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Our Own World (B/T – just cause I'm in that kind of mood, B's packing for tour, Art of Music adjacent)

"You know what?"

"What's that?"

"I think I finally get what everyone has been saying."

"What were they saying?"

Bronwyn jammed another pair of socks in her now exploding bag and paused for a moment, looking at a faded picture taped to her mirror. She plucked it from where it was stuck and sat next to Tony on her bed, "Look at us."

"This was taken before we were even together."

"I know."


"So, Megan and Meredith were always telling me how you and I were always in our own world, and I could never see it. I really didn't believe them, but now…"


"It's like the signs were there the whole time. Every time I see a picture of us or think back to when we were together before we were actually together, it's not like we meant to, but even when we were fighting, it was always just you and me, like no one else existed."

Tony picked up her smaller hand and traced circles on the back of it, "And that's a bad thing?"

Bronwyn looked up shyly from beneath her fair eyelashes and grabbed hold of her boyfriend's stubbled chin, "Definitely not."

Ending the subject, she closed the distance between them and placed a soft kiss on Tony's surprised, but always ready, lips.