. She giggled as she saw him come into the shower with her. "Then again we can take some time here too."

He just grinned at her wolfishly. "Yes I do believe we could use a really long bath to finish washing off the grime from yesterday."

"Oh yes, wouldn't want to miss anything now would we?"


It was sight to see when Fache and Katherine walked into headquarters. They were chatting and joking back and forth. Both seemed to be glowing when they looked to each other. The fact that Fache hair and Katherine's long hair was loose and still slightly damp. Collet merely gave a smile of understanding at the image they made.

'Good. They belong together.' Collet thought to himself before kicking the other agents around telling them to get back to work. Fache walked Katherine into his office and closed the door before sitting down next to her on the couch with an arm full of paperwork.

"Oh joy, paperwork." Katherine whined, and Fache chuckled.

"An unfortunate part of the job I'm afraid. But if we get the paperwork done then I will treat you to lunch. A private lunch." Fache offered, enjoying how her eyes lit up.

"Right, where's my half?" She bounced on the sofa slightly. He laughed, a full belly laugh. Many people on the other side of the door, gave it odd looks. Captain Fache never laughs, so why was he laughing now. Collet soon came around shooing them to get back to work, still had that little knowing smile on his face.


It didn't take until the end of the day for the rest of the DCPJ to find out about Fache and Katherine being together. The fact that they practically acted like newly wed's also helped to reinforce the rumors. They both came into the DCPJ that morning having both obviously taken showers at the same time frame. They both disappeared at lunch together, and reappeared shortly there after together. They addressed each other by first name, often joked back and forth. The list goes on and on.

Needless to say everyone treated the Lady with even more respect. The fact that Fache was seriously into a relationship that had apparently begun such a short while ago, meant it was something very serious. And Collet knocked down anyone who was being uppity towards her because of it. Bets began to circulate around on what could happen, when and how long?

For the next few days it was interesting watching Fache practically float around as he did his work on the various cases. Katherine was coming in and out for 'various reasons' in between her own meetings and appointments. And the two of them being photographed together at more events, as time passed. The nights for the two were most magical. But that peace was not meant to last.

Five days after the capture of Tanith, there was a shooting.

The target?


It was a meeting of diplomats. Peace talks, negotiations, and various arguments. Katherine was one of the mediators with Pope Mortati. They were taking a lunch break and Katherine went out to call Fache when a man came up near her, pulled out his gun and fired several shots at her. She had been hit. As guards secured the shooter, Mortati toke off his white cloak and pressed hit to her wounds to slow the bleeding until paramedics arrived. He also went with her in the ambulance to the hospital and made arrangements for Fache to be aloud to tend to her.

Fache was in the DCPJ offices when he found out.

"WHAT!" Fache screamed into the phone, and those around him froze fearing what may have occurred to bring out this side of Fache once more. "What do you mean Katherine has been SHOT! What is her condition?...Thank god. Which hospital is she at?... Where is the shooter? Do we have him?... Damn straight I'll kill the bastard! DID HE EVEN SAY WHY HE SHOT HER!!!!" Fache roared before slamming the phone down.

"What has happened Captain?" Collet asked slowly, Fache looked ready to kill people slowly and painfully. Many agents were edging away from him in case running was necessary.

"Some bastard shot Katherine at the peace talks. She's in the hospital. They have the bastard in custody." He cursed rather colorfully. "I want armed guards in the hospital, especially her floor. More guards at her suite's for when she can be moved. I want to know the condition of the attacker and what's being done with him. And I want witness statements and evidence reports as of yesterday!!" Fache roared at the agents around him and they rushed into action. Katherine was practically one of there own now, not just from her relationship with Fache but also for her help on the Tanith case. They would do what needed getting done.

Within a couple of minutes, cars blasted down the street with Fache in the lead. Collet merely clamped one hand onto the dash and the other onto the passenger side handle as they made wild turns at fast speeds through the streets of Paris. They pulled up to the hospital and agents jumping from the cars. Fache went up to the first hospital staff he could find.

"WHERE IS LADY KATHERINE EVANS???" He roared and the poor girls moved back in fright.

"Fourth floor I think….But you really shouldn't be going up there unless your family!" She called after him.

"That is her boyfriend, Captain Fache. He is allowed to be with her." Collet told her before following after him. "Moriana place men as you see fit. I'll review it later!"

"Yes sir!"


Fache bounded out of the elevator as the doors opened, blasting through the halls until he reached the door that already had guards. He moved to flash his badge when the guards just stepped aside. Apparently they knew he was coming. He said nothing to either one, just nodded as he walked into the room. Katherine looked so pale and tired as she lay on the hospital bed. Pope Mortati was by her bed, he too looked tired though more for exhaustion then anything else.

