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A/N: the chapter starts off with Sasuke's morning in contrast to the last chapter's last part with Naruto's morning.

"Sasuke time to get up!" his mother yelled from downstairs, her voice clearer than usual, when he roused from his bed he understood why. For some reason his door was cracked open. What the- nevermind I don't even want to know. He really needed to get a lock.

He followed his usual routine when getting up- taking a shower, brushing his teeth, getting dressed, the likes before going downstairs to join his family for breakfast. His mother was in the large opened spaced kitchen her concentration on the eggs she was frying; his brother on the other hand was just being a weird eyesore as usual. Sasuke didn't know whether his brother was OCD or not but it sure felt like it at times, either that or he was just painfully anal and didn't like change. Every morning Itachi HAD to be in the same chair and the tableware had to be in certain positions, it was agitating.

"..." A thought passed Sasuke's mind as he sat on the chair their father would usually sit on when present. Like expected Sasuke got stared down by Itachi who was right across from him. "Is there a problem?" Sasuke asked smugly as he smirked. "Your seat is here Sasuke, stop being so irritating so early in the morning." was the demand. Sasuke felt his eye twitch, "Me irritating? Like you're the one to talk, look at you arranging your fork like it matters where it's at! The food is going to taste the same you know."

Despite his complaint Sasuke moved back to his seat tired of Itachi glaring him down. Mikoto came out from the kitchen to serve both her boys orange juice and water from glass pitchers before going back inside. "Breakfast is almost ready!" she called out." "..."

"So..." Sasuke started weakly gaining his brother's attention again. "Any reason my door was open?" Itachi was still silent annoying Sasuke further. "When I came home last night I was planning on telling you something, I had forgotten you were asleep so I left." How do you forget someone is sleeping in the middle of the night!

Moretypical Uchiha household silence. "Do you want to know what happened?" "Not really." Sasuke knew Itachi was going to tell him anyways but it was worth a shot. "Last night I had gone to the club with the rest of them." The rest of them meant his freak friends. "I had met an interesting person."

Who cares! I don't want to hear any boring story about enlightenment shut up! "I think I'm in love..." Sasuke couldn't hold back a snort. That's a good one. He decided as he grabbed his glass of orange juice, drinking from it. "With a male at that..." THIS made Sasuke choke has the contents of his glass rushed from out of his mouth onto the spotless glass table. "Sasuke!" his mother scolded as soon as she saw it, his brother just staring down at juice running on the table as if it was offending him. "In high school and STILL making messes on the table." she muttered walking off to find some paper towels.

"He gave me his number..." Itachi continued after watching his mother walk off, apathetic towards whether his brother was okay or not carrying on like normal. "If he's sane he'll never use that phone the number belongs to EVER AGAIN!" Sasuke yelled upset at the whole situation. He couldn't believe his crazy ass brother thought he would fall in LOVE at a CLUB with a MALE over the course of a NIGHT. What sense does that make! "He has-"

"No! Shut up I don't care anymore keep it to yourself, ugh..." Sasuke never felt so defeated, his brother really was a freak. He never felt so relieved to be going to school.

Its official this school is retarded. It was only first period and already some idiot got caught cheating. Kakashi sensei looked almost giddy for that fact past his surgical mask, it was sad...

"Everybody else who didn't cheat please hand in your homework! Today we'll have an easy assign-"

"Hello students." said the usual raspy voice over the intercom, Kakashi groaned at the sudden interruption but stayed silent for the announcement the principal was about the make as he whipped out his usual book. "It's the 2nd day of school at Konoha High- go wood! Instead of-" the announcement stopped suddenly. "..." Yes please no more of that raspy voice! Sasuke thanked in his head. Kakashi's eyes shifted waiting for the speakers to start up again. A solid minute had pass and still not return. "Um...okay then. Anyways as I was saying we're doing an easy assignment today because we all know teachers, even if they don't want to-need to know their students. Whether it be personal things or the basic stuff like telephone number, and email, and... criminal record..." he mused off in response to the students stares at him. "But anyways! I'm going to do-"

"Oh sorry about that some pranksters decided to cut the cord but good thing I always have a spare!" Damn! "Where was I? Ah yes from here on out making announcements with me other than Neji will be one of our new freshmen Mogi(1)! Give her a round of applause for applying for such a demanding task." The room stayed silent. Yes, please no more of that raspy voice!

