Rise of the Kazama Prolouge

by flexxx145

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Nauto speach " f$$"

Kyuubi speach "$$&"

Long Ago before the time of Ninja Earth or as Ninjiken was called earlier existed. Created by the two gods Order and Chaos. Chaos saw that the world was sterile and boring so he breathed life into it. Then rose up creatures animal's great and Small. Also rose Demons, spiritual beings that were the ebodiment of the elements. Order looked down and was displeased with all that he saw for there was nothing but chaos in the world. So he created a being after his own image and Man was born.

Man was given the power to tame the animals and elements though his intelligence. For a long while things were peaceful. Civizations rose and fell Wars were fought, won and lost but at the end of the 25th Century a nuclear war broke out between the United States of America and China. Atomic fire rained down from the heaveans and the environment was forever changed. Volcanos and fault lines stuck by highly advanced Atomic and Hydrogen flux bombs shifted and great eruptions occured.

Ash covered 90 of the Sky over the earth the tepmpature fell and the Planet fell into another Ice Age for a century. Most of the World's poplulation, about 98 died a Combination of the Nuclear Fallout and the Harsh Climate and all technology was either lost or forgotten. Two hundread years passed and the planet began to recover the blu sky was once more visible but Mankind had lost all ties to it's past heritage. Civilization once more aroused, and the fomation of 5 great countries began.

These countries were named after their environment and the elements corresponding to it's geography. For instance Fire Country home to 5 great now dormant volcanoes. Known for it's hot springs and beautiful greanery a result of the fertile ash from these volcanoes long ago eruption. Wind Country known for the unpredicictable constant wind currents and Torrnadoes. Water Country was nest to a great Sea and known for it's dense fog. Stone Country seventy percent covered in great mountains,and plateus. Lastly Grass Country known for it's endless plains and beautiful foliage.

The country's began to make war with each other and soon Samurai and Ninja were trained. Samurai, the honorable protectors of the weak and the right hand of the Daimayo. Ninja's the terror in the darkness, assasins for who no deed is to evil. Both were employed by the rulers of these Countries. The balance began to change when Ninja's disccovered the use of Chakra but only a few could use this mysterious energy. Soon a monk discovered Runes from the past and incoporated them into hand signs to better control the chakra of a person.

Now Ninjas became powerful and soon great Ninja villages were formed. One of these being Konahagakure in Fire Country. Created by 7 original Clan's the Hyyuga, The Nara, The Aburame, The Houshi, The Inuzaka, the Uchiha , and the Kazama. Each strong and powerful in it's own way with deadly abilities.

The Shodaime a powerful ninja from the Houshi clan taught his nija how to use seals and began the ninja academey as well as hiding Konaha behind a thick forrest using his Mokuton ability. This forest contained many carnivoruous plants that killed any unskilled person that entered. It soon became known as the Forest of Death. This forest guarded konaha's back against most intruders. The other sides being surrond by steep cliffs and a river.

The Shoidame died and Nindaime his brother took over he was a mighty user of the water element and saved Konaha during the 1st ninja war. The Nindaime also passed away then a youth from the Surotobi Clan assumed the mantle of Hokage. The Surotobi were originaly nomads who had an affinity with simians, as well as a great intelligence. They were persuaded by the Shodaime to join Konaha along with the Homura, and Utane Clans.

The Saidame was trained by both the Shodaime and the Nindaime, and was known as the proffessor for his cleverness and valor in battle. In his Prime Konaha became easily the strongest village1. He trained the greatest ninja team ever the Sannin or the Genius ninja. The Sannin consisted of 2 males: Orochimmaru the last of a lost reptilian bloodline, and Jirayai a half Kazama orphan, and 1 female Tsunade the Grandaughter of the Shodaime.

They each Specialized in certain areas. Orochimmaru specialized in the use of Snakes, Earth Jutsu, and created his own forbidden style of Taijustu. Tsunade specialized in Medicinal jutsu, Human Anatomy, Increasing the potential of the human body, and Slug Summoning.

Jirayai specialized in Sealing, Stealth, Assasinations, and Fog and Toad Summoning. Together they were unstoppable no village could match up. Not even the 7 legendary swordsmen from Kirigakure in Water Country. The Sannin each took apprentinces of their own. Orochimmaru chose a Orphan named Anko, Tsunade chose a girl named Shizune, and Jirayai chooses Arashi a young man from the Kazama Clan. Kazama Arashi who grew to become a legend he was known as the Konoha no Kiroi Senko or Konoha's Yellow Flash. Named for his unbeatable instant movement technique, the only warning was a yellow flash before death. Konohagakure the will of flame lives will it endure forever?

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I read a lot of Manhua and Manga so some of my moves and fight scenes wil be similiar to say "Stormriders"

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Ive been Inspired by The Golden Fox fanfic and I'm not a big Sasuke or Sakura Fan so expect a lot of bashing.

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