"Captain Fache, I am glad your here. She has been asking for you each time she woke. The doctors are willing to let her return to the hotel if someone stayed with her. I thought you might wish to be that person. I will give you some privacy. Take good care of her."

"Thank you, your holiness. I give you my word I will do my best to protect her." Fache looked at him with gratitude before going to Katherine's side. Mortati merely smiled at the sight before leaving the room. Katherine slowly woke, blinking her eyes several time before they focused on Fache. Her eyes watered slightly with joy as he hugged her tightly. She returned the embrace holding onto him as a life line. His eyes and voice reflected his fears at seeing her hurt. "Never scare me so badly again, Ma cheri. I don't know where I would be without you in my life."

"I promise to do my best, if you promise the same. Just hold me for a little while." She pleaded. He merely sat with her on the bed and held her in his arms. Each drawing strength of the other's presence. After a few minutes they heard a throat clearing loudly. Turning to the doorway, they could see a male doctor in smocks.

"You must be Captain Fache. I am Doctor John Nelshonu. I operated on the Lady." The two shook hands and the doctor nodded to Katherine briefly. "I am granting the Lady's request to release her to her hotel room, provided she takes all her medication and someone stays with her at all times. His holiness said he believe you would be that person."

"Yes, I will. Are there any instructions for cleaning the wounds and when to take her meds?" Fache asked even as he held onto her.

The doctor handed him some prescriptions papers. "It's all in there. She'll need bed rest for at least tonight. She'll need rest often otherwise, though it would merely be sitting most of the time. She has to take her meds as written there. Someone will need to be with her or near her at all times for the next couple of days. I understand from the Pope that she would get to restless with time, but she had best behave this far or I'm sedating her until she's fully healed."

"Understood. Thank you sir. If you would be willing to ask Lt. Collet to enter please." Fache nodded taking the papers from him. The doctor merely waved him off before saying his good bye's to Katherine and leaving the room. A few moments later Collet knocked on the door, only entering when Fache told him too.

"It is good to hear of your survival from today's shooting. Many of the agents in the DCPJ wished me to extend there hope you would heal quickly. And to let you know the matter is being looked into thoroughly."

"Thank you, Collet. And if you could extend my thanks to the others as well." She smiled tiredly.

"The doctor has given permission to let Katherine go to her hotel for rest…." Fache began.

"He has already told me. I asked some of the men to bring a proper car around and we have cleared the halls of any traffic. They have rules here that Katherine will have to be in a wheel chair until she gets into the car, so I have arranged for Agent Bernette to bring one here. There will be an escort of no less then two cars full of agents. We have also made arrangements for a route into the hotel to her rooms to be cleared for security's sake. The manager has asked I express his promise that any of Katherine's needs or wishes would be tended too." Collet interrupted. Fache looked pleased at his quick response to her needs and security.

Katherine merely smile gratefully once more, "Thank you. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get dressed again." Collet nodded and toke his leave, using the opportunity to double check all of the arrangements. Fache helped her dress in a pair of smocks that a nurse had brought up to replace her bloodied clothes the forensics team had taken for evidence. His eyes burned with fury at the wounds she had but soon cleared by focusing on Katherine's needs then the revenge he could gain at anytime. After getting Katherine settled into a wheelchair, he was quickly on his way taking her through the hallways, down the elevator and straight to the waiting car.

Light bulbs flashed from reporters camera's as he lifted her gently off the wheelchair and set her into the car as Agent Bernette pulled the chair out of the way. His tenderness surprised many agents, but seeing the two together in such a moment warmed their hearts. It also made sensational news as far as the reporters were concerned. Collet got into the drivers seat and started the car up. Soon the first car was leading the way to the hotel. As they were on there way Fache held one of her hands gently, she leaned against him, her head on his shoulder. Collet merely smiled gently, they made quite the picture. He had seen the fear in his captain's eyes as they drove to the hospital after he received the call. Seeing the relief now in his face and eyes at being able to hold his lady once more was heart warming for Collet. He feared Fache would not find love, now he realized that fear was not necessary.

Within a few more minutes the caravan of cars pulled up to the front of the hotel, and agents flooded out of both the cars and the hotel. Clearing a path from the cars and into the hotel. Fache could see that there was no wheelchair waiting and apparently from the shouting he could hear someone had forgotten it. He merely got out of the car, and then lifted Katherine out and carried her up the steps to the lobby like any fairy tale princess might be. Light bulbs flashed at this apparently romantic scene, but all Katherine and Fache were doing was focusing on each other. Once inside the lobby the manager came practically running over to them and chattered on and on about what arrangements he had made.

