White Day

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Li Syaoran was in a very bad situation. It was White Day and he was looking for a present to give to Sakura, the object of his affections. The problem is he hasn't found the perfect gift yet. Running out of options and time, he decided to seek help from one of Sakura's closest friends.

Dialing Tomoyo's number, he hoped she'd be able to help him with his predicament. She is, after all, Sakura's best friend.

"Moshi mo—"

"Hello. Tomoyo Daidouji cannot answer the phone right now. She is at Sakura Kinimoto's house. Please leave your message after the beep."

Feeling dejected, he put the phone down. Who is he going to ask next? It's not that Sakura didn't have many friends. It's just that he's not comfortable talking to most of them.

Realizing that he wouldn't be able to accomplish anything sitting around, he grabbed his jacket and went outside, hoping to find someone who could help him.


He has been walking around for quite a while when he spotted Yamazaki with Chiharu sitting on a park bench. Thinking that the two would be able to help him buy a gift, he walked to where they were.

"Oi, Yamazaki! Mihara!" shouted Li from a distance, making his way to them.

"Hey Yamazaki, isn't that Li?"

"Hey Li! What's up?"



Li started fidgeting, his face a bright shade of red. He didn't really know how to tell them of his problem.

"Eh… Uhmmm… You see…"

"Well, what is it?"


"It's about Sakura, isn't it?"

"Well… you se-see… it's re-really… umm… I—" Li stammered.

His blush deepened, if that was possible. Noticing his discomfort, Chiharu bopped Yamazaki on the head for being insensitive then strangled him. Syaoran just watched the two, sweat dropping at the humorous display.

"Yamazaki! You insensitive jerk!"

Takashi just smiled, already used to the violent reactions of Chiharu. He was turning blue though, as Chiharu's grip on his neck was seemingly harder today. Fortunately, he was saved from having his air circulation cut off with the arrival of Eriol. Chiharu stopped strangling Yamazaki and greeted him. Syaoran just glared.

"Hello. What is going on here?"

"Oh, hello Eriol. I was just teaching Yamazaki a lesson here about sensitivity."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah. You see, Li here has a problem and I asked him what it was. He was just about to answer when Mister Insensitive here interrupted."

"What did he say?"

"He asked if it was about Sakura, causing poor Li here to become uncomfortable."

"I see." Turning to Li, Eriol continued. "What is it about Sakura that you need help with? Is it about getting her a present for White Day?"

Syaoran couldn't speak. How Eriol knew about his problem, he'll never know.

"You know, White Day was made by an owner of this marshmallow company—"

Yamazaki's mouth was starting to spurt with lies again. And Eriol was just too happy to help with making them up.

"Yes, it was called Marshmallow day then—"

"But a lot of other companies saw this as an oppo…"

Chiharu could not believe the nerve her friend. He just has to tell his made-up stories at the most inopportune moments, even dragging poor, innocent Eriol in his fraudulent antics. So, she did what she always does when Yamazaki's shotgun mouth starts to shoot lies. She strangled him.

Seeing as the person he was talking to was not focused on their conversation anymore, Eriol turned to Syaoran.

"I think I could help you. I might know just the right gift you could give her." He said with a smile.

"No, I don't need your help." Syaoran said through gritted teeth, and walked away.

Noticing that their friend has left, Chiharu stopped squeezing the life off Yamazaki and let go of him.

"What's with him?"

"He just thought of what he was going to buy for Sakura."




"Where were we again? Oh yeah, as Eriol was saying, the other companies sa—"

Yamazaki never got to finish his sentence because Chiharu took hold of his neck and started to choke him. Again.


Sighing, he started to look for another person who could actually be of assistance to him. He got out of the park and made his way to the mall. He was in deep contemplation, thinking of what he would give to Sakura, his feet automatically moving. He did not notice a person carrying 2 large bags of groceries, coming towards him.



Syaoran bumped into the person, causing the both of them to fall. Food flew out of the bags and were scattered on the ground. Shaking his head to get out of the daze, he unsteadily stood up and dusted himself off. He looked at the person he just crashed into and was surprised to find out who it was.

"Hello, Li."

It was Yukito.

"O-oh! So-sorry I bumped into you!"

He said, blushing, and offered Yukito his hand.

"I-I'm sorry about this. I wa-wasn't looking where I was going."

"It's okay. No harm done." Yukito said smiling.

Taking Syaoran's hand, Yukito stood up then proceeded to brushing the dirt off his clothes. Noticing the scattered food, he bent down and began to pick them up.

"O-oh! I'll help you pick them up."


They gathered the food in silence, that is, until Yukito spoke up.

"So, where are you going?"

"I-I was heading to the ma-mall."


"I wa-was thinking of what to give to Sakura for… you know… for—"

"White Day."


"I could help you look for a gift."



"Th-thank you."

"You're welcome. Well, maybe we could take these to my house first."

Li stared at Yukito holding two big bags brimming with food, a look of incredulity showing on his face.

"Ugh, sure."


After dropping the groceries off at Yukito's place, they headed off to the mall. Everything has been going well when they got there, until Yukito took Syaoran to his favorite place to shop: the supermarket.

"Here we are! I'm sure you'll find a lot of great things to give to Sakura here."


Li could not believe him. What is he going to find here that he could give to Sakura? A box of flour so she can make pancakes with it? Shaking his head, he turned to Yukito.

"I don't think I can fi—"

"Let's go! You want to find something to give to Sakura, don't you? Well, you certainly can't do it standing around!" Yukito said, laughing. Then he happily went on his way to the baking section.

Right. Flour it is.

"Hey, Yukito! Wait up!"

Running to where Yukito was headed to, Syaoran could only hope that he would finally find the perfect gift there. Even if it was just the perfect flour.