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Everything I Hate Revolves Around You

Lament 1: Hating Dark Mousey

Daisuke Niwa hated Dark Mousey. He didn't get what it was about him that had all the girls flocking to him, had him with tons of friends watching his back, had him so well off in school with straight A's, athletics and everything he could ever want. He didn't get how anyone had the right to be so well off when there were so many more people that needed that. Not everyone could be so well liked, so good-looking, so charming and the rest…so perfect…He just didn't get it. Why couldn't that be passed around to people that actually needed that?

Especially someone like him.

He wasn't the most handsome of things- spiky red hair and deep ruby eyes that many a time he had been teased about as the eyes of a demon or someone possessed. He wasn't even that tall either- a full head shorter than Dark for sure and, embarrassingly enough, shorter than most of the girls in his class. In short?

He wasn't popularity, charm-the-pants-off-you-material. And defiantly not easy-to-pick-up-a-girlfriend material. He was everything that he wished he wasn't-short, stick skinny, the most invisible kid at school and practically friendless. Sure, he talked to the twins and Takeshi every so often. But who did they normally hang out with? Yep, you guessed it-Dark Mousey. But it wasn't like they didn't really care-they had asked Daisuke many times to join them at the table Dark was sitting at. But Daisuke would flatly refuse, and a spark of furry would blaze in his eyes then pass-and they would think they only imagined it. He would always sigh as he saw them crack up at Dark's perfectly timed jokes and wish things like that would come to him that easily.

Daisuke would know, as he sat alone during lunchtime under a tree no one would go to that he was only doing this to himself-that he was purposely destroying a chance to be so popular. But it also disgusted him, and he would fervently promise he'd never turn out like the prep Dark was. And so his days were measured out in equal parts of wanting to be like Dark, yet despising what that was and vowing never to want that.

And the kicker of it all was, though Dark looked so perfect on the outside, so charming and such-he was beyond cruel to those in lesser social class than he was. And his prime target? Daisuke Niwa.

It wasn't enough that he had so much going for him, Daisuke would think bitterly, as Dark would always pull off the tripping-by-casually-sticking-one's-foot-out successfully every time. And Dark would get his kicks from seeing the red head pitch forward with a cry and fall flat on his face. Oh, but Dark, being the prep he was, was ever more genius at torturing and bullying the smaller boy. And Daisuke hated everything that Dark was with a vengeance.

He was in every class with him, passed him by with the snide comments in the hallways that would make Daisuke's insides burn with anger. When Daisuke would walk in and sit down, he always sit on something wet or sticky and when he left he would always be shoved "accidentally" by Dark into a departing classmate, usually ending with him getting smacked across the face after school by the offended classmate. And when the teacher's back was turned Dark would throw something at Daisuke's head and pretend to be paying attention or taking notes when Daisuke's head whirled to face him.

What was the point of looking, acting and appearing so perfect when you were a true demon? Daisuke knew the bitter answer-so that the demonic Adonis could continue his sick amusement from torturing someone he knew wouldn't dare strike him back.

But when Satoshi Hikari transferred into the class, the red head had dared to hope that maybe he could hang out with someone who seemed as separate from that world that Dark wrought as he was. And for a week, it seemed to be a wild dream-he had shyly talked to him and Satoshi had tensely responded and soon, Daisuke found himself sharing his lunchtime with the bread-eating Satoshi. But that one week of "paradise" was soiled by a whispered rumor that the red head had a crush on the bluenette. That Daisuke was gay, that was why he was a loner and why he chose Satoshi to hang out with-because misery loved company. Though the rumors were far from true, Satoshi immediately stopped talking to Daisuke and that very same day, he was hanging out at the rapidly growing table of Dark Mousey's mega group. And Daisuke had taken one look at Dark's triumphant face and it told him everything he needed to know-it was him that destroyed the one friendship he ever had. And Daisuke's hate for him grew.

Because, apparently, Satoshi was Darks' friend from the start but had only really decided to ignore what the general population had been saying about Daisuke and tried to hang out with him for a week. But when he heard that rumor, he backed out like hell-and went back with something he was familiar with. No matter how you looked at it, Dark held abusive power over every part of Daisuke's social life and Daisuke was seething.

Life was sheer hell for Daisuke. And it didn't look like it was looking up any time soon.

One particularly bad day, it started out worse than normal. That was, if you could call day to day torture normal. Instead of the normal tripping trick to start the day off, Dark had tossed something slippery in Daisuke's path and he instantly produced the desired effect-a crash, a grunt of pain and a growing humiliation in Daisuke's face. That was followed by a note pinned to his seat with some very vulgar words on it, his homework being stolen and ending up in the teacher's shredder, and his lunch getting tipped into his face by one of dark's friends. All in all, it was the worst day he ever had and wondered vaguely why the sudden treatment.