"I apologize for not having a chair waiting and I promise to have the matter thoroughly investigated. I checked over the cleaning of the rooms to ensure nothing was amiss. I have also arranged for you to have your own attendants that will be able to assist with anything you might wish. The DCPJ agents already have rooms near by and are staying compliments of myself and the owner. If you would like we could screen everyone who wishes to meet with the Lady while she heals from this ordeal, just give a list to myself or my assistant."

"Thank you Mr. Jacques. If you do not mind I would prefer to retire for the evening. And see that we are not disturbed tomorrow as well." Katherine said sleepily as Fache made his way to the elevator.

"Of course my lady. Just call if you or your guards need anything." Jacques bowed slightly before turning to Collet to begin the authorized guest lists. Collet knew to leave them be for at least the evening and following morning. Fache carried her all the way to her bed once inside her rooms, assisted her to undress and lay down before stripping and joining her.

"Sleep now, Ma cheri. I will be here." He whispered kissing her forehead. She merely murmured before fall asleep in his arms. He held onto her tightly. 'I could have lost her today. I know she would not like for me to overprotective for very long but I do not wish to lose her. Especially not so soon. I will call in every favor I have to remain by her side for at least the next few days. I can't lose her!...I love her.'

Chapter 7

Katherine woke slowly, the warmth and presence of Bezu holding her was luxurious. She could feel the dull aches of her wounds and she knew she would at least need a cane for a few days. But the comfort of Bezu's arms around her pushed all that pain away. She snuggled in closer and could feel his chuckle.

"Your awake now, ma cheri. I was beginning to get worried." He said as he kissed her forehead. "It's time for you to take your medicine, okay?"

"Yes, then just want to snuggle." Katherine said sleepily and she once again felt his chuckle. He turned slightly, obviously reaching for something. She toke the pills he handed her with a small glass of water, before laying back down with his arms around her. "Ja t'aime." She whisper as she went to sleep once more.

Fache froze. She said she…loved him. But this happily shocked Fache as he realized the truth in what she said. He held her and looked at her with such tenderness it would have made her cry with joy. He clutched her tightly to him before finally replying, "Ja t'aime, ma cheri."


When Katherine next woke she could feel Bezu was not with her. She began to panic, looking about wildly and crying, when she heard Bezu's voice and felt him hug her.

"Call down. I am here ma cheri. I am here." He said soothingly to her. She gradually calmed down. When calm once more she looked up to Bezu and could see his warm eyes. "That's it. I had to speak with Collet, I did not mean to leave you for so long." He softly explained. "Would like to go to sit at the couch and eat?"

She nodded slowly, as he stood she moved to the side of the bed before slowly rising her self. He helped her stand and then wrapped an arm around, helping her from the room and to the couch in the sitting area. Collet and two other agents were still there and watched her with some awe as she moved to the couch. They seemed to have expected that she would remain in bed, but she proved them wrong…again. On the coffee table in front of the couch was a tea service, and a rather large bowl of cuts of fruits. She dished up a small helping, signally that they could have some too.

After everyone had there food and taken seats Katherine asks, "What happened with the shooter? Did he explain why I was his target?"

Collet looked to Fache who nodded before say, "He was apparently going after you because of your views on certain matters that would effect his people. He also stated that a woman should know her place and remain in the kitchen."

Katherine snorted into her cup of tea, "Middle Eastern male chauvinism. Predictable. No offenses to any of you intended."

"None taken ma'am." The other two agents mumbled.

"Was there anything else?" She asked sipping on her tea. Just as Collet was going to answer the phone rang.

"Hello?" Bezu Fache answered the phone. "One moment please." He placed his hand over the mike, turned toward Katherine. "It's the Pope. He says it an emergency."

Katherine toke the phone from him, "Hello, Mortati. What's the problem?" As she listened intently her face shifting from one emotion to the next before settling on what could only be pissed off. "I'll be there in a little bit." She slammed the receiver down before beginning to rise.

"What do you mean 'I'll be there in a little bit'? You supposed to be recovering from being shot!" Fache complained.

"Several factions feel this is a good time to try and plow over all the good work and progress we have been making because I'm not there. I refuse to accept that. So I am going! Either help me get around or I'll do it myself, I will not allow more people to die for the stupidest of reasons because some politician has a bur up his ass." She stared down the captain's eyes before he reluctantly nodded.

"Fine, you can go but I will be with you at all times. And you, in the least will be using a cane. I would prefer a wheel chair but I know that you would say no. And you will still take your medicine on time like the doctor ordered." Fache demanded.

"Agreed." Katherine started to make her way to the door but was a little wobbly, Fache came up and placed arm around her for support.


