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Chapter 22 The Future

It's been six days since Shawn entered the emergency doors of Salem Hospital. Bella was fine after she woke up a couple of hours after we arrived here. I looked at his angelic face the one only a few inches from mine. The exact one that I ended up hurting six days ago. The doctors did immediate blood transplant on him when we arrived. Of coarse it was Carlisle who did the surgery that Shawn needed. Carlisle said that he would be fine and that all he needed right now was rest. He also told me to not blame myself for what happen that I did better than most would of. I couldn't stop blaming myself though. How could it have not been my fault? If it was for me he would be home studying for a test that we were going to have on Friday or hanging out with his friends on the reservation. He would not have needed to worry about sadistic vampires out to kill me in the middle of the night.

I haven't stopped thinking of how destroyed and hurt his eyes looked when we were in the rotted old room with Alexandra a few feet away. How could I have been so selfish about letting him come with me to fight. I was supposed to die that night without letting anyone get hurt. What a stupid mistake I made telling them. I should of gone by myself. Suddenly I felt Shawn stir. I got up from the chair next to his bed to see what was wrong. Everything was in good working conditions, I guess it was time for a fresh dose of antibiotics. Though I could wait a couple of minutes before calling the nurse in. After a couple of wiry moans his beautiful brown eyes opened. He looked confused as he stared all around the room until he found me sitting next to him. He tried to smile at me but winced at the small pain he got from moving. I hid my small little giggle as I said,"Stop moving Shawn your going to get hurt."

He smirked a bit and replied,"Hurt? I don't know the meaning of such a word. Hey where are we anyway?"

"We are in wonderful place called Salem Hospital."

"How is being in a hospital wonderful?"

"Because...they free coffee." He smiled and winced once more at what I said.

"Don't know the meaning of hurt huh? And I told you to stop moving."

"Okay then. Still what happened at that house? And that insane girl Alexandra?" I bit my lip as the cheery mood was dying. He noticed my silence as I edited my story. "Well she actually kinda sorta knocked you. And then Edward and your dad came and tore her up into small pieces and then I set the house on fire while we ran out caring yours and Bella's bodies."

He was silent as he soaked in what I told him. I just kept looking at the floor. He started to talk again," So in other words she killed me and I was saved by some miraculous, twisted way. Right?"

"Well if you want to go into detail yes."

"Ah. So you set a house on fire?"

"Um well uh yeah."

"Sweet. I wish I was awake to see that."

"Stop Shawn you need to rest. I'll call the nurse in to give you your medicine."

"Eli no. I don't want to go back to sleep yet not after seeing you in long time. Speaking of which how long have I been here?"

"Six days including today."

"Six days! You might as well have let me die since I going to anyway from all the homework I'm going to get not to mention any tests I have to make up." He freaked out for about 30 seconds. I smiled a bit but then just looked at the wall. He realized what he said and tried to comfort me. "It's okay Eli I didn't mean to say it like that. I'm glad that I'm alive cause then I get to be with you."

"No your right you I almost let you die. I shouldn't have let you come with me. I should've died that night."

"Don't talk like that Eli!"

"How can I?! I'm the reason you're in here! All crippled up, barely able to breathe, and not to mention having to get 4 blood transplants! I can't even look at you with out remembering what I did! I should have been the one who got stabbed by Alexandra, I should've been the one lying on that floor dead not you!" He was silent as he glared at me. I just glared back as angry and upset as he was. A couple of minutes passed and I took a deep breath calming myself. With a sober expression on my face, I said," You need to rest, arguing with me isn't doing you any good."

Before he could respond I pushed the button for the nurse. A kind, sweet voice came through the intercom. "Yes? How may I help you?"

"Mr. Black needs his antibiotics now."

"Alright then I'll send in someone to give it to him." He was angry because I called in the nurse. I just stared at him without expression. "Don't be mad at me Shawn. You need your medicine right now. All you need o do is sleep."

"How can I when I'm not sure if you're going to be here when I wake up."

"I will be here by your side like I have for the past six days."

"I'm not talking about now. I'm talking about later in the future. What if I died for a couple of minutes and you thought I was gone forever. You'd try to commit suicide wouldn't you?"

"Maybe but I wouldn't do it here and besides Alice says your going to be fine."

"The future can change you know."

"Yes but you will not die Shawn. You will live a good werewolf life, get married to a beautiful human woman on the reservation, have kids, and grow old with grace."

"I don't want to marry some girl from the reservation I want to marry you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you Eli. So will you marry me?"

"Shawn this isn't the time to be doing this. You're delusional. You need your rest."

"No I'm not! I'm serious okay. Will you marry me?" I was silent for a minute. Considering what he had asked me. With a sigh I repeated for the millionth time," Shawn for the last time you need to rest."

"I'll rest if you marry me."

"You can't be serious. Stop acting like a baby."

"I'm not acting. Marry me and I'll rest." I was amused at the little fit he was through but serious about the whole marriage thing. I gave it some thought and answered," You promise you'll rest if I say yes?"

"Boy scout's honor"

"Alright then I will."

"You will?! Seriously? Just like that?"

"Just like that and yes I'm serious."

"We need to start planning and there so much to do!"

"Shawn you said you'd rest. I kept my side of the bargain now it's time for you to do the same." Like if on que th nurse came in with the antibiotics.

"Here you go sweety. This will make you feel much better." After applying the antibiotics into the I.V. she left. "Promise me you'll be here when I wake up?"

"I promise okay. Now sleep Shawn." He gave one weak smile and then feel asleep. I looked at him until I was sure he was asleep. Suddenly it struck me. "I'm engaged to be married! How bizarre yet wonderful. Wow I'm really going to get married. I need to get Alice and Roselie's help. Wait how am I going to break it to Edward and Bella that their daughter is engaged to be married?! Man this stinks! Oh well that's another problem to worry about another day, but right now I'll just worry about Shawn," I said to myself silently. I got up and laid next to Shawn on the hospital bed. Careful not pull or unplug any wires that kept him alive. I laid my head on his chest thinking about what he was dreaming. After awhile somehow the most amazing yet strangest thing happened. I was finally able to fall asleep.

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