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"Some day, when I'm awfully low,

When the world is cold,

I will feel a glow just thinking of you...

And the way you look tonight.

Yes you're lovely, with your smile so warm

And your cheeks so soft,

There is nothing for me but to love you,

And the way you look tonight."

The Way You Look Tonight, Frank Sinatra (Ole Blue Eyes himself…thanks Amy!)

Fourteen-year-old Brookwood HS freshman Lucy Karate paused at the door to the giant mansion in front of her, feeling like a complete and total loser. Her parents (with her dorky younger brother no less) had just dropped her off at her first official high school party and she was pretty sure everyone inside had seen her "grand entrance"…which made her want to turn around and get right back in the car. However, it was too late as her family was already on their way to tour the lights display in the classy neighborhood. Lucy had a sinking suspicion it was so that they could be close by "in case anything happened."

Getting her Mom to agree to let her go to a party where there were going to be upperclassmen (emphasis on men) had been an uphill battle, but there was no way she was going to miss out on the fun – especially when her best friends Gina and Mandy were eagerly awaiting a full report on the festivities. She had briefly debated smuggling her pals in for confidence, but if there was once thing she had learned this season, it was that she was definitely becoming a stronger, more assertive individual. Besides, the Brookwood Drum Line Christmas party was legendary and the only way of being invited if you were an underclassman was if you were a member of the Line or dating one of its members. Its exclusivity led itself to be the most talked about event (after the marching season had ended, of course) and rightfully so. The local percussion teacher (and father of three prominent Brookwood Drum Line alumni – two Captains no less), Mr. DiBonaventura, was a very wealthy man and loved entertaining. This party was a way for him to show his young drummers how much he appreciated them and how pleased he was of another award winning season.

Lucy felt proud of trophies she had helped win as part of the Front Line. As a rising 8th grader, she had no idea what to expect about the intimidating section she had volunteered to be a part of. The season had been long and demanding, but worth every second. It was such a rush to be part of the Drum Line. Still standing at the front door under the twinkling white lights, Lucy found herself wondering if she had a chance of making the Battery the following year.

What a difference a semester makes…

A year ago, if asked what a 'battery' was, she probably would've thought about the device that charged things, now…she could only think of drums…and the boys that played them. Lucy looked down and questioned again if she had chosen the right thing to wear. Because this party was such a big deal (Mr. DiBonaventura's house was in the only gated community in the school district), Lucy's mom had taken her shopping for a real dress. Although her mom wondered why Lucy's Homecoming dress wasn't good enough, the young Pitling would rather die than wear the dress she had worn on one of the most embarrassing nights of her life… After looking in practically every store in the Mall, Lucy had lucked out and found a beautiful dress on her favorite fashion website, Bluefly. It was a gorgeous silver halter dress that made her feel amazing – and was also on sale! The satin felt delicious on her skin, and with the combined efforts of her best friends, she knew her elegant upsweep was not going anywhere.

Except inside…

Give me a minute!

Uh, hello? Baby, it's cold outside!

Part of her still wanted to run home, throw on some old jeans and a hoodie, but in the end she was glad she chose the dress and to actually come to the party. It was all part of her goal to break out of her "shy Pit girl" mold and start to get some recognition. What better place to start than the Drum Line Christmas party? Currently, she had too many crushes to count, the top of her fantasy boyfriend list being none other than Cameron MacKenzie, the younger version of Daniel Craig, snare hottie. He made the other guys on her list pale in comparison. Plus, he was an upperclassman…not an annoying sophomore, like know-it-all first bass drummer Spence. Lucy could count on one hand the times she had conversed alone with the gorgeous and flirtatious junior. Furthermore, the latest gossip was that Cameron was single! He had been attached to the pretty blonde Ellen from the Dance Line all season, but something had happened and well, Lucy could only hope it was true. Suddenly, she realized someone was behind her.

A masculine voice whispered in her ear, "You know, you might not believe it, but there's actually a party is inside. We don't force the freshman to stay outside."

Lucy looked up and gasped, Cameron was standing right next to her. The young front line member had to remind herself to actually breathe. The snare drummer looked good enough to eat in a dark suit.

