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Spoilers: Post "Chosen" and some large ones for season 8. Post "Love is Difficult" and goes AU afterward, though I'm doing something that wasn't done on the show.

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Sunday Morning

It was through sheer luck that the big talk didn't happen after Buffy came through the portal. If you consider Buffy passing out in Faith's body because of her mission luck, then yea, it was very sheer. Everyone seemed to forget about the impossible portal and demon when she fell. The family, or at least Nora was more concerned about Fa-Buffy's well being. They decided to just go by their real names, to make the confusion a little less confusing.

When Buffy assured everyone that she was okay and showed them by standing up and not swaying back and forth, the questions started. It appeared that the interrogation would always come after the question of a person's well being was answered. They didn't answer any questions, which only angered most of the Walkers, but Justin could see that the three really needed to talk without their questioning.

They rushed to the car, but not before Buffy turned to them and promised that if they still wanted her, then she would tell them everything. They all nodded, far too curious. After the three left, the Walkers looked in the direction the portal had opened, wondering if it was going to happen again. It was then Kevin noticed that the body no longer with a head was still in their backyard.

"We can do this," Buffy nodded.

"Then ring the doorbell," Dawn gave her a little push. Seeing that her sister was not going to do it, Dawn shook her head as she pushed the button. Kevin who glared at them pulled the door open.

"That body is still in the backyard," he spoke.

"Oh, right, forgot about that," Buffy gave a nervous laugh.

"We can deal with that after--" he left it hanging, not needing to explain. "They're all in the kitchen."

They followed after him, heading for the kitchen and stopped once they made it inside the large area. All eyes were on them. Nora, Sarah, Joe, Kitty, Tommy, Julia, Kevin and Justin were all expecting an answer.

"You can sit, if it'll help," Kitty spoke first. They nodded as they noticed the extra chairs for them and sat in them quickly, the Walkers following their move.

"We're really not sure how to do this," Buffy said, "I mean, we've explained this stuff, but it's still weird. Do you have any questions first?"

"Are you Buffy or are you still Faith?" Nora asked over her children's questions. "And it was real, the body swap?"

"We're in our own bodies now, and yes, it was real," Buffy nodded. "It was magic."

"Magic!" Kevin exclaimed. "You can't be serious."

Buffy looked to Dawn, who gave her a quizzical look. "Why are you staring at me like that, Buffy?"

"Dawnie, I know Willow's been teaching you some stuff."

She at least had the decency to look guilty before she concentrated on the empty pots on the stove and started levitating them.

"So yea, magic is real," Buffy smiled at their astonished faces. Kevin, being the most skeptical waved his hands over and under the pot feeling for wire. "And it's a lot more dangerous than floating things in the air, magic is what brought me here last night, it was a portal."

"And that thing last night, was it a vampire?" Justin spoke up.

"No, but how do you know about vampires?" Faith asked. His family looked at him, wondering if he knew about Buffy more than they did.

"I didn't always go to the best places whenever I bought from a dealer," he shrugged. "I didn't really think much of them when I saw them because I passed it off with being high, but they're real?"

"Yea," Buffy nodded, a little worried that her brother could have been killed because of his addiction. "Vampires, demons and everything you thought couldn't be real is real. The thing from last night was a demonic sorcerer."

"So you're emergency in England?" Sarah prodded.

"They needed me to lead a team against him because he was killing our people," she explained. She turned to Faith and Dawn and added, "And that control thing? It really worked. I didn't get to tell you last night, but he got me under his control."

"You must have kicked those girls ass, then," Faith laughed.

"You didn't hurt them too badly, did you?" Dawn looked worried.

"Wait, who is they?" Nora gained order back. "Is it the company you work for?"

"Yes, but I do train people for self-defense!" she reminded them before continuing. "Since there are demons in this world, higher powers decided that they needed someone to fight them. Years ago, they created the slayer."

"Into every generation, there is the slayer; one girl in all the world to fight the vampires, demons and the forces of darkness," Dawn recited from memory.

"And she is you," Tommy broke his silence.

"Yes, I'm a slayer," Buffy nodded, hoping they caught her "a" instead of "the".

"So you train little girls to go out and fight these things that you should be fighting?" Kevin spat.

Buffy groaned, clearly seeing that they didn't catch the slip. "I always tell this wrong."

"That's why you're rarely on the first contact with families," Faith reminded. Turning back to the family, she continued. "I'm a slayer, too."

