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Chapter 12, Captive

I knew nothing. My sense of sight was robbed from me and my other senses were almost useless.

I was surrounded only by silence and cold. I remember the transitions; being carried by a man, by a wagon, by a man again. Then being tossed into a room where I couldn't even see the light glow through my blindfold.

Somebody ripped off the black cloth wrapped around my head, and pushed me against a wall. Before my eyes could adjust, I could only touh the cold bricks and the damp, dusty straw.

I could only hear the loud, heavy clinking of a door being shut, and a padlock being fastened into place.

I silently listened to the conversation between the guard and the servant outside of my cell.

"Crazy, isn't it? Poor kid's been in there for at least 2 weeks." the guard's gruff voice echoed down the hall.

"They'll probably let her die in there..." the servant said, more quietly. Maybe he was protecting me, making me think I still had hope so I could die a little more sane.

"No. Rumor has it she's real important. Something about having ties to the Hyuuga... and she was going to marry Prince Sasuke, anyways. She must be important... enough to be kidnapped by the Sand King himself during her friggin' wedding ceremony."

"So why'd he kidnap her, anyways, just to keep her in here?"

"Well, from what I hear, he wants Prince Sasuke's armies. He wants to be his "ally", but what he really wants is to expand his empire. By the time Sasuke's allowed him to enter the city, they'll probably raze it to the ground. Kill the men, sell the women and children as slaves. Make that land his own."

"So that girl's only a pawn..." the voices faded as the guard led the servant to the staircase back upstairs.

From what I could figure out from these almost daily conversations between the cell guard and the servant that brought me my slop, I was in the Sand King's castle. He was my captor, and he stuck me in his castle's dungeon. I'd been in here for 18 days, and counting.

I'd heard what happened to hostages, prisoners, the kind of people who would be stuck in a dungeon. They were stuck inside for years. It was unfathomable to me, how someone could stay in an empty space with three walls and a gate for days on end. No light. No baths, no real food. Nothing. Maybe I'd have to find out.

My mind had wandered to places it hadn't gone in weeks. My days before the castle were simply a vague dream. Had they even happened?

From what I could hear from the guard and servant's occasional conversations, the Sand King and Prince Sasuke had been at war for a while.

Konoha stood on a very fertile, very vast amount of land. The mountains to one side of the city provided protection, but the rest of the huge land was surrounded by only forest. Prince Sasuke had to build a wall, 100 feet high, and thick enough on top for a few chariots to turn. It had watch towers placed strategically facing south, east, and west, and guards taking turns with their shifts so there was never a blind spot. At the sound of an alarm, all civilians would go back into their homes. Soldiers prepared themselves, archers climbed up to the walls to take aim at anybody who would come forth. In the case of a huge emergency, the townspeople would be evacuated into secret hideouts dug into the mountain.

The Sand Kingdom was, of course, surrounded by desert. This offered protection for them east and west. If the Sand King could capture the kingdoms surrounding him, his empire would become the hugest of that time. He couldn't do it simply with an army, or brute strength. He needed allies.

To the northest was Konoha. This was his first target, apparently. And I was only a pawn.

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