Imo Goes Home

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House entered the bedroom to find the two women fast asleep once again. Cuddy was sleeping in the 'Log' position whilst Imogen was sleeping in the 'Foetus' position.

He gave another small smile as he placed his cane against the desk next to his bed and took his t-shirt off; as he lay onto the mattress he stared at the ceiling.

Today had been another experience, it felt dream-like. He'd had the responsibility of being a parent and had kind of started to enjoy it; he wanted to be a part of Imogen's life more, he wanted to become the dad he had never been, he wanted to bond with his daughter.

House knew it'd be tricky, it would mean that he'd have to put more of his own time into making an effort in seeing his daughter, but deep down he knew it would be beneficial for the both of them.

Maybe more beneficial on his side though.

His thoughts were interrupted by a small wriggle from Imogen as she snuggled up to House's side. He put his left arm around her and closed his eyes and fell into a shallow sleep. It had been ten minutes of snoozing before he was woken by Cuddy who had switched her sleeping position into one of 'Yearning'.

Her arms had slipped under the pillows and her hands had found House's shoulder, her body was now pressed up against Imogen's curled up figure and it felt to him like some odd form of family hug.

It felt awkward yet good, not one of those perfect hugs family's have in fairytales but one good enough for him.

He smiled once again before falling into a deep sleep with the sensation of happiness coursing through him.


The door was being hammered upon when he woke up the next morning, to House it felt slightly reminiscent of Saturday morning.

He opened one eye to find Imogen and Cuddy snuggled up near him and he remembered who the hammering must belong to.


He got up from the bed making sure he didn't disturb Imogen and closed the bedroom door to muffle the sound.

'That's what you get for disturbing my sleep.' He thought to himself as he returned to the bed.

As he lay back against the mattress again he looked over at his daughter. She now had her thumb stuck in her mouth and her blonde hair covered her face, he could hear her deep breathing and the occasional suck of the thumb. It remained like this for another ten minutes before Cuddy started to stir.

She removed her arms from under the pillows and returned to her 'Log' position. As she rolled onto her side so her back was now facing House, he couldn't help but glance at her ass.

It wasn't everyday that he could glance at her butt without her turning round sharply and giving him the evil eye.

"House, stop looking." She said groggily.

House gave a small jump as she unexpectedly spoke.

"Shh." He hissed "Imogen's still asleep."

"Sorry, but I needed you to stop looking. I could feel your eyes boring into my ass like lasers."

"Who's to say I was looking at it. What's to say you weren't dreaming that I was looking at your ass?"

"In my dreams or in the real world, you are always looking at my ass. Don't deny it."

"Whatever you say wifey."

"Don't start that again. I'm too tired to argue."

"Well we'll just say I win and call it quits then."

"Whatever. I need coffee."

"In the kitchen."

"And I'll make one for Anna. I guess she's still knocking against the door."

"More than likely." House replied giving a stretch.

"You want one?" Cuddy asked as she stood up, she was still disorientated and fell to the side, she grabbed onto the mattress to steady herself, but because House had lifted himself from the bed as she was starting to fall to the ground, and he caught Cuddy before her bum cheek collided with wood flooring.

"Nice asses shouldn't have bruises." He smiled as he helped Cuddy up.

"I don't bruise easily." She replied seductively.

"We'll see about that." He said brushing the hair from out of her eyes again.

As House leaned in for a kiss Imogen woke up.

"Dad?" she called out.

"I'm here. So's Lisa."

"I had a bad dream." She whimpered.

"Wanna tell me about it?" he asked as Cuddy left to make coffee.

She padded across the front room to the door which was still being knocked against, now curses being called from Anna's side of the door in her frustration.

"About…" but Anna was cut off by the figure of Lisa Cuddy standing in the doorway.

"Coffee?" Cuddy asked innocently inviting Anna into the apartment.

"Please." Anna replied in a state of confusion. "Why are you here? And apparently half dressed." She asked looking at Cuddy's night-time attire. "Greg didn't ship Imogen over to James's did he? Because if I did I'll be having…" But she was interrupted once again by a shape of a small girl in the bedroom doorway "Imogen! Honey! How's it been with your Dad?" she asked the small child.

"It was good. I had pizza and Lisa pushed me round really fast in the trolley. But we lost Dad…"

Anna muttered under her breath "shame you found him."

"I resent that remark Anna." House said standing behind his daughter. "Then who could you lumber Imo onto when you and Richie want to have a dirty weekend away together?"

"I resent that remark." Anna replied back "I would never "lumber" Imogen onto anyone unless I was desperate."

"Desperate for some loving eh? Kid cramping your style?"

"Well it's nice to see that she doesn't hamper your love life. On the contrary, she heightens your sex appeal. I knew Lisa wanted a kid but I never knew she'd bed you just because I gave you Imogen for one day."

