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Sorry it took me so long to update. I had writer's block but I broke through after all I couldn't leave you guys hanging like that. I think I will incorporate a timeskip. Probably one more chapter to skim over Naruto's early training under Jiraiya. If you have any idea's for Naruto's training let me know. As for the main couple it will remain Naruto/Hinata with a female Kyuubi frequently joining in for a threesome. I know you Naruto/Hinata purist won't like it but Kyuubi should get first dibs on her container. Hope you enjoy!

Outside Konaha sixteen hundread miles from Konaha a figure dressed in all black ran through the treetops in the forest. Dressed in all black with Anbu stlye armor over his attire Uchiha Itachi fled the Land of Fire. Usually missing nins at this point are paranoid and fearful for their life snapping to attention at every little noise. Uchiha Itachi on the other hand had a bored troubled frown on his face. "free at last, to pursue... What? I have no pupose. My dream back in Konoha was to be the strongest Uchiha but now that I am everything seems irrevelant. If I'm lucky Ototo will one day grow strong and push me to the limits of my capacity. That is the most gratification I can hope for at this point."

Suddenly Itachi came to a halt senses perking up. Stepping quickly to the side he was just in time to avoid a large blade wrapped in bandages from cleaving him in half. Turning to face his attacker three tomoe sharrigan blazing Itachi observed his attacker. Before him stood a man with blue skin, gills, spiky hair, shark looking teeth and covered in a black cloak with red clouds. Itachi smirked "Why do you attack me missing-nin Hoshigaki Kisame one of Kiri no Shinobigatana Shichinin Shū?"

The Shark look alike grinned at Itachi showing off his razor sharp rows of teeth. "I'm not surprised you know of me Uchiha Itachi... former Konoha ANBU captain,... and prodigy of the sharrigan. It's simple I was sent here to invite you to join an orginization of powerful S-class missing nin such as ourselves but first you must survive. With speed that you wouldn't expect Kisame began attacking Itachi with his huge wrapped sword.

Itachi dodged pulling out his sword in one smooth movement "Damn! I'm still tired from dealing with my pathetic family, and evading the ANBU. I might have to use the Mangekyo to defeat him." Itachi swung his sword blocking a downward slash by Kisame and sent chakra to his eyes activating his normal sharrigan. Kisame instantly closed his eyes and went through fifteen one-handed hand seals. "Kirigakure no Jutsu" was the whisper barely heard by Itachi as a dense fog suddenly covered his vision.

"How will use those precious eyes of yours now that you see eh Uchiha" Kisame taunted Itachi then dashed forward intending to cleave his head off of his shoulders. With a swift cross motion Itachi's body suddenly "BOOM!!!!" exploded causing a slight burn to Kisame's sword arm. "Damn he must have substituted with a bunshin. Where is he?"

Focusing his enhanced shark-like senses Kisame detected a movement twelve yards to his left. Reacting quickly he proceeded to use another jutsu "Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu". Suddenly a spiraling blast of water was hurtling towards Itachi's position to hit "POOF!" another clone. Suddenly danger sense kicking in Kisame crouched in a squat as Itachi's sword swiped the air where his neck once was. "What's the matter Kisame, I thought this would be challengeing. How troublesome?

Suddenly Itachi found himself trapped in a bubble of water as anothe Kisame appeared behind him. "How do you like my "Suirou no Jutsu" , now hold still so I can kill you. Itachi merely smirked and said two words "Bunshin Daibakuha!" And suddenly Itachi's body started glowing "BOOM!!". Luckily Kisame had already relocated growling in irratation Kisame powered up eighty percent of his chakra revealing his sword. "Let's stop playing and finish this Uchiha-teme I have things to do and Icha-Icha to read" (Obviously Kisame is a fan of Jiraiyas's hentai book. Good for those lonely nights as a fish faced freak LOL)

Suddenly two hands reached up out of the ground trapping Kisame's feet and two more clones appeared on his left and right securing his arms with Ninja wire. Preventing him from getting any leverage to swing his sword. Itachi jumped down in front of Kisame "Magen: Jubaku Satsu" suddenly tree branches and roots wrapped around Kisame's limbs and Itachi's clones dissappeared. Suddenly Itachi's sharrigan changed morphing over to a theee pronged shuriken design. "Tsukuyomi" Now Kisame found himself stapped to a giant counter. A giant hand picked him up lifting him into the air. Soon he was face to face with a giant Itachi who held a sharp looking knife in his other hand.