"U-um! I'm Mogi with today's announcement!" squeaked a high pitched female voice, obviously nervous yet still optimistic. "Its the second day of school already! YAY! A lot more to go guys but we can make it! Go wood!" what the fuck!

"Oh my god." Shino spoke up as if realizing something surprising Kiba who was next to him.

"What?" he asked. "Can you kill someone for being too peppy?"

"Theres plenty of spots on the sports teams for freshmen like me so come on guys! Don't worry all you sophomores and juniors, plenty of openings for you too so lets help the school continue its winning streak to beat all the other school's teams!" Not happening.

"Sasuke." Ino spoke up next to him smiling. "Are you going to join a sports team?"

"No." She seemed to frown for a bit.

"Why? I heard that you used to play soccer! We could use some soccer players it's the only team in this school that sucks...besides I'm a cheerleader! Imagine us as our own team." That gives me absolutely no motivation...

"But then again I doubt someone like Neji would just let you on the team without putting you through the ringer."

"What did you just say? Is Neji on the team?" Ino's smile appeared again at the sudden interest.

"He's the captain, weird I know. How does he do everything?..." Honestly Sasuke would be lying if he said he had better things to do than bother Neji. Why not go and try out just for the fun of it? Even if he didn't get in due to biased at least he could annoy Neji in anyway possible. A smile crept on his face thinking of the possibilities. "Maybe I'll try out after all..." I already said I'd do anything possible to get in Neji's way. This is a nice start...

Kyuubi hummed a random tune to his self as he situated his self comfortably in one of the dining room table's chairs taking pleasure in his simple comforts, paper and a pen...oh and cigarettes too. He started on one as he watched a bird fly off from a cord outside from the open window; he had long decided to let some of sunshine in for once. Once he put out his cigarette he went back to the task at hand over looking a certain document with his pen. Huh...Naruto's still at school, and there's dinner to worry about. He thought carelessly as he skimmed through the writing on the paper. I don't feel like cooking the brat didn't even want the omelets I slaved over to make for him...TV dinner it is then!

After this I'll call up Shukaku he must have forgotten about my last call the dumbass. He stopped humming as he came across a peculiar sentence. "This sentence is just stupid..." he crossed it out nonchalantly. The movement of his hand made a certain red mark on his wrist visible. He did nothing to hold back the scowl on his face.

Fuck! I hate Uchihas! How did I manage to attract another one? He felt nostalgia come to him as if he was through a looking-glass. He saw it perfectly as if it was the present, that quiet unassuming boy no older than 14 sitting in his equally quiet French classroom. He was the type of freshman that you'd wouldn't notice much, not because he was ugly though, on the contrary he was quite attractive with his spiky blond locks and unique eyes. His looks we're the problem at all, it was his personality.

"Comment allez-vous?" the unassuming boy's French teacher would ask the class. "Je ne sais pas." a random kid would answer accurately speaking for the whole class. Unimpressed she would frown and pick up her marker, scribbling chicken scratch on the board while muttering in absolutely fantastic French gibberish. Why did the boy even bother taking French? Because it was the language of love of course, Spanish wasn't as sexy in his opinion.

At first glance it seemed as if he was scribbling on his notebook paper to mimic what ever was on the board but in reality he was lost in his own word, scribbling down eloquent lines of words in the form of a poem, after quietly mumbling it to his self. "Finding that lost flow as time goes, I have you by my side at the get go..."

Finding that lost flow as time goes

I have you by my side at the get go

Two can only be one and one, while the punishment

Begun I couldn't even change my ways- the penalty of love

How can reality even mix with something so fucking simplistic?

