Kit knocked urgently on Tom's door. Ponch was bouncing up and down in the anticipation of dog biscuits. Tom opened the door with a smile and said, "Come on in Kit and I'll find some dog biscuits for Ponch."

Kit sat down with a serious look on his face. "Tom I don't know what kind of environment that is still. How can you just create things from midair without wizardry? How can Ponch who is a dog do it?"

"Don't worry Kit, I think its safe to explore that environment as long as Ponch is with you on the wizardry leash" stated Tom calmly.

"But I still don't like it, its too fishy."

"Here, I'll give you the address of an old friend, he knows more about this kind of stuff. He'd be very interested to hear of a dog that can make universes." said Tom, handing over a piece of paper.

Twenty minutes later, Kit was standing on the home world of a very strange species called the Vaar. Kit, with ponch, walked past strange jungle futuristic theme buildings. The Vaar were a shape shifter type of alien. They're attitude was like a cross between a big cat and a crocodile so you did not want to get on their nerves. Kit shifted from foot to foot uncertain on which street to take. Ponch jumped forward, "I know where he is. I can smell him."

"Then lead the way, big guy." said Kit.

Ponch dashed around the corner dragging Kit behind him on the leash. Kit shouted out, but too late Ponch had swerved right into one of the Vaar's hunting trap pits. Down and down they fell, Kit started hurriedly casting a spell to slow down their fall. They slowly hit the bottom. The walls were a smooth, blue steel. There wasn't going to be any climbing out and it was way too deep that he would run out of power before being able to levitate Ponch and himself out. Something clanged and a grate up high in the wall opened up and dumped snakes down on them. Kit froze and said, "Don't move Ponch."

These snakes' poison paralyzed the body slowly, but if enough bit you you could possibly die from it as the venom paralyzed your heart. But these snakes wouldn't bite unless they sensed movement. Kit held perfectly still and sent out a wizardry message to Nita back on earth. Help!

He never knew if she got his message.

So basically Kit dies in snake pit! Cheery, isn't it? I know there were a million and one ways he could have gotten out of this pit besides levitation so I know its full of holes. But I was just writing it as a short English paper in my freshman year of high school so don't take it seriously.