As they walked down the hall of the Luxembourg Palace to the senate chambers they could hear the shouts and yelling taking place between the 'leaders' of the world. Katherine had chosen a pure white suit and shirt, a white ivory cane helped her to walk, only light make up was applied due to lack of time, still she glowed like an angel might in the light streaming from the windows. Fache redressed in his black suit and grey dress shirt from the previous day. They were as if the yin and yang had met.

The doorman of the senate chambers gawked as they made there way to him. He had seen the lady being shot the day before, he had seen the injuries she had sustained but here she was coming towards him her face set into a hardened mask mirrored by that of her companion. He quickly prepare to open the door on her signal which she gave. Sweeping the doors open he merely bowed as she walked past.

In the senate hall everyone had gone silent as soon as the doors began to open, imagine their shock at who walked through those doors. Silence and awe filled the hall as the Lady Katherine and her companion Captain Bezu Fache walked in and made there way to her seat. Slowly clapping began to fill the hall until it became a thunderous roar. This was the dedication of true leaders, this was the promise that no matter what else may happen she would be there to help guide them all. Finally the cheers began to fade and business once again toke precedent.

"We would like to welcome back Lady Katherine Evans. And wish to express our eternal thanks for your dedication to this conference. We also express our hope that you have a speedy recovery." Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin declared through the microphone at the podium. More applause filled the room.

"Thank you Minister Raffarin. I had heard there was difficulty with the peace talks and wished to return and offer what aid I could in helping solve what dilemmas have arisen." Lady Katherine words were well placed as many seemed to hunch inwards ever so slightly. Fache's eyes seemed to glimmer at this. But all too soon the shouting started once more and Katherine obviously becoming agitated. As she began to draw in a breath Fache covered his ears, the Pope following soon after, it was a needed maneuver. "SILENCE!!!"

All sound the hall stopped as shocked politicians and royals turned to look at her. "With the attack yesterday, my patients is thinning for such trivial arguments is lacking. If you behave as two years olds then I will treat you as one from this moment forward." She glared at many through out the room. "We are here to find peace not to incite wars. The world has seen to many wars as it is, we have no need or wish for any more. I understand that in life there is the good and the bad. No one is perfect nor can any claim perfection no matter how much they wish. Something else I understand is that each life and their voice enriches us and ennobles us. And each voice and life lost diminishes us. No one religion takes precedence over others because who can truly claim that there is only one religion the world must follow. It is these things that can make wars or prevent them. We bleed the same, we are born the same and we can die the same. We have to honor the past and learn from it. But we must look to the future for the generations to come. What future would we give them, peace or war? So choose now what path you will follow. And may whatever gods you pray to have mercy on you for that choice. Choose wisely."

Her words struck a cord in them all. The fact that she openly declared all religious beliefs to be equal to each other was a surprise, especially with who one of her godfathers was but he merely sat there smiling with what could only be considered pride. Many viewed that the lives lost most in recent years could have been prevented if peace had been settled between them. Here was a woman, titled in so many ways, telling them that with every action there would be consequences no matter there choices. But lives could be saved if peace of any sort could be obtained.



Chapter 8

The coming days marked a change in the efforts of the conference members. A good change. Negotiations were underway between countries that once could not stand the thought of being in the same buildings much less the same room. Katherine's recovery was very promising, she seemed to get stronger with each day. Still the days and nights for Fache and Katherine were magical.

When Fache was needed in the office Katherine went with him and assisted on many cases that were waiting. So far their team up in the office setting brought many achievements. Criminals of all types were captured, families were granted a sense of peace, justice was done and cases closed. Katherine did not need to be at the conference for such long periods of time unless there were true emergencies and those were growing to be few and far in between much to her joy. Mortati's patient and calm demeanor helped a great deal towards that. So was able to be with the man she loved and to help him in his work. She remembered telling him once already, afterwards his behavior towards her became all the more tender. She had yet to hear him say the same but she could sense it was there, that was good enough for now.

The other agents at the DCPJ were very polite and helped her whenever they could. Fache had yet to return to the persona of a bull off on the rampage like he was before meeting Katherine. She was always there when anyone needed help, personal private or personal. Helping on various cases in so many divisions. Anything from cryptography, forensic sciences, profiling perpetrators, going through old cases as though they were brand new. So many crimes had been solved that led members of the various divisions putting forth that Fache would need a bigger office with everything the two working on or sifting through.

However one more major case was brought forth, one that could shake the very foundations of the history of the fight for the holy lands and their guardian knights, the Knights Templar. This was not of the holy grail for that was protected. It was for second most treasured secret they protected. A line that not even the Vatican would challenge. The line of sainted warriors. The Chosen.