I'm so sick of the rationalizing of " In my day" , "your day", every single day

While yes, I can think on my own, I'll admit I'm not used to being alone

I'll give you a while to soak this in and used it for your benefit

Whats the defining line of love, between the other side of lust?

Give everything you can, so I can feel while trying to understand

The boy stopped abruptly frowning at his new 'piece'. He had a certain impulse to scratch it out, he wasn't satisfied with it at all. It didn't seem as genuine as his works before, "Shout" and "Silencing the Peace" but that was probably because it was poems bitching about his home life. That was as genuine as it got to him. But love, he had absolutely no experience in, no crushes, no sex, no nothing. Why was he writing a poem about it? Did being in French class get him 'in the mood'? He turned his attention to his French teacher who was actually French exaggerated by her babbling in her French accent to the class. "And so I took that condom from him and said Olivier-" What the hell? What did he manage to miss in just a minute?

Regardless he tuned her out stuffing his poem in his bag since the bell was about to ring anyways. After this period was lunch, the unassuming boy-if asked would flat out say he didn't like people but he wasn't exactly a complete loner either. He had good friends who were freaky but somehow saner than the whole bunch of the school kids put together. Being near them you wouldn't assume he would even associate his self with them though. All tattooed and pierced, not looking very clean in contrast to the boy who was very clean cut looking, no piercings, no tattoos, and wore hideous hand-me downs that made him look like a good boy standing next to them.

Speaking of hideous clothes he had to make sure to not look down at his green sweater too much or he'd get a headache; it was so soft...and pastel. The unassuming boy was almost ashamed to be seen next to his friends, not because they embarrassed him but he felt as if he embarrassed them despite them saying different. What he wore, it wasn't him not that anyone would assume otherwise because he's the unassuming boy.

"Hey-HEY, you know that band- AC/DC, yeah? Ha! Okay shut up anyways remember their album back in black? Tomorrow after school can you go to the music store and get me the CD they'll have it trust me, thanks man!"

That's what his best friend, the one that never shuts up, ranted to him at lunch. There were plenty of tables outside of the cafeteria which was conveniently next to the student parking lot so plenty of students eating and hanging out there too usually next to a car that was either their or their friends. One of the unassuming boy's friends had their own car so that's where they hanged out at along with other groups of people. Ugh, groups.

The boy hated those groups so much snobs and stereotypes who believed dearly that they were somebody and had automatic rights and excuses to act a certain way towards others. No one pulled that shit with him though, maybe because he was unassuming. That's why he liked his friends; they were real and tell it how it is. Nothing held back. It helped that he was into the same things they were. "Hey stop playing around." His other friend who was a level headed female scolded. "Did you forget we have to meet him again today?"

"Oh oops, sorry forgot." his best friend apologized before facing him. "Sorry gotta go meet someone." The rest of his friends seemed to have to go too, it was alarming. "Who are you guys seeing?"

His friend pointed not too far from the car across the parking lot at a sleeker looking car, next to it a Uchiha. "What the hell? An Uchiha- REALLY?" he insulted venomously. If there was one thing the unassuming boy couldn't stand in his conformist school was Uchihas and Hyugas. Both were snotty clans in their own right. Hyuga all prestigious and the Uchihas with their rich history were just as bad. Hyugas were often over achievers and had an air about them that made them look as if they felt everyone owed them respect. Uchihas...they had no respect for anyone 'below' them and it wasn't uncommon to see them sticking with their own kind.

He wasn't going to allow them to look down on him no matter how short he was. "It's an initiation thing, it's kind of important so we don't care if he's a Uchiha, we should actually introduce you to him he's actually kind of cool." was the explanation. The unassuming boy's interest was peaked as it was odd for his group to open up to certain people, Uchiha's no exception. "Yeah whats his name?"

His friends looked at each other. His tall, black, bulky friend spoke up, "You don't know? Man where have you been? Even if we don't like them we still know who they are. He's Madara Uchiha, ask anyone and they'll tell you he's trouble." Ah made sense why'd they have any interest in him at all, but an initiation? His friends walked off to Madara after saying bye to him while the unassuming boy watched attentively. They walked up to him casually- his best friend speaking up first as soon as they had caught his attention.