"For the next next seventy-two hours you will be scaled, chopped up, and made into sushi by me..." The rest was not a pretty night for Kisame. Elswhere traveling due East of Itachi's position heading out of Fire Country Jiraiya the Toad Sanning and Naruto continued their journey.

"Jiraiya-sama where are we going first?" Currently the toad sannin and his new apprentice where about a hundread miles away from Konahgakure heading south. "It's simple really we're going to a secret location, that no one on the planet knows about besides me. So that we can pick up training supplies and start your training in seclusion. I will need to test you out and find out your strengths and weaknesses. That way I will know just where to start you out in your training."

The two travelers continued moving south soon they came to a forest on the border between fire and wind country. Jiraiya turned to his young charge "We'll camp here for tonight." Jiraiya focused his chakra on a seal on his sash that held his pants up and a scroll fell into his left hand. Naruto recognized it as the scroll that held the supplies within it. Jiraiya unrolled the scroll and released their camping gear. "Here kid" Jiraiya handed Naruto his Travel bag and proceeded to set up his tent. After ten minutes two tents were set up and a small campfire was burning.

"Naruto come here it's time I explained to you the history of the Kazama clan. I know you already know that your father is Kazama Arashi but you do not know the history of the Kazama clan. Pay attention brat because I will only tell you this story once." Naruto sat down and concentrated on the Toad Sannin. "Hai Jiraiy-sama!" Jiraiya smiled at his new apprentice apparently pleased that he had such an obediant apprentince. "Arashi your son is so respectful, I will definately make him a great ninja.." Jiraiya pulled out a pipe, lit it and began to smoke. "According to the texts from the Kazama clan archive. The Kazama clan can be traced back to before the great cataclysm that destroyed ancient human civilization.

The Kazama clan originated from a country called Japan the last known relative Kazama Jun had an affair and got pregnant by a man named Mishima Kazuya. The result was a child named Jin who carried on his mothers name since they were abandoned by the boy's father. Kazama Jin inherited an inhuman trait from his fathers side of the family and is your bloodline ability/ This trait is both a blessing and a curse and is not to be abused and if I catch you abusing the power I will have no choice but to put you down." Jiraiya looked at Naruto sternly who nodded back to his master in understanding.

"It is unknown where this bloodline originates from but it is only known as the devil gene. The gene skips every other generation at times in half Kazama which is why I don't have the bloodline. Since I am only about 1 percent Kazama since my family had married outside the clan frequently. You will definately inherit the gene since Arashi's family were the clan heads and kept up the policy of marrying inside the clan to preserve the bloodline.

Your mother was Kazama Akane your fathers second cousin and child hood friend. So there is about a ninety-five percent chance that you carry the gene. When activated the user gains enhanced strength, speed, telepathic, and telekinetic powers. The persons physical apperance is altered to appear more muscular, a third eye, and even coal black raven like wings are rumored to appear in some Kazama. The side effects it has though are devastating on a weak untrained mind a Kazama may lose his soul to the demon within and become a pyschotic killing machine.

In your case though things are even more crazy because you have the Kyuubi no Youko sealed within your body. Who knows what the side effects the Kyuubi's presence will have on your kekkei genkai."

