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Erin O'Neill looked at the paper in her hand, checking one last time to make sure she was at the right address even though she knew that she was. It was a nice looking garage: not too big; neat and clean despite the overabundant smell of motor oil and grease. There were four cars being worked on and again she wondered if this had been the right choice.

"May I help you?" a man about forty-five years in age asked as he walked into the garage from the inside room. He was wiping his hands with a cloth, his longer hair pulled back in a ponytail and his goatee cropped close to his face. Through his glasses he squinted from the darker recesses of the garage at her.

Erin smiled the way she had been practicing with Jason and Colonel Davis for the past few years, "Hi, you must be Mr. Stanley: I'm Erin O'Neill. I called you last week about your ad in the paper?"

Recognition flashed through his eyes as he smiled politely back at her, "Oh, yes, I remember. You're talking about the help wanted ad. Do you have your résumé with you, Ms. O'Neill?"

Erin's smile turned into a grin as she passed the papers to Mr. Stanley, "It's Mrs. O'Neill, actually, and call me Erin."

"Then, please, Erin," the man said with a glint of humor in his eye, "Call me Lewis." He looked back at the papers before whistling with admiration, "Wow. How'd you get your Ph.D. in Engineering so quickly? You're what, twenty-two?"

Erin blushed as she looked down, "I'm actually only nineteen, Lewis. I … I was home schooled and passed high school when I was thirteen." She looked back up at him with a small smile on her face as she shrugged, "I get bored easily."

Lewis laughed, "I know the type. Well, Erin, you're more than qualified based on this. But let's see what you can do to an actual car." He pointed one out and Erin mentally rolled her eyes: it was a classic Volvo like her original owned. "Mind telling me what's wrong with it?" he asked as she approached it.

Erin took off her leather jacket (a gift from Sam before she had left on her first assignment with Jason), revealing a light blue tank top that hugged her curves slightly without being too promiscuous. She studied under the hood for about two minutes before tinkering around for a while and turning to look at Lewis said, "Do you have a replacement pipe for this? This one's rusted."

Soon, much sooner than Lewis had anticipated, the car was in excellent working order. And Erin hadn't even broken a sweat.

She smiled at him as she lazily leaned against the closed hood of the vintage car. His shock was evident as he turned the keys in the ignition and the beautiful sound of a healthy engine rang back at him. He removed the keys and looked at Erin again, "You've got the job."

She wasn't surprised.

Jason sighed as he rubbed his eyes with the heel of his hand. His job sucked. It wasn't so much the moving around that he hated – after all, he moved around with the one person who mattered most to him: Erin – but rather the intense danger they were always in and never knowing more than what his 'uncle' thought he should know.

He loved the thrill of chasing down and disbanding the Trust sleeper cells on Earth that had access to cloning technology and Goa'uld symbiotes. It was certainly better than sitting around in a classroom somewhere getting a degree that he already earned more than twenty years before … in a different body.

Being a clone had sucked for the first nine months. But, on Jason O'Neill's (technically) seventeenth birthday, he had received one of the best birthday presents in the universe: Erin Michelle Carter (a.k.a. Mini Sam). Sam Carter and Jack O'Neill (the Originals) had requested Thor make a mini Carter for Jason around the same time Jack was promoted to Brig. General.

After Erin had been created, the two clones had chosen to defend the freedom of the peoples of Earth by stopping the Goa'uld infiltration of their planet with the help of the NID (the legitimate part and not the rogue factions) and General O'Neill. They reported directly to President Hayes and the Head of Homeworld Security as they communicated with Agent Malcolm Barrett and sometimes the CO of the SGC to receive the necessary information on their different targets.

Damn it, though, these periods of research and creating a temporary life for Erin and himself were just hell. The two had just gotten back to the States after a two month stay in China to track down one of the biologists working for the Trust. For all the crap they now had to do to track down a sleeper cell located on Manhattan, it was good to be back in the States.