"The way you spoke made it seem like there was only one," Kitty said.

"And there was, until our friend did a major spell that made all the girls who could become the next slayer, into a slayer," Dawn took over. "The girls Buffy and Faith train are slayers and we can't stop them from doing it, even if they are a bit young. What's done is done."

"Our daughter," Joe looked at Sarah first before looking at the three. "Does this run in the family, is there a way that might--"

"We don't know if it's possible for it to run in the family," Buffy answered his truthfully. "Slayers didn't really have children and the only one we know who did had a son and only girls can be slayers, as you know. But, if you really want to, we can call our friend and she would be able to tell you."

"Thank you," Joe nodded.

"Okay, so Buffy came first and then the spell happened causing others like her to appear?" Nora asked for clarification.

"Not exactly," Buffy elbowed Faith who started to laugh. "Faith and I are the slayers who were chosen the original way, before the spell."

She could see the question forming on their lips. Buffy wondered just how much she was going to tell them. They were going to have to know that she died, at least the first time. She'd tell them about Xander, Willow and Giles. Maybe even Cordelia and Oz. She didn't want to scare them away, though. They didn't have to know everything!

"When a slayer dies, another one is called," she explained calmly. "So, yes, I died only to have my friend give me CPR and that was enough to call another slayer. She died at the hands of a crazy master vampire and that caused Faith to be called."

"How old were you?" Kevin asked.

"Sixteen," she answered, "I was called as the slayer when I was fifteen."

"I was seventeen," Faith answered. "My Watcher was killed, so I went to Buffy and her Watcher over in Sunnydale."

There were so many questions that dealt with that one sentence. They wanted to know what a Watcher was, and how they both had one. And then they asked about Sunnydale, because everyone knew that it was a weird occurrence. Dawn explained to them that she was a Watcher-in-training and what that entailed. They told them the truth about what caused the hole in the ground that was Sunnydale.

"So everything weird that we heard about that town, people disappearing, losing voices, that was all--"

"Demons, and we stopped them," Buffy nodded. "I want to tell you more, and I will, but I think if I did then you'd be too overwhelmed."

"Just one more question," Nora spoke. "Did your mother know?"

"I hid it from her, for as long as I could, but she found out the truth," she sighed. "She wigged and kicked me out because she wanted me to stop. But I couldn't, I still can't, but she learned to accept it, I like to believe."

Nora smiled as she made her way forward and brought Buffy into a hug. Faith and Dawn received one as well. "Welcome to the family."

The three were left speechless as Nora backed away and smiled at them. This wasn't something they were expecting, easy acceptance.

"We weren't expect—wow, I mean, usually it takes time for people, like seeing their first demon or something, but never like this," Buffy finally spoke.

"Would it be easier to see a demon?" Nora asked. She surprised herself by being so open to the idea of demons and vampires, but seeing the looks of these girls' faces told her that this was serious.

"That might be too dangerous," Buffy held up her hands. "It wouldn't do too well for my newly discovered family to be in some sacrifice. And knowing my luck it's a sacrifice that needs the whole family."

"Sacrifice?" Kitty asked.

"Remind me to get you guys the handbook," Dawn nodded. "It'll answer a lot of questions."

"Everyone keeps talking about this handbook and I still haven't seen it," Buffy turned toward Dawn.

Sighing, Dawn looked at the Walkers, "We interviewed her for advice she would give for the handbook and she still can't remember."

"Fine, give them the handbook, but I wanna see it first to see if you made me look like a fool or something," Buffy sighed dramatically.

"It's not that hard," Dawn muttered, knowing Buffy could hear them.

"Let them come patrolling, B," Faith finally spoke. She was always a fan of Buffy and Dawn fighting, but the Walkers just weren't ready for a Summers' cat fight. "The two best slayers in history should have them running anyway."

"The best?"

"The Chosen Two," Faith smirked. "We'll tell you about it on the patrol."

"Yes, the life of the Scoobies is an interesting one," Dawn smiled.

"Scoobies?" Justin asked.

"It's a long and complicated story," Buffy nodded. "But, I think we can induct you all into the group."

"Run screaming," Faith spoke. "And don't look back."



I haven't finished a story in a long time! It feels good. Okay, I like this universe too much to just end it with one story, so I still have a few others. Someone mentioned Nora going on patrol… Yea, definitely want to do that one.