Shinn was doing some paperwork in his desk when he was interrupted by one of his patients entering. The ruby eyed boy looked up and was immediately stunned by her awesomeness. Little by little his professionalism was going right out of the window.

"Doctor can you give Stellar a check-up?" Shinn got turned on even more by the blonde's way of referring to herself in third person. He nodded enthusiastically and stood up.

"Of course, but first take off your skirt." Stellar thinking this was a part off her check-up agrees and slides off her skirt. Shinn's eyes widened like saucers at how wondrously sexy her legs looked. "Good. Now sit down on my desk." He commanded. Stellar obeyed without question.

As soon as she sat down Shinn started rubbing her thighs. He looked up at her and saw he innocent look on her face. "Do you know what I'm doing?" he asked playfully.

Stellar nodded her head and responded "Yes, checking for abnormalities." Shinn got turned on even more.

After deciding that he wanted more interaction Shinn tells Stellar to remove her shirt and bra. She does and the lust in Shinn's eyes grew. He began to rub her breast. He checked for Stellar's reaction and seeing she had the same one before decided to ask the same question again.

"Do you know what I'm doing?" He asked.

"Yes, checking for breast cancer." She replied. Shinn just smirked and continued rubbing her breast.

Finally, he commands Stellar to take of her panties and when she did he laid her on the table gets on top of her and starts having sex with her.

"Now do you know what I'm doing?" Shinn asked completely enjoying the feel of Stellar's tightness.

Stellar nodded "Yes, getting herpes." She paused and smiled at Shinn "That's why Stellar's here."

A/N: This one's very short and had no point to it but at least it an SxS fic, I guess...