A/N: I feel the need to explain myself: I've become quite busy lately mostly due to the fact that late this past week a baby girl was placed through foster care with our family and she and I have bonded quite quickly. In a matter of minutes I becaame the foster mother of baby girl who is one-year-old and eighty percent of the time wants no one else but me to hold her or do anything else with her. (The 'mom' thing came about because she is being taught to refer to my mother - the technical foster mom - as Grandma.)

I know this ending is rather abrupt, and I really had planned on letting this story grow into something longer, but this is where it wanted to end. If you ask nicely, I may be tempted to write a sequel sometime in the not so distant future.

Oh, and I had to change the genres because as I looked over this it turned out NOTHING like I wanted and ergo cut out ninty percent of the romance I had planned. Now, before this thing gets to be longer than the chapter itself, I bid thee, farewell.

As Connor listened at the door for any sound at all, Alex and Jason were quickly explaining their escape plan to Liz and Jimmy, and Erin and Bobby were searching the dark room for any cameras or other bugs that may be hidden in the walls.

"Aha!" Erin said, pulling one from its hiding spot, "I really should write a hand guide about how to escape from these guys."

"Not until you write that one about proper etiquette when visiting an alien lab, Dorothy," Jason smirked at his wife as she disabled the camera, not sparring him even a glare.

"Uggg," Frank said as he began to wake from unconsciousness. "Why's the light on?"

Bobby frowned as he listened to his brother speak. Something was wrong. Bobby had seen Frank wake up from being passed out enough to know when something was wrong. Alex saw his frown and had to wonder at it.

"We're here to rescue you," Jason said dryly. "That is, if you ever get up, Sleeping Beauty."

Deakins raised his eyebrows at Jason's nicknames for others, but said nothing.

Frank snorted at that, "You can't rescue us."

"Pessimist," Jason scoffed. He turned to his wife, "It's like he doesn't know who we are."

Erin raised her eyebrow as she turned to her husband, "He doesn't."

"Ready to blow this joint?" Jason asked her, abruptly changing the subject.

"In more ways than one," she said with a feral grin that shot a shiver of fear down Deakins' spine. He was very glad she was on their side in this thing.

"Connor, come here," Alex told her nephew. When the four-year-old was by her side, she picked him up and held him close, "We're going to go on a walk, okay? I need you to be really quite and hold onto Uncle Bobby really tight."

Connor nodded, not saying a word as he held out his arms to Bobby and was cradled close to the large detective's chest protectively.

Jason nodded once to his wife, "Do it."

Erin pulled out what appeared to be plastic wire from her bra, and broke it in half. Moments later a vapor started filling the room, causing Frank's eyes to glow and his body to slump in a pile on the floor. Everyone else remained unaffected by the toxin.

"I'm sorry, Detective Goren," she told the large detective who was staring at the dead body of his brother in shock. "He was Goa'uld."

"He was what?" Deakins asked, outraged and shocked that they had just witnessed a man being killed.

"You've met Ba'al?" she asked the police captain.

He nodded once, "A memory I'd care to forget."

"Ba'al is a Goa'uld. That toxin I just opened is fatal only to the Goa'uld symbiote. The symbiote releases its own toxin into the body of the host, killing them split-seconds later. There was enough toxin in that tube to kill all the symbiotes on this base."

"What's the point in that?" Liz asked.

"Now we just have to deal with the Trust operatives. And we don't have any spies in our midst," Jason elaborated for the benefit of the civilians.

"Enough chatter, time to go," Alex said, beginning to usher them to the door. Erin tossed her a set of lock picks that had been hidden in her belt buckle.

"Didn't they strip search you before they put you in here?" Deakins asked, remembering the humiliating incident that had happened to him.

Erin smiled coldly as her husband answered for you, "We've had experience with these guys before."

"Too much experience," Erin added softly as Alex opened the door.

First out was Jason, followed by Liz, Bobby and Alex, with Deakins and Erin bringing up the rear.

The group made their way through the compound, stopping only once to retrieve the weapons taken from them by the Jaffa under the protection of the Trust. Bobby made sure that Connor's head was securely placed with his eyes next to Bobby's heart so that he could not see the dead bodies they passed. He didn't want Connor's mind filled with those memories. He's already been through too much.

Jason pulled out a cell phone from his bag and dialed the memorized number as Erin and Alex put small patches on Deakins, Liz and Connor. "Space monkey?" he said. "Beam us up."

A bright white light enveloped the group and soon they found themselves aboard a ship. This new environment caused Connor to lift his head from Bobby's chest and broke the awkward silence that had enveloped the room.

"Cool! Spaceship, Mama!" the little boy cried gleefully, trying to wiggle his way out of Bobby's arms so he could explore this cool new place.

Liz's wide eyes were very terrified as she took her son from her sister's partner. "Yeah, baby, spaceship."

"I'm Colonel Emerson, the captain of this vessel, welcome aboard The Odyssey. Captain Hailey will take you to your quarters so that you can get cleaned up. Colonel, Major, General Landry is waiting in the briefing room to debrief you."

"Thank you, Colonel," Jason replied. "Is SG-1 with him?"

"Yes, they are."


"Can we send them home?" Erin asked the group surrounding the table.

"That shouldn't be a problem. Now that the Trust knows we mean business. We'll post undercover agents to make sure they are left alone," Landry replied. "I'm more concerned with what we're supposed to do with Eames and Goren."

"We want to help," Goren said from the doorway. SG-1 turned and watched as the two approached the group. "That is, if you'll let us."

"This is a closed briefing," Sam said, trying to keep her blank mask in place as they sat down at the end of the table.

"It concerns our futures, I think we have a right to be a part of it," Alex stated softly.

"What do you want to do?" Landry asked the detectives.

"We want to go home and help from that end however we can," the petite woman added. Her eyes were hard, leaving no room for argument.

"Sir," Erin said, turning her attention to the general, "It might actually be quite useful to have them on board, General. They can keep a close eye on the Manhattan cell for us."

"What about Ross?"

"You mean that rather annoying man Major Davis was telling me about?" Vala piped in. She continued without waiting for a response, "I believe he mentioned something about early retirement and a long vacation to some place wonderful on your planet called Timbuktu."

"He's not a problem, sir," Jason said with a small smile playing on his face.

"Good," Landry stood, bringing the briefing to a close. "We'll discuss your orders later, Detectives. In the meantime: Welcome to the Stargate Program."

"Also known as the deep end of the pool. You've just entered feet first," Mitchell quipped as SG-1 left the room, leaving Jason, Erin, Bobby and Alex alone.

"I'm hungry," Erin announced suddenly, "How 'bout some pie?"