He was obsessed with a clumsy human girl.

He let out a harsh laugh in the quiet room. It sounded like two pieces of sandpaper grinding together.

He, Kuran Kaname, a lord among vampires, was utterly preoccupied with a mere human.

But no one dared question him. Except Zero. Kaname would let the lesser vampire slide. Yuuki was his. Undeniably so. She owed him her blood.

Despite any feelings she had towards Kiryuu Zero, she would come to him when he called. She would finally be within his grasp.

Kaname paced the room feverishly. He needed her. He needed her desperately. His eyes flashed crimson with a hungry bloodlust for the girl.

The glazed eyes flicked to a picture that was pinned to the wall. His eyes narrowed angrily and he picked up the letter opener sitting on his mahogany desk.

He hurled it at the photo with all his might and the sharp object embedded itself in the wall.

Glancing down at his elegant hands, Kaname sat bright blood welling from a gash on his index finger. He licked the blood thoughtfully as he went to examine the damage he inflicted on the photo.

He managed to hit the man in the photo directly in the face. He smiled, fangs gleaming dangerously in the moonlight and caressed the face of the smiling girl in the picture with a bloody finger. Kiryu would be out of the real picture, not just the now ruined photograph.

She would come to him and sate his lust and hunger. He would possess her.

Then his obsession would end.