"Oh yeah?" Wow, aren't I the cunning linguist?

Lucy was surprised as Cameron seemed content to stand in the freezing cold with her. Lucy closed her eyes and hoped that her cheeks were rosy and that her mascara hadn't clumped. From under her eyelashes, she realized that her crush's usual electric blue gaze seemed not as intense as usual.

You could always ask him about it…

What's he going to do, spill his heart to some lame freshman he doesn't even know?

You'll never know until you ask.

"Is everything ok?" Lucy questioned, her breath making little white puffs in the cold December air.

Cameron rubbed his hands together and pasted a smile on his face and said in what Lucy considered a very phony voice, "Sure, fine. Why shouldn't I be?"

Lucy didn't really have a good answer, so she shrugged her shoulders.

The moment on the front porch was broken. Cameron said awkwardly, "Here, let me get the door for you."

"Thanks," Lucy tried to keep the disappointment out of her voice.

Hey now - six times you've talked! It's a Christmas miracle!

As soon as they entered the house, Lucy felt as if she was in a different world. Immediately, someone asked to take her coat and the green eyed brunette watched Cameron disappear into the kitchen. Lucy sighed, but went off to find Molly, kind of second guessing why she hadn't volunteered to drive over with the other pit girl in the first place…

I wonder who else is here…

The freshman drummer was pleasantly surprised to see the evening went by quickly and was embarrassed that it seemed she had to leave before anyone else. Carefully timing her exit, Lucy went over to retrieve her coat, hoping that no one would notice that her curfew was before anyone else's and that her parents were going to pick her up.

Come on Mom and Dad…why did we say eleven? No one else has to leave now!

With a final sigh, she buttoned up her jacket…slightly disappointed with the way the evening had turned out. Sure, she had flirted and laughed and all the things you were supposed to do at a party, but there was something missing.

A boyfriend?

Don't remind me.

Hearing some of her classmates approaching and still obviously having a good time, Lucy quickly ducked into the deserted formal dining room. Wanting to stay warm, she was planning to wait until the last minute to run out and make a quick getaway when he parents pulled up.

"You leaving?"

Lucy looked to see Cameron's muscular figure leaning on the doorframe. Trying not to stare, she quickly averted her gaze and her green eyes happened to see that he was standing under some very strategically placed mistletoe.

Oh…my…gosh – did he just see me check him out and look at the mistletoe? How desperate do I look?

Lucy risked a glance in his direction – Cameron looked up and locked eyes with her, a slow grin stretching across his face.

"That's the first time you've really smiled tonight," Lucy blurted out.

Yeah, call him unhappy – he'll totally want to date you. Guys love it when you point out their faults and leer at them like they are sides of beef. Quit using all the secrets from the first chapter of "How to Get a Boyfriend."

From across the room, Cameron cocked his head at her, "How do you know?"

"Umm…I don't. Sorry, just ignore me." Lucy was glad it was dark in the room, because her cheeks definitely flushed.

"You might be right."

Lucy's heartbeat sped up as Cameron came into the room and stood across the elegantly set table from her. She willed her parents to be late, and looked outside. Her heart soared when she didn't see headlights. Deciding that the role of "sympathetic ear" might be her best option to continue conversation with her season long crush, Lucy asked warily, "Are you ok?"

Cameron responded in a distant voice, "Yeah."

"I don't believe you," she challenged.

What is wrong with me?!

"Really, Lucy?"

He remembers my name!

"Yes," she answered honestly.

Cameron traced a plate on the table, "Why don't you think I'm ok?"

Lucy gulped. Freshman boys she knew (or at least thought she knew) how to handle, but this was the first time she had ever been really alone with someone she was interested in…and her weird crush on Nick earlier this semester didn't count…this moment felt so much more real. Unable to come up with anything, she finally found her voice, "I would say it's because of your recent breakup…"

Cameron didn't answer for a moment, instead taking time to walk further around the table, picking up a frame with Michael, last year's Captain, in his graduation robes. Setting it down carefully, he said, "How do you know that I'm not still dating her?"