Jiraiya looked over at Naruto to see the boy's reaction he wasn't disappointed by the suprised wide eye and slack jawed reaction that he expected from the young fox container. Regaining his composure Naruto recovered "So when do we begin training Jiraiya-sensei?" Jiraiy smirked at the boy anticipating the torture/training to come. "Tommorow gaki, I hope your ready" Putting out the fire Jiraiya created four kage bunshins and set them to gaurding the perimeter.

Turning to talk to Naruto, Jiraiya was iterrupted by a burst of demonic red chakra "WHOOOSH!!!!!!!" The chakra swirled next to Naruto who sat as if nothing was wrong suddenly out of the demonic energies emerged a slender female figure. Dressed in a decoratively designed sleevless red kinimo, with platinum colored fingerless gauntlets, tradition shinobi slippers, and a tiara with the largest ruby Jiraiya had ever seen.

The woman had midnight black hair pulled back in a ponytail that reached her ass, arched delicate eyebrows, a noble small nose and brilliant red slitted eyes framed by long eye lashes. But the only thing Jiraiya noticed was the DD sized breast barely contained in her clothes. Jiraiya had seen many women before in his life but this one took the cake. With a voice as smooth as milk the woman spoke "Compose yourself mortal for I am the chief gaurdian of the nine gates of hell, the Kyuubi no Kitsune and I do not tolerate mortals looking at me with such naked lust. Unless I deem them worthy, which you will never be." Suddenly becoming serious Jiraiya grabbed a kunai and glared at Kyuubi he blurred and reappeared behind her with his kunai at her throat.

Kyuubi merely smirked and flared her aura causing flames to burn Jiraiya, he instantly let go as a cage of white hot flames formed around him. "Jiraiya-san we have much to discuss about the future of my container. Since you seem excitable you can talk to me from inside that cage." Naruto just sat down clearly amused by his sensei's plight. "Oi! Vesta-hime would you mind not roasting my sensei?" Kyuubi looked at Naruto in mild annoyance and relented "Very well but he better behave..." waving her hand Jiraiya was free once more.

Fixing the two with a serious look Kyuubi prepared for a long talk "And now down to business!"

Back in Konaha Uchiha Sasuke lay in bed shivering and wimpering apparently having a nightmare. Suddenly his body jerked and he sat up awake for the first time since the incident. "beep..beep..beep..." An alarm went off alerting the hospital staff that their precious charge was now awake. Entering the room was a young male doctor flanked by two nurses. "Hello Sasuke-kun, you are in the third floor of Konaha's main hospital, the mental trauma division.

You passed out after the terrible ordeal that you went through and were held for overnight evaluation. " Sasuke pushed back the sheets and stood shakily on his feet. Ignoring the doctor he began dressing himself in his street clothes. "Uchiha Itachi I will definately kill you"

Sasuke jumped up and ran out of the room continuing until he bumped into a figure in white and red robes. Looking up he recognized the Hokage. "Hello Sasuke where are you off to? You should be resting it is to soon for you to be out of bed" Sarutobi picked up the sulking Sasuke by his collar and walked off down the hallway towards Sasuke's room.

Jutsu List (Thanks to Wikipedia for the explanations)

Kirigakure no Jutsu - Hiding Mist Technique. This jutsu envelops the surrounding area in a dense mist, reducing visibility within the affected area. The density can be controlled by the user, allowing them to create a mist so thick that even they can't see through it.

Suiton: Daibakufu no Jutsu – Water Release: Great Waterfall Technique. This jutsu is used to fire a massive spiraling blast of water at an opponent.

Suirou no Jutsu – Water Prison Technique. This jutsu is used to trap a victim inside a virtually inescapable sphere of water. The only downside to this technique is that the user must keep at least one arm inside the sphere at all times in order for the victim to remain imprisoned.

Magen: Jubaku Satsu – Demonic Illusion: Tree Bind Death. With this jutsu, the user can make themselves disappear, allowing them to approach their target unnoticed. Once completed, a tree and roots will grow at the target's feet and restrict their movements. Once the opponent believes that they are captured, the user can then appear above their opponent from the tree's trunk and kill the target.