The Uchiha in question appearance wise was nothing special in the boy's opinion. Long hair was the trend lately and Madara's was as long as they came with his side bangs long enough to cover half his face along with one of his eyes. His clothing was very casual but dark at the same time; Uchiha's were depressing dressers like that.

Madara seemed to be half listening to his best friend before flashing a smirk. That smirk. That was it. The unassuming boy finally saw what his friends were trying to explain to him. From a distance that Madara boy seemed almost as unassuming as him being overlooked as another Uchiha but that smirk, the unassuming boy realized, was one of most completely sinful...smirks that would cause men to gravel at his feet and women to throw themselves at him with no amount of decent self respect at all.

Yes that was it the unassuming boy concluded not sure what to make of this new discovery, he didn't have much time to debate about it in his mind as his best friend point over at him suddenly, he felt like a deer in the headlights as Madara along with the rest of his friends looked his way analyzing him, the unassuming boy noticed, as Madara was suddenly listening to every word said from the his best friend.

He must have looked like an idiot, standing there completely alone and shocked. His dread at the fact had increased tenfold when that smirk was flashed once more, but at him, as his best friend whispered in Madara's ear. What was he saying? What was going through Madara's head? Was he smirking because he was humoring his hideous sweater? That the problem with best friends, they never know when to shut up.

But man was that smirk almost worth it.

The day was going a bit too slowly for Naruto's liking. It has barely begun but, already, he had managed to get detention. That was last period, now it was the second and it was still possible for him to get in even more trouble. This class in particular wasn't exactly an interesting one to speak of, Naruto didn't even remember asking for this class but his asshole counselor probably gave it to him anyways. 'Home Economics' the board said. Despite the crap level of food at his house Naruto had no desire to learn how to cook, he was fine with letting Kyuubi experiment whenever he felt like it.

As usual he didn't have any friends in this class too but that wasn't too shocking seeing how 4/5ths of the class was female. Out of all of them he only recognized...well none. Damn this sucks.

He went to his assigned seat, all of the 'desks' really were just mini counters for cooking on and there was a big corner in the class room dedicated to other home ec things other than cooking like sewing and how to feed babies. Stuff like that...

Suddenly a beautiful girl took a seat next to him, usually Naruto wasn't the type to call a girl beautiful but MAN she was gorgeous. Her face was that comparable to a porcelain geisha doll, just without the makeup. The girl also didn't wear any makeup so that meant everything was real, she was a natural. Wait a second how come I haven't noticed her before? Then Naruto remembered that the seat was empty yesterday. Oh no wonder. The teacher rushed in time for the bell looking at her class amazed that they were all seated and waiting for her. "Good morning class, lets start the day off with a fun, lengthy cooking project. Now I don't know if any of you have had my class before but I always assign year long partners." This news cause the class to start talking to each other until the teacher quieted them. "But unlike most classes I'm going to assign the partners. I've done the liberty and everything yesterday when learning all of your names, before that lets get out out sewing kits I've trust you've all bought them as instructed." Screw my life!

Frantic, Naruto rummaged through his bag despite the knowledge that he indeed did not have an sewing kit in there. Slowly the teacher was going down the isle checking off the names of people who did bring it, the last thing Naruto needed was an F already. What do I do! He stopped his panicking when a green case was laid in front of him."Huh?"

"You can pretend it's yours so she can check you off, you don't have one right?" a soothing voice from his right asked. He turned his head to his lovely desk partner, unsure what to make of the offer. "You mean it? But what about you?" She lightly shook her head before tucking strands of her straight black hair behind her ear. "I'm fine, I've taken this class last year and this teacher likes me so I doubt this will do any damage." on cue the teacher came around.

"Naruto, check. Oh? I'm shocked wheres yours?" she was talking to the girl who only smiled before replying. "I'm afraid I left it in my locker, may I bring it during lunch?" The teacher agreed to the proposal easily before continuing down the isle. "You just..." Naruto couldn't believe it, was being a teachers pet that beneficial? "See." the girl took her kit again placing it in her messenger bag. The teacher was already done with checking and back in the front of the class preparing to tell the students who their year round partners were not that Naruto noticed, he was too busy trying to get what just happened. "T-thanks a lot!"