It was only by fifth period that he found out. It was Dark's birthday.

The demon shouldn't have one, Daisuke thought darkly as he gossiped happily with his friends-which were practically consisted of the whole class. They all laughed at something he said and Daisuke's mood dipped even lower. Trust Dark to have the witty comment prepared for his worshipful yuppie posse…

The rest of the day passed in a blur of pure humiliation in an almost dehumanizing way. By the time school was out he was ready to just kill Dark slowly and painfully. To top it all-

"It's raining…" Daisuke moaned out loud as the first few drops splashed on his nose and stained his shirt. In seconds it became a downpour. Daisuke groaned. He didn't have an umbrella.

"Stupid weathermen…" He grumbled as he began the dreary procession home in the storm. "Don't even know what they're talking about…"

Perfect way to end the perfect day, he muttered bitterly to himself as he trudged across the street. This day could possibly not get any worse…

Oh how very wrong he was.

He had barely turned the corner when he was suddenly tackled form behind. With a cry, he tumbled to the ground as another person jumped in, and another, and another…

Daisuke flailed wildly against his assailants. No way! He was not going to let himself be kidnapped in the middle of a storm…!!

"Pin his arms!"

"Argh, dammit!! You little batsard! Got my nose!"

"That's why you pin his wrists and-!"


"His legs, you morons!"

Daisuke's eyes widened, freezing in terror and in recognition. Those voices were so familiar…

"So he finally stops moving and gives up. Nice…didn't know you had it in you, you four…"

Daisuke tensed, adrenaline flooding his senses. He knew that voice anywhere…ruby eyes glared defiantly as Dark's smug grin came into view.

"Get him off the ground, he's waterlogged enough as he is." The four assailants dragged him roughly off the ground and locked his arms behind his back, but not before Daisuke caught a glimpse of all their faces. And that glimpse twisted his insides in the most painful way. Both twins, Takeshi and worse of all, Satoshi…

"Had to get you little lapdogs to chase me down?" Daisuke spat suddenly, taking Dark by surprise. "Shows how pathetic you are, doesn't it?"

He didn't even see the slap coming but it stung whether he saw it or not. His face whipped to one side, popping his neck in the process. All four of Dark's cronies tightened their grips in Daisuke so much that it hurt. Daisuke winced visibly.

"Some nerve you have, calling me pathetic." Dark shot back, eyes glittering malevolently. "When you're the queer loner who really had to suck up to one of my close friends just to feel better about yourself…"

Daisuke could feel Satoshi stiffen considerably at this and Daisuke sighed inwardly. It wasn't true, nor would it ever be true…

"I don't like Hikari like that." The red head hissed coldly. "You're the one to talk about being queer-can't even stick with one girl for very long. In fact, you run through them like clothes on a rank, which I wouldn't be surprised if you did, literally, the same thing in your spare time. Hmm, and what else…wax your perfectly shaped eyebrows and kept your flawless legs all shaved and pretty? Maybe even get a manicure and go oh-my-gosh-I've-got-like-the-most-awesome-nails all over then place? Maybe your little posse should wonder if you've got a little coming out of the closet to do…"

This time, the slap was harder and accompanied by an inverted punch straight to his exposed stomach. Daisuke gasped, coughing for a few weak minutes then attempting to straighten up. Dark was livid.

"I had thought this the best way to continue my birthday celebrations…" Dark hissed, a downright leer on his face. "And you know what? I was right."

Dark kneed Daisuke in the stomach and with a cry, he buckled and fell to his knees. Dark grabbed Daisuke's red drenched strands and yanked them hard, forcing a pained gasp from him and his head jerked up.

"You love pain don't you?" Dark whispered. Daisuke squirmed as Dark yanked harder. The needle sensation exploding down his spine was far from anything he loved at the moment. How could he "enjoy"

this? It was Dark administering the daily does of misery and pain, what was there to enjoy?

"You masochist."

He let go of Daisuke's hair and, reflexively, Daisuke let his chin sink to his chest, breathing harshly. He couldn't cry, couldn't let Dark see that he was in pain. If he kept quite maybe this would end…But keeping quite had aided him little and had only given strength to the cowards…

"Let him go."

And Daisuke breathed, relieved as the grip on him was relinquished. He half collapsed onto the ground all five teens watching him with nothing short of disgust. Dark snorted and without another word, all five teens left a miserable, water logged fifteen year old Daisuke out in the pouring rain nursing his slightly shattering soul.

When will it end?


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