After taking down their first sleeper cell over two years before, Erin and Jason had developed a rhythm to getting the job done: Erin would go out and get some odd job so that she'd have something to keep her hands busy while working out an approach angle, Jason would find them a suitable apartment, prepay their rent for a period of three months and start casing out the area to see if he could spot any unusual activity that would reveal who some of the agents were.

Being as they were in Manhattan and unusual activity took place every day in the bucket load, he'd decided to look at old crime records he had Hammond pull for him first.

One particular unsolved case caught Jason's attention as he searched the files. He looked at the names of the detectives who had worked on it and grimaced – he'd heard about Detectives Goren and Eames from Colonel Paul Davis. Davis had specifically told Erin and Jason to watch their step in the city so they didn't attract the attention of the Major Case Squad's "Golden Pair". Jason had no intention of getting caught and the knowledge of their involvement in the Trust sleeper cell (even if they didn't know they were involved) just up-ed the ante.

He heard the door open and a familiar voice say, "I brought pizza!" before his wife came into view. Getting married had been President Hayes' idea. He didn't want people thinking he was letting the two 'live in sin'. So, get married they had, and what a ceremony it had been!

"Hello, Pookie," Jason said with a grin. He knew she hated that nickname but put up with it because she knew if he didn't call her Pookie, it would have been something much more embarrassing.

Erin grinned, kissing her husband lightly, "Hello, Jason. Did you find anything yet?"

Jason grimaced again as he pulled Erin into his lap and opened the pizza box that now was situated next to their laptop computers on the coffee table. He pulled her close with one arm as his other snagged a slice of meat lover's pizza, "After we eat. I'm starved."

"Did you forget to eat lunch, Jason?" Erin asked as she relaxed in his arms, grapping his slice of pizza with a grin. "I thought that was my thing."

Jason decided it was easier to just share the slice of pizza with Erin and took a bite before saying, "It is. But with all this exercise I'm getting … well, dear, I'm a hungry guy." His left hand started to stray to illustrate his point. Erin moaned in pleasure as his hand traveled lower and lower. If there was one thing to say for sure about being married to the person of your dreams: the sex was even better in reality.

When his hand got too low, Erin stopped it by moving off his lap, "Later, Jason. We really need to focus on tracking down this cell. All we know is it's on the island."

"Which is better than what we had last time of 'It should be near the Great Wall', Erin." He scowled at the lack of contact as he snagged another slice of pizza. As he chewed he said, "But I think I found something."

He stopped and Erin looked at him expectantly, "Well?"

"You're not going to like it."

"Why not?"

"Because if we go after this cell, we'll be dragging a lot of attention our way that we don't want there."

Erin groaned softly, not liking that idea one bit, "Major Case Squad?"

"Goren and Eames," Jason replied, knowing his wife wouldn't want to back down from the challenge of this cell, but also knowing she didn't want to do something with the potential for that much notoriety.

Erin groaned again as she plopped back down onto her husband's lap, eliciting an 'oomph' from him before she said, "I guess we'll just have to keep it to recon for a while, then. We have to make sure it's the right place anyway."

"Because Manhattan has so many secret organizations operating out of it," Jason said sarcastically. At the glare his wife gave him he said, "I know, I know, I know." He looked back down to the now empty box of pizza, his arms wrapping around Erin's waist instinctively as he said, "Now, I seem to recall you mentioning something about after dinner."

Erin shivered slightly from the close contact as she said, "Hmm … care to refresh my memory, Jason?"

The man lit another cigarette as he watched the light from the apartment turn off again. He had been following the couple since their return to the States … and such an interesting couple they were. It wasn't often someone had private meetings with the Joint Chiefs and the head of the Air Force, as well as the chairman of the NID - without leaving their home, no less. Such a beautiful young woman … such a handsome young man … such a shame they had to meddle in business that wasn't theirs to meddle in.

His cell phone rang and he answered it with, "Ross?"

"Captain?" a male voice said on the other end, "We've got something here you need to see."

"I'll be there in ten."

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