A/N: And here is my second story and first multi-chapter story. That is, it's not a oneshot. I'm not really sure where this is going. I know this first chapter is short but the second certianly won't be. Just as this chapter is depressing the second chapter is more fluffy. I'll be uploading the second shortly. Anyway, I hope you like this; I don't own Danny Phantom; please r&r. Thank you and on with the show!

Final Wishes

I lied there in the grass, dying. All was quiet, which is weird because I always thought that there would be some kind of commotion or action or something when this happened. Yeah, I kind of knew it would. It had to at some point. You can't just risk your life everyday and expect to get a way scotch free every single time. Eventually, you lose. It's like gambling. No, I take that back. It is gambling. And sooner or later, the house wins. It always does in the end. And here it is. The end. The sky is blue. The grass is green. The birds are singing. And I'm here dying.

I wish everything was the way it used to be. I could really use some company now. But… Things got out of hand. First there was me wandering off. Then there was the fight. Then I was forgiven but I screwed that second chance up. I was so stupid, but I thought that… I thought a lot of things. Now my time is up. There is no second chance this time. Life is not your friend. It doesn't forgive past actions. It does not forgive stupidity. If you mess up, life slaps you across the face and keeps walking. The sun will rise without you. That's the way things are.

You're probably wondering what I'm babbling on about. What fight, you ask. What's the great Danny Phantom doing dying on us? Shouldn't you be up fighting? You're not supposed to give up!

Well let me tell you. Oh, but first, I want to tell you something ahead of time. I'm not great. I'm just like you except with ghost powers and those didn't save me. They're what brought me here. Thanks to them, I'm dying. Thanks to them my friends are gone. Thanks to them my parents no longer believe in good ghosts and I will never be able to explain to them or my friends what really happened and why. It was my fault, I admit, but there is a reason for what I did. I want them to know. You must tell them this story for me. Promise?

Okay, this is what happened…