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After a few minutes of flying I couldn't hear the music anymore. The only things I could hear were the air rushing past my ears and the crackle of the anger and hurt within me. It was as if there was an uncontrollable wildfire within me, burning up my soul and leaving me empty. I was broken beyond repair. There was nothing for me to do but go back to the ghost zone where I belonged. Nobody could love me, not even myself.

I finally made it to my house, my old house. It was no longer mine. It was the Fentons' home. I was not one of them. I was Phantom, just Phantom. No first name, no last name. Just a name that aptly described me. I did not need anything else. I crept through the house like the ghost I was. I slid through walls and floated through the still air of the home. Everybody was still asleep, safe and happy in their beds until the sun rose and they discovered that I was gone for good. They should not have tried to keep me. They should have thrown me out or destroyed me. I did not deserve to exist. I was just a sick, unwanted ghost. There is not a single person in any world that could love or appreciate me.

I wander into the lab. The clock on the wall reads 1:30 a.m. I reach the ghost portal and open it. With a sob I step through into the green swirling mass. I float into the ghost zone alone. I don't see anyone around. All I can see is the embodiment of chaos. Random staircases float about stretching themselves high into oblivion. Doors hang in midair, leading into various ghosts' lairs. Swirls of mist curl into every imaginable crag that exists in this never- ending realm. Here, mayhem reigns supreme. Here, a person can get lost. Here, said person will never be found again. Here, I can disappear for good. This place is perfect.

But despite its perfection I still don't feel at home. I guess that's okay since I do not seek to exist anymore. The majority of my enemies have their homes in this world. One of them is bound to destroy me before long. Then I can finally rest in peace.

The thought chokes me up. Truthfully, I don't want to let go. I don't want to let go of this world. I want someone to want me, to tell me to come back, that they need me. I'm good for something. I can protect the human world. I did before and I can still do it now, but… I'm not loved. I'm a ghost and nobody can love me. Nobody. I'm falling. I land on a random staircase and cry.

I don't belong. I don't belong. I don't belong. I don't belong… I don't. I don't. I don't… I… I… Nothing.

Somebody shakes me. I open my eyes. I'm curled up into a tight ball on one of the floating staircases. A green mist obscures everything beyond about five feet. Clockwork is hovering over me. He looks a little upset but I could be wrong. Clockwork is a hard ghost to read.

"It's 5:45 in your realm…"

"It's not mine anymore," I murmur. I sniff. My nose is running.

He sighs. He picks me up by my arm and makes me stand.

"There's much to be done. Follow me," and off he goes. I follow. I have nothing else to do.

It's 6:10 when we reach Clockwork's tower and he hands me a time staff. At 6:11 I ask what it is for. By 6:15 I discover that I am to be his apprentice and that my troubles are far from over.