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By Cassandra's Destiny


One month has passed since the car accident in alley 76. The body of late detective Yamato Ishida is due to be buried today at the town's memorial gardens at exactly three in the afternoon. Brother Takeru Takaishi is said to be formally taking over the late detective's place in the National Investigation Unit tomorrow after a conference with the said unit's head. In an interview with Mr. Takaishi last week, he promised he will continue to pursue and fight for his brother's case in the higher courts, spend millions if he has too, just to find the culprit that caused Yamato Ishida's death. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has given no word on this, but the local police force chief has this to say: "There is no need for further investigation. Detective Yamato Ishida was a victim of a freak accident. And by accident, we mean his death was not planned or anything. It is not necessary for Mr. Takaishi to pursue the case in higher courts for it will only be the cause of financial loss on the young detective's part and pressing the matter further, as he should already know, will definitely incite fear among civilians."


A man with sandy-blonde hair turned to face her.

"Mimi, I'm glad you made it." Takeru cleaved to her hand, placing a polite kiss on the back of it as a sign of respect to the older patrician.

Mimi smiled at the gesture. "Of course. I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Have you seen the papers this morning?"

She made a face Takeru could not comprehend. Surely, she was not pleased with what the media has been saying regarding Yamato's death, aligning it with alcohol and other illegal activities. But what caused her sour look, more than the out of this world allegations of the police, was how Yamato threw her off at his office this morning. "He kisses me then throws me away. What a bastard."


"Oh, sorry. The papers? Yes, I've seen them this morning. They were talking about the alleged freak accident still."

As if on cue, Takeru took on a solemn look. "They called my brother a hero, even had him in the front page and the editorials."

Mimi felt bad for the younger man. "If only he knew…"

"New Times Journal says it's a shame he became a victim of a mere freak accident… He had so much potential."

"Takeru." Came Mimi's call.

"Smile for me, please? Yamato did not have potential."

Yamato didn't have potential? "Who is this girl and what has she done to Mimi?"

Mimi smiled at him. She knew he was giving her a look of slight disgust. Takeru always has admired his brother, and never did he allow anyone to talk badly about him.

"Takeru, Yamato does not have any potential." The young man scowled… almost.

Smirking, Mimi turned her back and began to walk away, giving Takeru her parting words over her shoulder. "Who needs potential when you've got talent?"

Takeru was dumbfounded. "Who needs potential when you've got talent?" Mimi was right. His older brother had no need for silly potential. He was a top detective working for the National Investigation Unit. He was a man with much talent.

"Today, we remember Yamato Ishida, who died in a vicious car accident a month ago…"

Everything sounded one-noted to her. Her mind was plagued with memories from earlier. He was kissing her back. She moaned before their tongues met in a heated battle, each one fighting for domination. Mimi inwardly smiled at the memory of Yamato being so assertive, of him being aggressive. He was never one to lose in anything and she knew. Moreover, she was more than happy to succumb to his desires, succumb to his domination. It felt so good being in his arms, her body closely next to his. His warmth was intoxicating, like breathing him was the only way to live. When she felt him hoist her above the table and feel her up, she thought she couldn't be happier. But she was wrong. As soon as she felt him lift her skirt up and spread her legs, a gentle breeze surging through her inner thighs, she wanted to purr in excitement. Oh, the sensuality of it all. Mimi subconsciously arched her back, pressing her eyes close and feeling Yamato's able hands run through her body, feeling every curve, not missing any inch of skin.

"Excuse me, sir, is this Teleport Communications?"

Her eyes snapped open. Did that careless delivery man have to ruin her fantasy twice?

"…He was an understanding son, a great older brother, a sympathetic friend and a talented detective."

Mimi was sure her ears were now burning. After opening her eyes, she realized where she was. She thanked the heavens for not letting anyone stand near her, for letting everyone present love Yamato so much that they were keen on listening to Takeru's speech. Why, if anybody saw her fighting the urge to moan and purr loudly, at a funeral, no less, would she have smacked the other person for being a pervert? Would she have blushed furiously and denied it all? No. She would have died from embarrassment.

"I'm sure that all of you, as soon as you get home, you'd talk about the things I've said, and you'll think 'Hey, this Takeru guy is making Yamato seem like a saint.' Well, I'm not doing that. In fact, I'd tell you right now, even if in normal funeral rites you have to say only good things about the dead person, I know Yamato can be a bastard. He can be unfeeling and insensitive. He can be apathetic and cold. But we all know, yes, we all know that he means well. Maybe he pushes us away whenever we try to get close, whenever we try to make him let us in, but you know, Yamato… I really don't know how to say this, but he's a bastard. Yes, I'm calling my brother a bastard. But you know what else? Yamato Ishida is a good man."

Mimi smiled at Takeru's speech. She had to admit, his love for his brother was not admirable. It was more than that. And…

"So what do you have to say about this, sir?"

She turned to the direction of the voices, and she didn't like what she saw. Frowning, she stopped herself from walking right up to the interviewer and the interviewee. So the FBI final spoke about the matter, or should she say matters?

"Yamato Ishida is a dead man."