"You're welcome Naruto." She knew his name too! Who was this chick? "How do you know my name?" "I had you before last year in Health class." He couldn't believe it, sure he didn't have any friends but that didn't mean he wasn't aware of his own classmates, he would have for sure been aware of someone as pretty and nice as her. "Kenta, you and Yuki will be partners." He just now noticed his teacher's announcements as suddenly the partners were being arranged in a way that they were sitting next to each other.

Oh! Please let me stay here and have this nice, pretty chick! Naruto prayed in his head. "I hope I have you as a partner." he admitted to his quiet desk partner. "You're like the nicest girl I know."

"Oh?" she asked laughing after. He was about to question what was so funny until she abruptly stood up from her stool. "Haku." the teacher spoke up. "You will be partnered with Chouji." Chouji's fatass was in the classroom! How did he miss the sound of eating just a few counters away?

Without another word Haku left to her partner. No! My partner! Please let me have someone who is just as nice at least.

"Oh Sabaku, you're here today? I'll partner you up with Naruto then." Who? Naruto looked around for any sign of movement from his classmates. Nobody's moving, whose Sabaku- oh god! He cringed when a lanky, depressing red head stood up from one of the tables in front of the classroom and slowly made his way to Naruto's table. Naruto couldn't tell whether this kid was emo or goth or whatever but he looked creepy! He could have sworn he saw some of his classmates inching away as Sabaku passed them. "You're Sabaku?" Naruto questioned as soon as the boy took a seat next to him.

"Gaara." the strained, throaty voice corrected. Oh god that has to be the creepiest voice I've ever heard in my whole entire life. He was starting to get increasingly uncomfortable in his distance from Gaara which wasn't too far at all. In his mind he cursed Chouji and the teacher for putting him in this uncomfortable situation; he had done nothing to deserve THIS.

The teacher was finally done with the partnering and resumed talking after reaching the front of the class. "Here is the agenda, a paper I want signed and turned in by tomorrow, oh and here's the supply list." She went on with her rant while passing the papers she was naming down the row. Gaara had received theirs from the group ahead and gave Naruto his share. "The first paper gives the expectations of the first project which is sewing project, it's up to you and your teammate to go over the list of what you can make and pick one. I'm giving you guys until two days from now." Great now he HAD to talk to Gaara.

"For the project-" oh god the strained voice. Naruto hastily interrupted before he was stuck hearing more.

"I'll leave everything up to you!"

"…." If Gaara was annoyed or has any protests he didn't voice it and his blank empty face didn't help either.

"HOW did you manage to get all that food? It's from the cafeteria and not at home right?" Shikamaru commented to his friend cross from him. To him the day couldn't go any slower but lunch had finally come and he was grateful needing a break from all his classes. Sadly lunch wasn't as a quiet time as class time. It was a collection of chattering students in the cafeteria, Choujis munching, Kiba barking-….talking, and Shino's cricketing silence if that was even possible. He really needed to find a nice, quiet place to lounge around during lunch time, yeah that should be his new top priority. "Yup, I got first line!" Chouji explained to him across the table, mouth full. "You have to be if you want all the good-"

"CHOUJ!" Oh right, how could he forget. Naruto in all of his equally loud glory stormed up to the table slamming his palm near Chouji's food. Yes, he was still annoyed at Naruto for getting caught and getting him in trouble. "Thanks to you I have the worst partner ever!" the blonde complained. Chouji seemed puzzled at first before coming to a realization. "Oh that right Haku moved to me. Man am I lucky, I'm just in there for the cooking part but Haku has some balls taking the class just because."

Naruto rolled his eyes. Who cares plenty of girls take classes just because! Chouji continued while picking up his hot dog. "Who's your partner again?"

"Some weird guy named Gaara." The table grew noticeably quiet.

"…Sabaku Gaara? Hell no!" Kiba roared.

