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Chapter 1

It was October 31st at 3:00 in the afternoon, and Sakura and her husband Naruto are sitting down on their couch they had gotten from Kakashi as a wedding gift.

Naruto had his right arm around Sakura's waist. Today is their one-year anniversary. Naruto had bought Sakura a diamond necklace he knew she wanted.

Sakura had gotten Naruto the newest novel in the Icha Icha paradise series. Sakura used to hate those books, but ever since she read the first chapter in the first book of the series, she had gotten hooked on the series. She loves the story plot and the romance in the stories.

Naruto loves the series because of how fictional it is. He knows that there is no such thing as a perfect relationship.

Of course, being the people they are, Naruto and Sakura have had fights before.

One time, Sakura had gotten mad at Naruto for staying too late with his friends and missing the romantic dinner she had prepared. He made it up to her, though, the next day, when he had Tsunade issue him and Sakura a two-week paid vacation to Suna.

They visited all their friends there.

Shikamaru had moved out of Konoha when he and Temari had gotten engaged two years before. They got married six months after he proposed. They invited all their friends to the wedding.

Gaara was the one who married them.

Shikamaru couldn't invite his parents since they died in their sleep two months before the wedding.

It was led to believe that suicide was the case.

Suicide because Shikamaru had told them that he was moving out because he couldn't stand the fact that they hated Temari because of what had happened in the chuunin exams 4 years before. It hurt Shikamaru that his parents thought this way, but he knew he couldn't dwell on what has already happened.

Shikamaru and Temari have one 1-year-old girl named Yuka and Temari is six months pregnant with their second baby.

After they got married, Chouji and Ino had told everyone they had a secret relationship going on.

When their families heard that, they instantly tried to split them up. The Akimichis and the Yamanakas have rules that they want their clans to follow.

The Akimichi clan rules that no one can get married to anyone skinny, and the Yamanaka clan rule that no one can get married to anyone who isn't beautiful by their standards. Their fathers didn't care about the relationship because since they had been on the same team, they became best friends with one another, but everyone else in the clan did.

So Chouji and Ino moved to Wave Country and got married there, only inviting close personal friends. Sakura was Ino's bridesmaid and Shikamaru was Chouji's best man. It was a small wedding, but one that the ninjas could enjoy in peace.

Thinking about their friend's weddings made Sakura remember their own wedding. "Hey Naruto?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah?" Naruto replied.

"Do you remember our wedding and honeymoon?"

"Yeah I do, I will never forget it either." Naruto answered.

And indeed Naruto would never forget their wedding or honeymoon.

At their wedding, Sakura's parents made a big deal about Sakura marrying Naruto that Sakura had to forcefully remove them from the wedding. And their honeymoon was even weirder. It was when Sakura had accidentally revealed herself as an even bigger pervert than Naruto.

For their honeymoon, Tsunade, as a wedding gift, had a reservation made for a one-week stay at one of the most expensive Konoha hotels. Well, when Naruto and Sakura got there, Sakura was ready to make love while Naruto was really hesitant about it

Inside Naruto's head, there were two battles going on. One who told Naruto to take Sakura and make her his and another saying that there was nothing wrong about staying a virgin the rest of his life. 'I can't believe I am so scared about this. I have wanted this ever since me and Sakura started dating. On the other hand there is no shame in staying a virgin the rest of my life,' he thought to himself.

Sakura's thoughts were along a different line. 'Is he going to take me or what? I mean, here I am, trying to give myself to him and he is just standing there looking scared. Maybe he doesn't really love me like I thought he did.' That was when Sakura had started to feel her heart break a little.

Sakura was tired of the silence and decided to just ask what was wrong with Naruto. "Naruto are you feeling ok?" Sakura asked.

"Yeah I'm fine Sakura, I am just a little scared about this." Naruto answered truthfully

"There is nothing to be scared of Naruto, it's quite natural for someone to be hesitant." Sakura told him.

Inner Sakura said something else though. 'Why doesn't he just come over and get me? If he doesn't get over here in ten seconds I am going to take him myself.'

Naruto then spoke up. "I just need to think for a while Sakura. I am going to go to the hot springs they have here." said Naruto.

"Alright, I will stay here then and read. Have a good time honey," Sakura told Naruto as he left.

After Naruto left Sakura then quickly dug into her suitcase and pulled out the limited edition fifth volume Icha Icha paradise novel.

Sakura never told Naruto she read these. She would die of embarrassment if he found out she was a huge pervert. Well, as Sakura started to read, there was a certain passage about the main male character peeking in hot springs. At that Sakura started to fantasize about Naruto in a hot springs. All naked and wet...

Sakura then had an idea about peeking on Naruto but started to feel that would be an invasion of his privacy. Inner Sakura also decided to voice in on her thoughts.

'I could just take a small peek on him just to make sure he is ok,' Sakura thought.

'Yeah, just keep telling yourself that,' Inner Sakura replied.

'What? It isn't like I am a pervert or anything.'

'They always say that the first stage is denial.'

'Ok ok, so maybe I am a bit of a pervert but not a big one.'

'Right and just a few weeks ago you weren't saying that the Icha Icha paradise books gave you great ideas to use on Naruto,' Inner Sakura said sarcastically.

That last comment made Sakura be quiet. So after some persuasion, Sakura had decided to peek on Naruto.

Sakura made her way down to the hot springs bathing area. She asked the clerk which way the hot spring area was and if she seen a blond spiky haired man go into one of them. After the clerk gave Sakura directions she thanked the clerk and went to find Naruto.

Sakura checked every hot spring there was. She finally made it to the smallest hot spring which could fit only two people. Naruto had made sure to reserve it for their stay at the hotel. Sakura thought about going in for a second, but decided not to because she might startle him without any clothes on.

So Sakura just went and found a hole in the wooden fence and proceeded to peek on Naruto. What Sakura saw amazed her and also made her drool.

He had great abs pecks and muscles, a firm stomach, and anything else that would make a man look great. She now believes that Naruto has a better body than Sasuke's.

So, after about a minute, Sakura started to get up but just as she did, Naruto started to stand up as well. Sakura not wanting to waste a minute of seeing Naruto's great body, quickly sat back down and started to peek again.

While Naruto was washing himself, he swore he heard heavy breathing. So he silently created a shadow clone to take his place and proceeded to check upon where the breathing was coming from. What Naruto saw next shocked him.

There was Sakura with a huge grin on her face saying to herself that before this honeymoon in over that his body would be hers. Naruto than kinda got creeped out about that and yet also found it be quite appealing and sexy as well.

That was when Naruto got a great idea.

He made another shadow clone to wash the other shadow clone. So now Sakura was watching two naked Narutos wash each other. After she saw that Inner Sakura then appeared.

'You know you shouldn't drool. It isn't polite.' Inner Sakura stated. Sakura just ignored her and continued to drool. Inner Sakura gave up and also started to watch two Naruto's wash themselves.

That was when Sakura started to fantasize about Naruto using his shadow clones on her. Sakura then knew she was a huge pervert but didn't care. She could careless if Naruto knew then and there.

While Naruto was checking on Sakura he then got an evil idea. He quickly dispelled his two shadow clones and started to walk forward to the peephole where Sakura was peeking on him. So as Naruto neared it her, he then turned around and sat down so his back was right up against the peephole Sakura was using. Sakura then started to lose her will power and wanted to touch Naruto so badly.

She couldn't control it anymore and stuck her hand through the hole, slowly reaching for Naruto's back...

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