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By Cassandra's Destiny


It was 4:53 AM when the police arrived. Two fire trucks and an ambulance parked along the next alley, paramedics running to the site of the commotion. The empty lot on the street corner was on fire; everyone nearby believed a crime has taken place. But the police insisted that what transpired was merely a freak accident – a freak accident that caused the death of big-shot detective Yamato Ishida.

"They said they've found the body."

"What body?"

"At the scene of the crime; it's in the papers." She said in a hushed tone, dropping a pile of papers on his desk.

Mimi Tachikawa had brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, a patrician adored by many, courted by the bold and brave. At age 25, she has already turned down several marriage arrangements agreed on by the state and her father.

"They called you a hero; New Times Journal had you on front page and in their editorials, says it's a shame you were a victim of a freak accident."


"What? No! They're leaning towards the case of… alcohol, from what I've heard." She knew this was a delicate situation, any wrong move may cause the end of her, but she was willing to put everything on the line. Mimi leaned on the table, watching her companion browse through the papers.

"Any word from the FBI?" He looked up from his reading.

She shrugged. "None whatsoever. They let the local police do all the talking, and you know the police force, they'd tell the press whatever will make people feel safe, lie to them if they have to. Trouble is, they're not safe, Yamato. You know they aren't."

"Yes, they are. He wanted me, not anyone else. He shed light on that much." His blue eyes shone with determination, allowing his gaze to fall on the large cut on his left arm.

Mimi began tracing the wound. "The stitches are still showing." She let her fingers slide, softly caressing every display of thread.

He looked at her as she gently fingered his cut. To be honest, there were still moments when he couldn't believe he actually let her in, actually involved her in his business. She was a troublesome woman. She attracted a lot of attention, too much attention. He knew that had he wanted to keep a low profile, he'd make her stay away, drive her away if necessary. But seeing the warmth in her eyes as her delicate fingers left a trail of, no, it was just his imagination. Mimi Tachikawa will dare not—

"Yamato." Came her gentle call.

"I… you know I…" Her face was getting closer to his. He can feel her heart beating quickly, Heck, he wasn't sure what was going on, but he was certain it was her warm breath that he was feeling. No. Hell no… Seeing her lids half-closed like that, her body closing the gap between them… maybe the air condition's not turned on? Their lips were but millimeters away. And in a snap, she was pressing her lips on his. No, he can't do this to her. He has gotten her into enough trouble as it is. It's not right if he's going to take advantage of her kindness. He was not going to give in that easily. He was taking control and of course…

He was kissing her back.

This is as dangerous as it gets. He had to pull away.


"Ssshh," She silenced him with her fingers. Her eyes screamed love – he knew. But there was sadness, the fear of rejection. He just knew he can't do this to her.

"I know I have no claim on you, but please, just give me this one time…" She pressed her body on to him again and kissed him, parting her lips to deepen the sensation.

He can't do this. He has to fight it. He can't lose himself this way. He can't involve her this much anymore… But somewhere at the back of his mind, he knew he wanted this. Call it lust but he knew he was at the upper hand. He won't fall in love with this woman. It was called physical desires for a reason.

"Mhmm…" She moaned before their tongues met in a heated battle, each one fighting for domination. But Yamato has never lost in his life, and, in silent understanding, Mimi was more than happy to succumb to his lustful desires.

Not knowing how it happened, he opened his eyes and saw he had Mimi hoisted above the desk, his hands feeling her up. She still had her eyes closed, lips slightly parted, and her entire body was flushed. Yamato lifted her skirt up, knowing exactly what to do and what she wanted. He used his free hand to spread her legs. A wave of lust instantly filled the room. This was not his fantasy, but it'll definitely do.

"Excuse me, sir, is this Teleport Communications?" The sound of the opening door made her eyes snap open, her reverie completely fading away.

"No, you got the wrong address." His cold tone matched the emptiness of his office room… and he let her go.

"Mimi, you better get ready. My funeral starts in an hour."

She didn't understand what just happened. One minute he was kissing her passionately, the next minute, he was talking to her like a naturally stoic tree bark. God, how she loved this man, but he was too unfeeling to notice.

Mimi grabbed her coat and headed for the door. "You're picking me up, right?" It was more of a statement than a question.

Yamato shrugged. "Alright, I'm leaving now." Sighing to herself, Mimi shut the door behind her back.

He knew better than to involve himself with her. She has been sheltered all her years, knowing nothing about pain and disappointment. And he – he lead a dangerous life, and it was more dangerous now that he's dead. She's not making things easy for him at all. But he had no other options. She was a key ingredient to the success of his plans. He knew he was using her, but she was more than willing to be a pawn.

Rubbing his temples vigorously, Yamato resigned to his investigation. Who would've thought being dead would be so difficult?