"W-what? I know he's weird but is he that bad?"

Shikamaru sigh irritably at Naruto's naivety, how could he not know about Gaara with all the rumors surrounding the sand sibling? "He's more than weird Naruto, everybody says he's crazy. I can't tell you how many rumors I've heard about him." Shikamaru went even further into detail telling Naruto things like how supposedly Gaara was an insomniac who cuts himself, puts sand in his locker and backpack, and is apart of a cult in school. That wasn't even half of it. "If anything his siblings are just as creepy as him."

"Whoa wait a second you can't expect me to believe all that! I know the guy is creepy but still damn, you guys are just trying to scare me." Kiba didn't bother trying to hide his laugh. "Stupid we're telling the truth; don't get your panties in a bunch. Well whatever don't say we didn't tell you so when you become his next sacrifice for his occult- they say he kills people that way you know-"

"Shut the fuck up! Nobody asked your opinion dog breath! At least be normal enough to not eat dog food when you're spouting bull."

"I don't eat dog food you dumbass! That's why you're next, you hear me! We may as well say goodbye now! Say goodbye Shino!"


"Loud table…" Shikamaru grumbled under his breath.

"Naruto!" a familiar voice called out. "Huh?" turning his head his saw Mogi carrying a pile of flyers, a million dollar smile on her face. "I know I can count on you! Will you join the soccer team please?" The face he made in response confused her.

"No way, you know I'm in the karate club why would you even ask that." The bright smile was replaced with a deep frown helping her face look serious and determined. "So! You can still join more than one thing, besides I heard that it's about to be canceled anyways." This was news to him!

"Hey Naruto!" Kiba pestered. "Not now-"

"Your future murderer is coming over." Mogi along with Naruto tried to see what Kiba was talking about and made a squeamish squeak before forcing the paper on Naruto.

"A-anyways be there or be square bye!" Getting away from the table as soon as possible was apparently more important than recollecting the papers that flew off in her scurry; Gaara watched it as he got closer. Shikamaru was just as amazed as Naruto at the silence the table took once more but he couldn't say he was complaining despite the source. Naruto waited for Gaara to say something but cracked under the pressure of his glowering gaze.

"Um, hi? What's up?"

"I want to go over the project early; I left my paper in my locker…" Naruto froze at this explanation. "What now? I mean this can't wait or maybe later-"

"You said everything was up to me. You lied…" His partners tone changed noticeably harsher. God Naruto couldn't take that glare Gaara was giving him! He was glaring now right? Yes…wait no.

"No! This was just sudden that's all…lead the way." He mutters balling the flyer in his hands as Gaara walked away.

Oh god he was following a crazy insomniac occult murderer into the hallways to be buried under his locker filled with sand! Maybe if he ran now he would be able to live another day but wouldn't he have to see him the next day eventually? Kyuubi wouldn't buy any of his excuses even if he told the truth, he'd probably rather Naruto die going to school than missing a day. Even if he managed to hide out somewhere what if Gaara really had him on his hit list? The guy wouldn't sleep until his blood was on his hands! Shikamaru said something about Gaara biting the heads off of bats maybe he could buy one as an emergency distraction...maybe the pet store carries some.

Stopping in front of his locker Gaara swiftly opened the lock, when the door opened streams of sand along with papers followed. W-what the hell? They were…right? Where the hell did Gaara get that sand and how was he even able to get in into his locker without anybody noticing? Somehow the humorous image of Gaara stashing sand from local park's sandbox in his backpack seemed plausible. "Its messy." Was that any apology or just a statement? Even though he's been enduring it this whole time the stare Gaara gave him caught him off guard, he didn't notice the balled up paper in his hand falling down.

Silently Gaara picked it up opening it up. "You're trying out for the soccer team?"

"Uh well I don't know actually-"

"You should."

"I should!"

"I'm on the team."

"R-really now?"

"Yes, see you at try outs." Gaara said almost pleasantly. How the hell did he get his self into this situation! It was just the 2nd day but already Naruto knew this school year was going to be crap!