"Now that was out of line Anna." House snarled. "And for your information me and Lisa have not had sex, let alone any form of intimacy. You know me; I never have time for anyone let alone a sex buddy."

"So why is she here then?" Anna asked as she folded her arms across her chest.

This action reminded him vaguely of Cameron when she was pissed at him.

"Imogen invited her over for a sleepover." House replied as it was the simplest thing in the world.

"Don't use our daughter as your excuse."

"But it's true Mommy!" Imogen piped up. "I wanted Lisa to sleep over. Dad said it was up to her."

"Lisa?" Anna asked turning her piercing gaze over to Cuddy.

"It's true."

"Well pack your stuff up then." Anna told Imogen, changing the subject swiftly.

"But I haven't had breakfast."

"You can have some when you get in. Come on. Daddy wants to see you."

"Urm, ok then." Imogen obeyed as she ran over the apartment looking for her shoes.

"They're in here." Cuddy told her as she guided Imogen into the bedroom.

"How's she been?" Anna asked.

"Good. I expected her to be some huge pain in the ass but she's better than I expected."

"Our daughter is more grown up than you think Greg, that's what you've missed out on."

"What if I wanted to be a part of her life again?"

"You've spent one day with her and now you want to make up for five years of neglect. I don't think so."

"I want to watch her grow up Anna. You can't deprive me up that, I'm her real Dad! Not Richie Rich, Mr. Perfect."

"I wish he was Imogen's dad!" Anna spat.

"I want to be a part of her life Anna, and if you don't agree on something now then I'm sure we'll agree on something in court."

"Don't make threats Greg, you won't keep to it."

"Sure about that?"

"Quite sure." Anna smiled with confidence.

"You ready?" she asked Imogen as she emerged with her coat, shoes and bag.

"Yeah." Imogen replied.

"Say goodbye to your dad." Anna said.

"Bye Dad." Imogen said walking over to House.

Even though it caused him excruciating pain House knelt down and hugged his daughter.

"I'll see you soon." He whispered in her ear before he let go of her.

Imogen gave him a smile and then she said goodbye to Cuddy.

"Be good for your Mom." Cuddy told her.

"I will" she replied.

And with that they both left the apartment.

Cuddy and House remained silent before Cuddy spoke.

"I better get going; I have so much paperwork to do."

"I need your help once more" he said to her with a look of desperation.

"What is it? If it's a day off I'm saying no."

"No it's not to do with work. It's to do with Imogen."

"What?" Cuddy asked turning round to face him in disbelief.

"I want joint custody of Imogen." He said seriously.

"You being serious? This isn't one of those things which you can be semi-interested in and then drop whenever you want. If you get joint custody of Imogen you will have to see her every weekend, feed her, wash her, and get to know her. Are you sure you're ready for that?"

"My dad was lousy, and not being a part of my own daughter's life will make me turn out to be as lousy as him, maybe even lousier. I don't want that. I know I've already missed out on five years of her life, but I want to spend the rest of my time getting to make up for those five years."

"Sentimental I'm sure, but this can't be an empty promise. You have to keep it no matter what happens. When you become a parent the responsibility lies with you, no one else, could you be responsible for another human being?"

"I'm responsible of whether a patient lives or dies everyday. I think I'm good on the responsibility scale Cuddy."

"You're responsible for like what? Two maybe three days? This is for life House."

"I know that already!" he shouted at her.

"If your sure." She replied wearily "I'll let you state your case to the lawyer tomorrow morning. For now can I just go home?"

"Sure." House replied. "And thanks." He said before looking away from her.

"For what?"

"Sticking by me."

"No problem Greg."


Three months passed by before the joint custody was sorted out.

House was allowed Imogen on weekends every fortnight, but he was also allowed to attend school plays, reward evenings, Christmases and birthdays as well if it was during the week.

This scheme suited House because it gave him time to schedule cases around the week that Imogen wasn't going to come round for the weekend, but first he had to explain to the ducklings.

"You have a kid?" Foreman asked disbelievingly.

"How comes you never mentioned her before?" Cameron asked looking offended that she hadn't known about this child.

"Yeah I have a kid and I didn't mention her before because I didn't see her before." House told them.

"Who's the mother?" Chase enquired "anyone we know?"

"For your information Chase, it's the one and only Anna Burrows, of whom half my kid's genetics belong to."

"Poor kid." Foreman smirked.

"So this is the way it's gonna go now." House stated. "If you call me on a weekend when I have Imogen, I'm not gonna call back, I'm not gonna page back and I'm going to move into a hotel just to get away, understand?"

"Yes House." The ducklings agreed.

"Now we've got that sorted, onto the differential."


At Imogen's six birthday party House attended and brought Imogen a bike. It had stabilisers and pink tassels on the handlebars, Imogen went crazy over it.

"Thank you Daddy." She smiled as she gave him a warm hug.

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