"You would've brought her tonight," Lucy said mater-of-factly.

"Would I?"

"You would." Lucy had no doubt, because who wouldn't bring Ellen? She was gorgeous and lots of fun to be around.

I might as well keep on screwing things up…let's see, I've already called him unhappy, why shouldn't I throw 'wrong' into the mix for fun?

Lost in her thoughts, Lucy looked up and realized Cameron was suddenly very close to her. Not really answering her statement, he asked, "What do you want for Christmas, Lucy?"

Lucy wasn't about to tell him that all of the sudden something that you couldn't buy in stores had shot up to the top of the list…something that involved a small piece of shrubbery that was about five feet away… She shifted nervously and replied, "To make the Battery next year."

"That's all?"

Lucy was uncomfortable this close to her crush, so she moved towards the door, and said unconvincingly, "Yup."

"I don't believe you," he threw her own words back at her.

Lucy paused, and realized that she was now standing under the mistletoe.

It's not like it's going to mean anything to him…he probably doesn't even realize…

"Do you believe in tradition?"

Lucy thought it was a weird time to bring up the Drum Line, but if it changed the subject away from something that didn't make her blush, then she would happily take it.


Instead of responding, Cameron moved in so they were both standing in the crowded space of the doorway. In a good way, Lucy couldn't breathe. She looked down nervously.

"Lucy…" a voice whispered very close to her face.

Lucy looked up and realized there were only inches separating she and Cameron MacKenzie. His eyes were twinkling and this close to him she noticed a light sprinkling of freckles across his nose.

"Now, are you sure there's nothing you'd like to ask Santa for?"

Lucy gulped, the tone in his voice alone was enough to make her melt.

All I want for Christmas is a perfect first kiss…

With her heart pounding in her chest, Lucy could only summon the courage to look up to where the mistletoe was hanging. It was enough for the blue eyed junior. As soon as Cameron's callused hand cupped her cheek, Lucy closed her eyes. With her heart pounding, the freshman thought time stopped as his soft lips met hers…not wanting the moment to end, she put her arms around his neck, and responding to his tongue on her lips, did what came naturally – she opened her mouth and deepened the kiss. As Cameron brought her in close, Lucy lost herself in the sensations of the embrace…trying to instantly commit to memory how he nibbled at her bottom lip... how he gently placed kissed on the line of her cheek...how he...she was startled when headlights flared in the room.

Breathlessly, Lucy stopped the kiss, but leaned in until she was forehead to forehead with Cameron. In a highly disappointed tone, she whispered, "I have to go."

Cameron straightened up, "I know."

Lucy shyly smiled as she walked away, "Merry Christmas, Cameron."

"Goodbye, Lucy."

Something in his voice made her stop. She was going to ask, but her Dad honked the horn and she walked out into the cold night.

It really was the best Christmas Lucy could ever remember. On the morning of December 25th she was having a wonderful dream about Cameron's perfect kiss. In her sleep, she murmured, "Oh Cameron."

As Cameron's kisses grew sloppier, Lucy's green eyes opened and she was ecstatic to see a small Pug puppy on her chest.

Lucy's squeals were heard throughout the house, "Thanks Mom and Dad! She's perfect!!!"

Much later that evening, after all the presents had been opened, Lucy got on her (new) computer to send out holiday wishes to everyone. Opening her myspace page, she immediately zeroed in on Cameron's name and her eyes squinted in concern when she saw the bulletin was titled, "Goodbye."

Holding her breath, Lucy was shocked to see the following note:

Hey dudes and dudettes,

My Dad got transferred and we're moving out of state - effective immediately. I enjoyed all of my seasons with the Brookwood Drum Line and am proud of every note I got to play with you guys. Best of luck to everyone in the future. I'll give y'all my contact info when we get settled.

Keep on rocking!


Lucy felt like she had been punched in the stomach. Enterting a random chat room she despondently typed the following message:

pitgirl17: Anyone recently has their heart broken?

Cartwright213: Don't even get me started...

AN: Awww…not sure if everyone's first kiss turned out this way. I have no complaints about mine... (wink, wink)

And actually, this would make a pretty decent little scene on film…