-Apparates- I, The Hooded Menace, completely forgot to post this fun little ficlet until now. A result of wondering how three of my favorite HP characters would react to each other. I like the end result. Review or you'll be their next target.

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A Little Help

"Bloody hell," panted George, running as fast as he possibly could, "Looks like Filch might actually catch us this time."
Fred, running beside him, gasped, "You may be right. Since when could he run this fast?"

"Maybe he's wised up and gotten some magically enhanced trainers."

"That would explain why he's gaining on us."

Desperately, the twins looked for an escape route, somewhere they could duck in and escape before he saw them again and grabbed them. There was only one doorway in sight – the one to the girls' bathroom.

Fred looked at George. "Oh no," gaped George, "We are not hiding in there. What if there are girls in there? They'd murder us!"

"Better them than Filch," said Fred, yanking his twin through the forbidden doors. At first, they thought bathroom was deserted, until a dreamy voice broke the silence.

"Hello," said Luna vaguely, pushing her hair out of her eyes, "What are you two doing in here? Boys rarely come in here, you know."

"Oh, um, hi Luna," replied Fred, feeling quite awkward, "We were just in the area and thought we'd drop by for a visit. Everything, um, looks normal in here."

"Does it?" she asked, "I don't usually use this restroom. It's rather far away from everything."

"Yep," added George, "Standard amount of toilets, sinks, grime – everything is quite in order."

"Are you doing a survey of the toilets?" the girl queried, "If you are, I could help. Because usually when boys come into the girls' toilets, they get in trouble, and I don't think you'd want that."

Fred shifted guiltily. "To be quite honest, we actually are in trouble. At least, if Filch catches us. We made one little rain cloud in the halls and he got mad. Poor bloke doesn't have a sense of humor."
They could hear footsteps approaching the room.

"That's probably him," hissed George, diving into a stall. His twin took the one next to him.

"Luna," he whispered, "Could you please tell us when he's gone?"

"I think I'll go check to see if it is him," she stated, wandering out of the bathroom. It was indeed Filch, looking very angry and very wet.

"You, girl!" he snarled, "You haven't seen two redheaded miscreants, have you?"

She paused to think. "I'm not quite sure, really. You know, the funny thing about redheads is that often their hair is orange, not red, but they're not called orangeheads. I suppose we don't because that would remind people of the fruit, rather than the color, and then we'd have to classify the shapes of their heads using fruits. Some people would be oranges, others mangos and some people would be pineapples. I think I'd be a-"

The janitor murmured some dirty words under his breath and moved away, leaving Luna alone in the hall. She went back into the restroom.

"He's gone now," she told the hidden twins, who had heard everything and had a hard time concealing their laughter. They got out of the stalls, grinning.

"You're all right, Luna," said George, clapping her on the shoulder.

"But now, we must be off," declared Fred boldly, "There are more halls in desperate need of watering. Care to come along?"

"That would be lovely," Luna smiled, and off the three of them went, spreading mischief and strange wisdom wherever they were.

The End